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I would like to ask you a question about the simple forum module. Did you have an idea how to moderate the topic message for public Guest ? Thank you for you answer.

Login as admin, and you will have access to moderate forum posts as well as topics

Hi Gewa, Thanks for you quick answer. Maybe i explain wrong. What i mean, is to moderate (approval) the topic before are posting. If some guest start a new topic (public), can be in pending ? Thank you again for you help

I see, sorry that’s currently not possible.

Hi Alex,

I would like to add me for a new version beta tester. I have three different type of hosting servers. Maybe I can help.

thanks, info

Already did.

Me too !! Is it possible ?

Sure, please email me from my profile page.

Hi, please urgent. firts, woooo good job. 1. I need add more fields like a dropdown, date, checkbox and more., this is possible, all this in a user profile? 2. The user need upload any kind of file into the profile, it is possible? and how can I do check list for each user documents? 2. I need add more statics in the Dashboard, the data come from some fileds from user profile, it is possible? 3. I see a Google analytics on Settings, Can I add statics of this in DashBoard? 4. I need a File Load field on each user profile, it is possible? 5. Are there any maximum users to add to the database? 6. How can I block some fields so that the user does not modify it? 7. if all is possible, when I’ll buy I get more and good support from other questions, installations and customize it?

when arrive the new version?

Many thanks for your time to read and answer me.

I have replied to your email.

I was one of the first to sign up and purchase your product…..i should be allowed the beta test. If it wasn’t for the original buyers who upped your ranking, you wouldn’t be here.

Sure, please email me from my profile.

it doesn’t work, the admin folder is exist.

Since front end works fine, it seems that your hosting company or some other script is blocking access to /admin/ folder. Talk to your hosting company and have them look into it.

Hi, I have complete installation but i am facing problem of URL rewrittng. all links are showing 404.

Do you have .htaccess file in cms pro root directory, and is it configured correctly. Based,on your URL RewriteBase path should read RewriteBase /demo3/

Yes i have access and i check file, it is empty. what code should be in that file?

.htaccess file is already included within package. Use it, and just update RewriteBase as per my previous reply.

I would like to add me for a new version beta tester. thanks, info

Sure, please email me from my profile page.


plickifys Purchased

Hello I have purchaced licence and i am installing it on my server, I will contact you regarding any errors. Great script really.

See my previous reply.


plickifys Purchased

after general configuration while installation i get internal server error

I got your email, and I will look into it shortly.


plickifys Purchased

i have two hostings in godaddy, windows and linux. for linux it works good but for windows it shows error, if i use linux hosting after installation, user cant create accounts cant create menus from admin panel in short no mudule or pluugin or no part of script works

This usually happens on godaddy and 1and1 servers. I can definatelly look into it, please send me your admin access as well as hosting panel login.

Dear Alex it is about 1 month that you release the beta . when it will be done and ready ? I am waiting for 18 month :(

Have a little more patience. I’m working on it.

Please everyone be patient…It is no use bullying the Author….He is doing his best to keep us happy…Many Authors here DO NOT continue projects this long with free updates…We should be helping not complaining…Just my opinion

Thank you, your absolutely right.

Successfully installed CMS Pro v4.10, no errors during installation, yet, I can’t login into the admin panel. I’ve changed DEBUG to true in, no errors. Specific folders have been CHMOD as requested in manual, all necessary PHP libraries are activated, and user has full permission. What could have gone wrong? I can’t add a new user either, captcha isn’t recognised (Error: entered captcha code incorrect), even though the image is displayed. Thank you.

Could be a session problem. I can definatelly look into it, please email me from my profile page with your ftp and phpmyadmin assess as well as URL where cms pro is installed.


Monstify Purchased

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hi gewa how to add gmaps in the plugin? thanks

Go to Gmaps module, create a new map, and assign created plugin to your page from layout section.

I have sent you any error screenshots, and everything are getting errors. I need to get refund. thanks

Looks like a server misconfiguration. Could you please email me from my profile page with your ftp and url access, and I will look into it?

I cannot find your email. Please give me a refund. Thanks

What do you mean you can’t find my email, I have asked you to go to my profile page, and send email,from there. Here is the link

Hello Dear Alex , I sent you an email Please check and reply me .