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Hi again gewa13…

There is any way to add a sub domains URL to the router class like example:

$router->domain('{account}', function() use ($router, $tpl) {
    //account index
    $router->get('/', 'Account@Index');      

I know domain() function its for reference but if you can point in how to add some kind of function to the route class I know php not advance like you but I can give a try…

No, you cant use route from domain to subdomain, everything needs to be at domain or subdomain level, but not both.

hello, i’m doing some tests on demo, but I see that multi-language not work well Ex.

If i’m on about us in EN i’ve this url if I change to FR nothing happen to url.. this is not SEO friendly (and i’m redirected to home) page url should be /en/about-us -> /it/chi-siamo (without home redirect)

is possible to remove /page/ from url?

No, its not possible to remove word page from url, As for redirect, it absolutely does not affect your seo, since each page has its own unique slug, in every language