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I have just bought Classic invoicer and have ftped the code to my web site, its denbian and I am in full control of the server. When I go to the browser and type in index.php I get the following error:

“The requested URL /install was not found on this server.”

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

Thanks for that, can you tell me which directories the installer controller uses and I will set up the .htaccess rewrite to include them. Cheers.

Can anyone answer my question above as it is stopping me from installing the product. If I am unable to install it, I will be asking for a refund. Thanks for you help in advance.

I requested you to send me your ftp access and you never did, you dont need to add any rewrite rules to htaccess. Send me your ftp access and the url to the application to my email address.


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Hi, Could you please help me on how to set up a new language? Spanish it’s what I need. Thanks

In settings page you will see the “Translation Manager” sub menu, thats where you add a new language and then add its translations.


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Hi, I will like to know if you take customization now. However, I will also like to know when a new update will be coming and if it’s okay to suggest some things you can add to the adds if that okay. I will await your response shortly.

Yeah i have plans for an update and would love to hear your suggestions.and i can also set sometime aside for customization

Hi, I can’t create a free item in estimates or invoice. Why the price can’t be 0€ ? Ty for your work !

You can disable the prices validation in the views.

Where i can do that ?

The views are located in resources/views/invoices/create.blade.php and edit.blade.php, if you are unable you can contact me via my profile page form with the ftp details so that i can help you fix it.

Hi, Can I put a paypal button on the invoice sothat the client pays via paypal… and after payment is done, the client sees a “thank you” page and the system updates this client as a “Paid Client”... is that possible?

For that you will need to customise the application