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Can you add this to a wordpress site ? And can you change the cards pictures ? Will this all be in a different place every time ?


The answers to these questions are: there is no wordpress Plugin for this item (just html). It can be added but will take some coding knowledge on your part. You can (and should) change the pictures. You can add a pool of cards and the game will pick enough of them at random to fill the game each time the game loads.

hey hey, would be possible to add a sound for clicking on the cards or match a pair??

It is possible. I’d probably recommend html5 audio tags, which wouldn’t be supported across all browsers. I do not have any time to fill any freelance requests at this time tho.


Does the game work on iOS and Android?

No. Sorry.

Do you know of a way to change this

bg The path of the image underneath your cards.

but instead of an image, have it be a web page?


Can you give me more details? You want a fully functioning webpage under the game?

Can this be run locally? Or does it have to be online?

Must be online in its current state.

ist that playing a sound after succsessfull finished the puzzle? – i need a sound! :)

There is no sound but that should be pretty easy to code using an audio tag and some js.

so if its easy to set a sond, please do it :) or geve me the code for that