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How do I make Sunday the first day of the week on the calendar picker instead of Monday?

check under configuration section here https://github.com/dbushell/Pikaday says “firstDay first day of the week (0: Sunday, 1: Monday, etc)”

I did. it was already set correctly but didn’t change. Have you ever changed it before?

Also, how do you make a product be 50 cents? I put in 0.50 but it puts a red box around it and won’t allow me to save it. I need for my product to be 50 cents each. Thanks for responding in a timely manner.


Ok i will need to check it out to see why its not working, i have never changed it before.


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Hi, i understand you are busy. However, this is what i did. i created a welcome.blade.php in the resource view section and created a welcomeController.php in the controller section. here is is the thing. placing the Route::get(’/’, ‘WelcomeController@index’); in the HomeController.php works fine and redirect me to the welcome page. The moment i logged in it does take me back to the welcome controller. any idea how i can change this in the route where by when i login i can see home controller in the url and before i login i see the welcome URL. Cheers.

Check the authenticate middleware it has the redirection when not logged in