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Hello elantsys, How can I remove the tax column from products, Just to calculate it after the subtotal field. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gfsfps67j2vtto/invoice%20example.jpg?dl=0). Not to show it on each product field. IN PDF I Mean, for invoice and estimate.

And if there is a possibility just to fix one tax, and each product to take it automatically, not by selecting it every time for each one.

Thnx in advantage.

For that we will need to do some customisation

In which place of code I can replace Invoice Number Prefix form left to right side (I want prefix after the number of invoice)?

I did’t see anything which can rmove prefix to the right side. Could You please give more information?

change return $prefix->$type.$num; to return $num. $prefix->$type;

Thanks, that helped.

I found a workaround, simple and it works.

Return this in format_amount() function

return number_format(round($amount,$decimals),$decimals,$decimal_point,$thousand_separator);

Thanks! It works! :)

Hello elantsys

You have any plan update New version…

Yes i am working on an update.

small problem when i try to download the invoice. I get this error: FatalThrowableError in dompdf.cls.php line 646: and a lot of code under it. what could it be?


in my case, i commented out these lines but thanks :)

<!- >status == 2 ? ‘invoice_status_paid’ : ‘invoice_status_cancelled’ }}”> {{ statuses()$invoice->status }} —>

maybe i`m missing an update or something?

The line i posted is among the ones you have commented

you are right :) i almost never read the entire thing .. bummer. Thanks man

Hi, I would like to buy the script, I wanted to ask you is it possible to have it in Italian? and then a small change is possible? I explain, at the invoice stage if the amount exceeds 77.47 €, it should add a 2 € stamp duty. Even though I was paying for this change it’s okay.

Best regards

Hello, Now a days many companies need to send the invoices to the customer with a payment link, where the customer can click on the link and choose the method of payment and once he pay the invoice it will update on the system that this invoice has been paid,

Is that something we can do using your invoicing system, can I add my payment getaway to the system, if yes , how this can be done?

Please advice


Payment gateways are not available in the current version, we will have them in the next release

I cannot install the application, I am running PHP version 5.4 so I think that is not an issue correct? Could you please look at the following link and tell me why I’m getting this error http://www.jrenterprizes.com/test/invoicer/install

I read other comments and had the webhost upgrade PHP to 5.6, still getting the error.

I am adding the errors so others can use this post to search and find the solution you will provide. Note: Path was adjusted to only show section related to application issue.

Warning: Unexpected character in input: ’\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in invoicer/index.php on line 52

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in invoicer/index.php on line 52

Hi sorry was away, send me your ftp access to sammkaranja@gmail.com i have a look at the issue

This system has permission to view only the Invoice. Would be nice if you’d add as permissions: View expense, View payments, View clients. These permissions could be of great use to give access to your accountant so the accountant can see all of them without being able to modify anything. Also, at add expense, an option to add image (ie. scanned receipt/invoice) would be gold … for the same reason mentioned above. I made an account for my accountant but so far, i can only let her see the invoices. That’s not enough. In Norway, all accounting is done remote so the above mentioned options are a must have.

What are your thoughts on this? Requires paid modification? or are you going to include it in an update? Thanks.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Hit me up via the profile page form so that we can discuss custom modifications.

please answer my above comment. I’m ready to pay for modifications if you deem it so.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Hit me up via the profile page form so that we can discuss custom modifications.

it would be nice if you can update / add new features / bug fixes, since this project hasnt been updated in 1 year, do you have a roadmap? whats coming up in the next update if you really going to update etc..

Working on an update already

sounds great, do you have ETA ?

My quantity of my product is in decimal i.e. weight (ct) will it work? Please reply.

Hi, Yes that is possible

I, apparently can not use your photo uploads method to upload photos either, but everything else seems to work great, so I don’t want to fight it. I think it would be much better to just have direct call addresses.

Can you tell me where I can just put in where my logo files are on the server to pull them through as defaults? – I think open posting it would be best for all.

Thanks so much

You can edit the view files in core\resources\views e.g. if you want to change invoice logo you just get into invoices subfolder and edit the appropriate file either show or pdf.blade.php

Great! – Thanks so much!

I have this error when try to download PDF. FatalErrorException in cellmap.cls.php line 437: Call to undefined method DOMText::getAttribute() Please send me a fix.

I have the same error as: aravintha commented on 4 Aug 2016 Any solution for this. If we set

$colspan = 1; $rowspan = 1; then the HTML style is collapsed.

Please send me a fix to that. It’s impossible, that one change of fonts and td style can damage script.

Do you have the files online? i need to have a look at your markup

Yes i can send You on priv, and ftp access if You want.

Love the work you did. Is there a way to convert a quote into an invoice?

Not at the moment

If you don’t mind one more follow up, is it something as simple as a column in the database that needs to be changed so a quote could be considered an invoice? Just wondering if it would be easy to do on my own.

No its not as simple as that, invoices and estimates are in different tables, so some work is needed.

Thanks for the seemingly effortless / great support.

You are welcome


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Hi, A couple of questions. 1) Under the responsive mode, in a celphone or in the browser. the buttons to send (or even to edit or download) the invoice as well the estimates can’t bee seen. It don’t appear.

2) In Estimates, the taxes don’t appear (just the value NaN) except after to be saved. Coud please guide me on how to fix that? That errors came with the original dev. I’ll really appreciate your kind suggestion.

Thanks!! and congrats again.



epino Purchased

Thanks, it already gone the email. Thanks!!

Ok will check