Discussion on CircleTimer - jQuery Countdown Timer

Discussion on CircleTimer - jQuery Countdown Timer

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Hi, I purchased the wrong version. I wanted to buy the wordpress plugin. Is it possible to get a refund?

I can refund if you didn’t download the item.

If that would be possible, that would be nice!

If you didn’t download, you can request a refund.

Pre Sale question. I would like to display the timer everyday in a certain time period. For example between 6am and 6pm daily. Is it possible to set this timer up like this? I only need the shortcode function not any functionality on a product page. Kind regards

You can add your own PHP or JS codes to show/hide elements in your website.


MHM360 Purchased

Hi, just purchased and they look great. But how can I have multiple timers on the same page without renaming each div and duplicating the js settings? I would like the exact same settings but have the timer appear multiple places on the page… how can this be accomplished?

You must use different classnames or IDs for each timer layer & JS code.


MHM360 Purchased

is there a way to make it cycle through duplicate classes by editing source code?

I couldn’t understand it! You just need to change ”.countdown” with your own classname for each timer. Or, you can add id like that:

<div id="timer1" />
<div id="timer2" />

And, call them like that:



where ”...” will be timer settings.

Hi there, I bought the jquery and the wp version. But I have a problem with both. I thought that the countdown between start and end date is calculated. Then the countdown would have to be identical for all users – no matter which country they come from, right?

After the countdown has expired, a video should be displayed that everyone around the world can see at the same time according to German time. Now some users have changed their date on the computer and the countdown ended earlier for them. How can I ensure that all users worldwide have the same countdown? I need this for jquery and wp version.

I don’t seem to understand something here?

yes, but what do I have to change so that the countdown is the same for everyone?

I think I need servertime

You can edit the start-end dates by PHP or ASP.NET. I’ll check if I can include server time.

Hi we bought the plugin, but when we resize the timer, the circle border of the canvas is blur and not correct. can refer screenshot here. this is especially obvious in retina display. We tried width different combination of bgWidth & circleWidth but also same result.

It resizes automatically according to the container size. Nothing to do about retina display. You can edit JS file by copying it from source folder.

Hi, Can you tell me what the use of StartDate exactly is? No matter what I put here it doesn’t seem to affect the countdown timer

It calcs the start time.

can you give an example? because I don’t see how the countdown time needs to be calculated with a start time. That just the end time vs the current time?

You can see source code in source/circletimer/jquery.circletimer.js

Following code calcs total days by start & end date differences:
startTimeDiff = options.endDate-options.startDate;
Following code calcs the difference if the timer calcs the PAST:
endTimeDiff = !options.past ? options.endDate-currentTime : currentTime-options.startDate;

Hi there,

can you please advise, the product which buy it is not supporting internet explorer, i need to add any code for that.

You can add modernizr JS for old browsers.

Hello, everything works great, just a question: Instead of adding the “startDate”, I need it to be always the current date… thank you !

You can do it like that:

var today = new Date();
var startDate = today.getFullYear()+'/'+(today.getMonth()+1)+'/'+today.getDate()+' '+today.getHours()+":"+today.getMinutes() + ":"+today.getSeconds();

api = $(".countdown").circleTimer({
    endDate:"2020/12/25 12:30:00",
    timeZone:-5    //Time zone of New York

Works great, thank you!

Ok. Thanks!

Can I do reoccurring countdowns with this- so if I set it for 7 days, after 7 days it will restart?

Yes. You just need to set the reset interval as “604800” seconds and enable auto reset.

Before i buy this script i want to know if the countdown can be made to not reset on page refresh?

I will check it.

It resets after the refresh.

I modified auto-reset feature. It continues the from the last time of the counter whether you refresh the page now.

Hello! I just purchased the circle countdown timer today and I am trying to add the JavaScript to my Wix site. I need help with the coding and layout. I am in the NY timezone, for coding reference. I have also emailed you.

Thank you!

I didn’t use Wix before. But, you just need to upload folder named circletimer in deploy.

Hi, I want to use to on an opencart site. Basically under the add to cart button. I just need it to countdown and reset every. Such as ‘Order now and get it on 23-05-2019 with next day delivery’ Similar to how this page is doing it :

Can I configure it to do something like this?

You need to add JS-CSS files and JS code to run it manually to each page. You can add your custom JS code to reset it. There’s a callback function adding parameter.

Is your product fully compatible with android & iOS mobile devices? Once purchased, is there any hidden, monthly or annual renewal or support charges? And, is this a total white label product and can we host on our server with our own database with no link with your server whatsoever? Please confirm

Please address our other concerns too….you only replied to one query

You’ll get all source files to host on your server. Didn’t you buy another item from Envato?

You’ll get updates free. But, support is for 6 months as general.

I sent you a PM, awaiting your response.

I will check it asap.

It’s the result of hidden item without the width-height values.


I’m using your circle timer in a bootstrap 4 carousel. The first slide it shows as it should, however the other slides it shows very small. If I click inspect item on google chrome it expands to its full size but all others slides, the countdowns are small, even the first.

Any suggestions?

Can I send it privately?

Yes. Send as PM with the explanation of the issue again.

It’s the result of hidden item without the width-height values.

Hey, how do I change the size of the counter? Changing font size, etc doesn’t seem to do anything?

You need to resize its container.

Can this script be used in a magento 2 site? and embed into an html email?

I replied it for WP version. No!

not in Magento 2, or not embed on email, or none?

If you can add JS, CSS files manually, you can use it on Magento site. I did not try it on email.

Hello, does this plugin can be embed with shortcuts?


Thanks Athena, I am having so much trouble getting it integrated. Any chance I could pay you to help me out? Thanks -Shane

Please, PM me your site info and where to put the timer.

Great work on the timer. I am needing help setting the timer to countdown from 3 min to zero. So people will feel in a hurry to sign up. can you tell me where to change the .js file so that it starts at 3 min and ends at zero?

Thank you. Nice countdown timer. Was not hard to integrate… I just need a few changes for my own personal use.

I added a FAQ for your question: You just need to take care of your time zone which can be founded here:

If you want to change minutes to a different one, change that parameter:

var addMinute = 3;

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