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methor Purchased

Hi gewa! I purchased your product years ago and did not update the versions. I had V3.5 and of course I cant upgrade to V4.x. So I did a fresh installation and tried to upload the new database in mysql, but of course, the whole structure is different. Any possibility to merge the old databse without creating all pages again, inserting any content and images? :(

Please email me from my profile page with your exported database, and I will convert some tables for you. Not all tables could be converted due to different structure.


methor Purchased

Thank you very much! I sent you the database via email now.

Thanks, I got it.

how to remove page in url. i mean “”. i dont want completely that page extension.

You can’t remove word page, it’s needed for cms pro to function. It does not affect seo in any way.

Hello , Dear Alex when the new update will be ready?

Currently being beta tested, and I dont have the date yet.

Gewa ı sent e-mail


i500 Purchased

Hello Alex,

How to display the google map in gray level

Thank you for your help

Take a look here for javascript codes, them you can modify existing map, or create a new one.

Hi, i’d like to buy this script but there’s some problem as i saw this script got 2,273 Sales which mean 2,273 website having same theme on frontend, is there any news to have multiple theme for frontend because i don’t want to look same as 2,273 peoples

4 themes are included within package. There are some premium themes available on as well. Or if your html/css skills are sufficient, you can alwys create your own theme or modify the existing one.


hostbal Purchased

gewa13 im waiting you for new updates work hard because with your CMS pro is very the best. just work for new updates and more plugin bro.

I need urgent. e-mail sent again. I would appreciate your help. I did not solve the problem unfortunately.

I sent Alex an email. Please reply asap as we need to talk to our clients.


vvvrkiran Purchased

Hi Alex,

We are waiting for new update, please tell me the date.

I don’t have the date yet, cms pro is currently in beta testing.

the icons have suddenly disapeared and the galley wont change can you please help

Try uploading font files via ftp, it seems the are damaged. Also you have a javascript error on that page

TypeError: $(...).slick is not a function

when i can change the home page in pages change the title, it is not working not found error. Only title changed (In BETA version)

Please don’t post questions here about beta version. If you’ve found a bug in beta, submit via email.