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When registering, nothing happens. I have extracted the patch but the issue remains.

Try switching to SMTP mailer from configuration page. Also enable debug console, and check for any errors.

Hello Dear Alex , There is a bug in page or menu really i could not understand , I sent all detail to you please check whats the problem . Thank you

I sent you an email please check it , Thank you

Reply sent.

Hello Dear Alex , I sent you 2-3 Emails and i did not receive your reply. Please check those emails.

The same regarding languages… Reply sent by email


OlDie2018 Purchased

When a new patch will be available with all the bugs fixed ?

Please download from

Please i bought the blog module and i need further clearification. Is it possible to hide a blog completely from the public including titles of post?

Sorry, that’s not possible, however you can assign membership access per blog post.

i want to add a video player with subtitles.. can you help me please

You can embed video player that supports subtitles, its just a matter of adding html/javascript, regardless, if is cms pro or just a static page


MDMPRO Purchased

@gewa13 Can you fix the shop module “Free Shipping” bugs :-)


folus Purchased

can you please tell me what the system requirements are asi i have sent you an email to fix the file creation problem in digishop, portfolio, gallery – autoplay scrolls though at the speed of light, not timeline will not create anything.

you never got back to me and i have paid for a product that should work, but does not, and support is very slow. can you please look into this and let me know how to fix all these issues.

thank you

The last email I got from you was sometimes in December, it was about digishop file directory, and also your file upload limit was set to 50mb, while you where trying to upload 100mb file. Afterwards, I have not received any emails from you.

My Digishop is plugin is actually out of layout. The margin ends enters to the side of pages and i need your help to set it up. Kindly check below link for your assistance;

Just add one of digishop plugins (category, search) from layout section, and it will center itself.

my file manager can’t show the uploaded files, whats the problem, i m already sent id and password of site

Try to solve today, its urgent issue for me

Reply sent.

where you sent the reply, i m not received any email, my problem are still remaining, plzzzzzzzzzz today is 3 days, please help to solve


valteke Purchased

I seem to have an issue with the Slider. I can never move the images around . is there a specific browser you recommend?

Not sure why, I have tested with FF, chrome and Edge, no issues. Take a look at your browser console “Inspect Element” and see if any javascript errors are popping.


tommyinnn Purchased

Hi can you tell me what the reason is for this error? Fresh install so nothing to upgrade—this is on the login and registration page, button is not clickable

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined at Function.$.Master (master.js:36)


tommyinnn Purchased

That gives me new errors Uncaught TypeError: $(...).wlightbox is not a function at Function.$.Master (master.js:63)


tommyinnn Purchased

I deleted everything and re-uploaded, no change when I goto ,master.js and remove that line it just goes to the next poll is not a function can you please issue a new patch a lot of people have the the exact same problems thanks

Dont remove anything from javascript. Just replace it. Clear browser cache, and you should be good. I can take alook at your configuration, just send me a quick email from my profile page with ftp access and site url.


I have the same issue as @tommyinnn even after applying the patch.

Patch definitely fixes the issue. Just clear your browser cache


AndresRT Purchased

I’ve been able to get to know version 5. I like it a lot.

I have some questions: 1) Those who buy in the past work for this version? 2) What are the additional modules for this version? 3) What themes are available to buy? 4) Is there a way to make our own theme?

Thank you very much

Andres Rubio Torgler

1. Previous version is not compatible with v5, but if you need v4.10, you can get it free of charge.
2. Modules not included are: blog, portfolio, digishop, and forms. Everything else is included in core package.


abelbmx Purchased

Hello, i have this problem after install.

Class ‘Locale’ not found code: 0 [line: 35]

My system is windows 10, xampp whit php 7.1

I need help.


You need to enable php INTL extension.


abelbmx Purchased

INTL php is active, the problem happens when I create another language and I try to edit it.

Make sure you have the latest patch. Download from

my file manager can’t show the uploaded files, whats the problem, i m already sent id and password of site, 3 days before, and i m not received any of your email

now we transfer the cms to share hosting, on virtual private server cms pro can;t work

If you kept the same database credentials, as well as directory where cms pro was previously installed, No additional changes are needed. Otherwize, take a look here:


OlDie2018 Purchased

Reply sent Alex regarding languages installation…

hi and hope you are doing good. i want an institution website cms where by i can have these menus created with sub menus: 1.Home – will show the menus,search,slideshows,top management with their names, pictures and position,latest news,events updates,upcoming events,announcement,press release and weekly activities. FOOTER: our contact,links to other website,Archives

2.About us > About the institution,vision,mission and objectives,profile of the minister,profile of the deputy minister,management

3.Media Center > General news, events,announcements,photo gallery,video gallery

4.Documents > General documents,protocols,reports, meetings

5. Projects > files on projects made and it should be categorised like Health, Education, Roads etc.

6. District league > showing all the district names and their capital within the region.

7. Contact us.

so i wanted to know if your website cms can handle this as quick as possible or you can develop a different one for me so i can pay you. because the client is on my neck for the job to be done but i have alot of projects on me now.

In short, most of it can be handled with cms pro and modules, the rest most likely will need to be developed. You can send me an email from my profile page, and we can go from there.


DrSimya Purchased

registration and login are not working.?

Please download the latest patch from

hello, is this a multi website maker? users register and create a pages?

turkish language..?