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need more elements

comboboxes, checks, radios…

Hej monxas,

not a bad idea, i’ll reconsider adding these

Like you said, i added more elements :)

The downloaded file is wrong. The unzipped file is “Pricing Table” instead of the input forms.

Please contact me ASAP with the right file.

hey ozymate,

i’m really sorry, please give me your e-mail adress and i’ll send it right away.


just upload the right file so I can download it again.

Cheers ;)

ok, sorry again ozymate :)

how about if I have a web site with several different input forms that have different width? looks to me like I can only set one width in the js file, and that would be a global setting. any thoughts?

Hey floriauck,

the js is only for the selectbox and radiabuttons, the input field is pure css so you can adjust it in the css. If you want diffrent sizes by input you have to add a class to your input and set the width in your css :)


I know the js is for the selectbox. and that is exactly what I need. I have a site that uses three different select boxes on the same page.

i know i can change the input fields with css. that’s not my problem.

any solution for the different selectboxes?

Hey floriauck, first of all thanks for purchasing. You can use multiple checkboxes. Can you explain your question a little bit closer?


I need multiple select boxes that all use different width.

You did a good work on this! Keep it up!

Thanks Gorla! :)

How would I go about making this into a contact form?

hey aperioculos,

this is just a html form styled in css, to make this work you’ll need to add a phpmail() script in the action. Please contact me on info@confix.be if you want me to make you a custom mail script.

Cheers, Confix

Am I able to use this form with my mail chimp?

Hey bscaravelli,

it isn’t possible to add (any) forms to mail-templates.


Hi! When I import the checkbox it shows a double checkbox, the deafult and the custom on top. Do you know what could cause this problem?

Best Regards,


Perhaps you duplicated the code?


Your work is awesome! The form inputs looks beautiful!

However, I have the same problem as the last comment… I use the radio buttons, and it shows it double. The styled one as it should, and then the browser default a bit to the right much larger. Really annoying…

Take a look at my screenshot; http://www.zorensen.no/codecanyon_screen.gif

At the top is how it looks in my browser, and at the bottom is the code I’m using. The CSS hasn’t been edited at all. Tested in the latest version of Firefox and Safari. Please advise :-)

Hey zorensen,

did you include the js file? It’s impossible to style radio buttons with css, so i made that js to style it


Sure I did :)

As you can see in the screenshot, the radio buttons are styled on the left side – and the “original” radio buttons shows up really large on the right side. Looks really wierd :-)


Can I use the clean input forms to create a page search for my nav bar or do I have to customize it first?

Is it possible to float transparent input form over moving background or video?

Do you offer implementation of this code into the existing forms on client’s websites for extra fee?

hi, looks great. can you help aligning all the fields and the button in one line? also, can you RTL it?

can I use it in cms Prestashop pages?

Hello Naxifegar,

Sure, you just have to rewrite the CSS of your imput fields.

Kind regards

How do you use this as a Contact Form?

Hello Beningham,

This is only the styling of the input fields, for contact forms you’ll need php. Check out this website for easy learning. http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_mail_mail.asp

Kind regards