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Good job :) GLWS

Thank you!

Nice work ! GLWS :)

Thanks a lot


Very nice work, perfect to my next site! Is it possible to make it responsive?

Thank you.

Thanks Adolfo, i worked with pixels and there would be some work to do for it to become responsive. My purpose here was to make something no more than 600px wide so that it doesn’t need to be responsive

Hi! Is there going to be a responsive version? Thanks!

Hi, it’s 600px wide so it doesn’t really need it. I would work on that feature if it selled more tho ;)

This little css one pager rocks. I have also received amazing support from the author, Luca. He is very quick and efficient with responding and helping me out with my project. Great Job.....

thank you!


a presale question, can i use that in Wordpress, just to import the css en put html in code WP editor would that work?


thank you for your fast answer, i think it should work to. But i want to ask you if you can do some cutsom work for me, be cause this exactly what i need for my client but it must be litle difirent see the link pls

You’re welcome. What your client needs can be done by adding specific CSS classes to each tab. I could do that in the html version. Feel free to contact me from the contact form in my profile page

Oke great let me send you email .

live preview link broken, 404

Thank you, fixed

Lovely work, BTW you have a couple of images missing for the “photos tab” content area.

Thank you. The images in the demo are actually placeholders from Sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t ;)

I have to concur with the others who also asked. Responsiveness is of concern. We have mobile users who need equal access to content/function.

If we could target and change the behaviour for small screens via media queries it would be a real winner.

Like move tabs to top and change tab style to box etc , reduce radius for content area (to simple rounded box).. this alone would give a better experience for mobile users.

Would buy if this was an option, but can’t in its current state – wish you the best.

I agree, this is on my to-do list because as you can see the item is quite old and needs some updates.

Nice, can’t wait :-)

ahh, I guess I’ll have to ;-)