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Looks great, congrats!

Thanks Sam :-)

Good job! Simple and nice template… good luck with sales :)

Thanks Ann :)

Nice work.
Welcome to CodeCanyon! :)

Thank you :-)

The list of compatible browsers is:

IE9 , Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome

Does it fall back gracefully on other browsers? e.g. IE7 , IE8, Firefox 3 etc.?

Hi conorcan, people have different views on this but I do not support any of the browsers other than listed. But I believe these will work with other browsers anyway, but

Thanks :)

Thanks, I’m really only concerned about functionality, rather than aesthetics. Good luck with sales :)

How do i put this on my site in dreamweaver?

Hey glutenfree4u, if you send me an email using the contact system here on CodeCanyon I’ll be happy to help you out :)


Look’s Great! Does it require a a mysql database or does it write comments to a txt file?


Hey there, this is only a static HTML /CSS design.

Thanks :)

is there any sql injection blockers or html blockers installed in the form

Hey there, this is only a static HTML template, you’ll need to insert any PHP or something for functionality. Thanks :)

Hello, Can you help me.

I require a comments system where a user can add comments and the comments are then displayed.I don’t need any database or anything.

Will this system do this?

Is it just a matter of adding the html & css?


No, what you are wanting will require some sort of system like PHP. You will need a database to store the comments.

Thanks for the reply.

I am wanting to keep this as simple as possible and avoid databases. How does your system work?


This is only a HTML layout, you will need to integrate any kind of system yourself if you wish to add any functionality to this.

Hi, is there a demo?

Hi there, a lot of people including myself will not supply a ‘live’ demo as it allows people to steal the code. A video has been supplied showing the product.

Where is the video? How do you protect yourself spam with this script?

Protecting from spam cannot be done with just HTML. You’re going to need to embed some PHP code to enable that functionality.

Can you help me to integrate it into my wordpress theme ?

Is this responsive?

It is not, but I am happy to make to responsive (obviously I will charge), do get in touch via my contact page for any more information.

Nice product =)

Thank you :)

Very cool! Good luck!