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Do you have SaaS version? Or give help to install a SaaS version? Thanks!

No there is no SAAS verion

I really came close to buying this product, but it won’t let you sell items that are cents. Like .99 and below.

Its just validation that is set to 1 and above

Why it only shows 19 characters of the company name?

db name is 255 hcaracters, is this from ettings.name or not?

sorry a mean , db name is 255 hcaracters, is this from settings.name or not?

For the name, check in core/app/http/helpers.php you will see a function named get_company_name() that is the one that shortens the name to 20 characters.

Good morning y I click on Payments and on +Record Payment, this does not works, do not open the screen create.blade for payments

Sorry was away, please send me your access i check the issue for you

I have this installed in my computer, what do you need?

I need to check the issue via firebug so that i know what could be the js error, you can also use firebug and send me a screenshot of the firebug error


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hello, I’m thinking of buying this script but i have a question before that: is it possible to generate the pdf invoice without the status “printed” on it? I mean, the status itself is a very good idea but it should remain in the administration panel not on the invoice itself. Thank you.

Ps. I do advertising stuff like graphics, vinyl on cars, etc.

Add-on idea: A client side where he can log in and see his invoices and download them and where i can also publish his graphics files to download as he pleases, would be great.

Client username and pass can be made by administrator and sent to the client via email or sms. (this is like the procedure. Not to be included in the script)

waiting for your reply.


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would of been nice to have a dummy database to import in case of things like this

Sorry was away on holiday, did you get the issue fixed?


inebunit Purchased

no, the hosting want me to upgrade the package if i want that function enabled. Besides the installation process and invoice email sender, what else uses it? Can it be bypassed ?


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Save to PDF, letters instead of question marks

Hi, please explain what you mean


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its been a while, any news on optimizing queries and category management ?

Was away on holidays, will update when done

Hello, I want to buy your Classic Invoicer, but there is a problem with Polish Characters when I want Export Invocie do PDF

Please test http://character-code.com/polish-html-codes.php

When you fix this please send me e-mail and I will buy your product



Ok i will check it and get back to you. Alternatively you can buy and i will check the issue for you in the copy you buy

Hi as i have understanded is possible to translate all to italian also the invoice status on PDF correct?

i have other questions

1) when i have created an invoice i can change invoice number and date?

2) on customers fields i need to add other field that is codice fiscale and P.Iva that is needed to show on invoice pdf.. this is possible or you need to do?


Yes you can translate to any language you want, for the additional fields, this will need customization to the script


inebunit Purchased

any update on my problem? since i bought it i can’t use it and i’m waiting for your advice. I need this script as soon a possible but i see you kinda skip me.

No we cannot bypass the package because it is used in the Laravel framework, not something that i implemented.

Can you add a stock products management? I really like this one, but i need to manage sales, buyers, and add to stock list. Is it possible? thanks

The current application is for managing invoices but once you buy you have the freedom to extend its functionality further

Hello i like your Classic Invoicer I wanna use it for policy following

But i need a few features… Can you add or edit them?

1- On reports page Clients Area is dropdown right now is there anyway of making it searchable dropdown?

2- On Clients area need a clients Vat Number a line which won’t be required

3- On Invoices and Estimates need a expiring date… And a Expiring Incoices Page..

4- On estimates page a buton for “Convert This Estimate To a Invoice”

5- A sms reminder before 30 days,15days,7days,1days to Invoices Expiring Date (with my own sms api)

Please send me an email via my profile page form so that we can discuss more about the modifications you need. Thanks.

I already wrote to support area but it goes to comments area give me your email please

I have already wrote to support tab but it goes to comments area what is your email


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Is it possible to reset invoice number to start from the beginning every new year?


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Hi, i’m adding a locale (spanish) and i have a problem when i select a group to translate it. Only application group is working. When i click some ot fhe other groups the page reloads but i can’t translate strings. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot


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Sent ;)

okay checking


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I have problems generating a big PDF

The problem exists only when generating large pdf

“ErrorException in frame_decorator.cls.php line 573: DOMNode :: cloneNode (): ID items already defined”

There is a workaround where you can change the id items to a class in the pdf file


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Now I have another problem in the section terms when generating pdf the text is output without html format, the < li > < b > tags are displayed, among others

Use this function to display the terms e() like e($invoice->terms)


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Please could you help me?

So I create the database, the access is ok, but the message returned is “Message: An installation error occured Reason: SQLSTATE [HY000] [2002] Connection refused”

The information about the LocalHost Dbname and DBuser is ok, I used the same for wordpress websites.

My domain is sys.utechboston.com

Thank You.

That’s weird, the error occurs when you have wrong database details. Have you assigned the user to that database, as in does the use have access privileges to that db?

I need to edit the PDF so that the system does not generate more than 1 page. Can you direct me in the CSS / PHP where I would find that?

Ok i am not sure whether its possible but you can check in invoicescontroller function named invoicePdf()

Hey maybe I should word the question little better. Currently when I download a PDF the page prints as two pages because of the styling of the PDF. I can fix that with CSS by changing font size / position of text on the page. However I am not sure which file I would be looking at to do that.

(TL:DR, Id like to change font size / remove some parts in the PDF)

Ok the pdf page is resources/views/invoices/pdf.blade.php


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Hello elantsys, any ETA for update ? thank you!


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is there anyway that i can ask for Custom ADD on from the creator team?

Thanks Tom my email: tumnoon@dekads.com