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Hello, how do I make use of this ? Is it possible for me to send it to my clients though email such as mailchimp ?

Hi! You can put your Christmas Card on your site. Like this:

And in the mailchimp send an image of the card, with a phrase “open your gift” or “Merry Christmas”. And when you click on the image, the user is directed to your site.


Thanks again for your very prompt response.

I have further questions

1. I do not possess knowledge in HTML programming. 2. But I do have admin access to the website. We are using squarespace websites.

Am I right to say that all I need to do is to purchase, unzip and just copy and paste to a new page I create solely for this ? Does it work with squarespace websites ?

Thanks !

Do not test the card with “squarespace”. But to have the card on your site, it is necessary to transmit it via FTP. Basic knowledge of html and FTP is very useful.

I can send the instruction file so you can see the file better. Send me an email,


Hello I would like to include a couple of images of my own in the “background” is this possible?

Hi! Yes, it is possible. You put in this picture:

With Photoshop you make it easy. Regards!

The first graphic in the animation (with the black present box). Can I replace the black present box with my company logo?

Sure, you can. You can do this in Photoshop, or another image editor.

It’s easy to change all the pictures on the card, and many customers do that.

Hi can it start animation itself rather click on it…. I want something that can start when they open our webpage. Thanks

I understand what you want. My card is very simple to use, you just need to transmit the folder to your server. But if you want the card on the homepage, it takes a bit of programming. Not on the card, but on the admin of your site.

oh ok thanks for your help we may have to go for static image I guess.

Yes, you put a picture. You are welcome! Regards!

How would I go about preventing the music from looping. I am opting for a sound effect instead of a song.

Hi! I understand what you want, but to do this you need to change the card code. But I give a tip, leave a large empty space in the sound that you will use, right after the start.

But I’ll search now to see if it has an easier way.

Hi, I’ve just bought this item, and I’m using a logo that is horizontal, and it needs to be bigger to fit properly in the screen, how can I change the width size of the logo. There is some JS line that I can change for that? thank you

Hi! The size of the logo is 300×300. But you can use any size. The important thing is the size of your logo, it can be 400×200px.

Please, if there is any more detail, send me the link to the email

ok, I figured out…, I have to preserve the square proportion to scale it, but the original size is 180×180 or at least that is what you say in the instructions.

Yes, sorry for the mistake, I think I confused the card. If there is a problem, you can look for me.

Best regards!

Hi there. I’d like to try installing your plugin on the homepage of my company’s website. It’s a template-based website where we can stick a full-screen iframe, so I’m relatively hopeful that it will work, but not certain yet.

Could I get your permission to do a trial run by pointing the iframe to a place where the html content is already hosted, just to try it out on a few devices? If it works then I’ll be happy to purchase a license.

Hi! Please test with preview:

You can place the address of the card in the iframe. But I do not recommend iframe, because on iPhone can give error. I recommend using the normal card.


Thank you. I’ll play around with it a bit.

One other question. Our website overlays our logo in the top-left corner over the card content. At some window sizes, this covers the color selection. If we purchase this card, would we be able to remove the color selection buttons, either through the card configuration or modifying the markup? I haven’t purchased a card through this site before, and I’m not sure if I get the raw code or just access to a hosted version.

The card is left without the color buttons. These buttons are only for you to see the card. Only one preview.

You will have full access to the card files, and will have to put it on your site.

Hi, we would like to host the card on an IIS7 server and for some reason music does not play on iOS devices (Safari and Chrome) and PC using IE. It does work on Android and on PC using Chrome and Fireworks. We tried to replace m4a file with mp3, it did not work either. Do you have any suggestions how to fix this issue? Thank you in advance!

Hi! Your server probably does not have m4a file support. But you solve this with the hosting company. Just ask for support for these files.

Most clients solve this, because this is something common in servers. But I do not know what IIS7 server is.

Try to contact and request support for these files.


How do I make the logo first and a few seconds after the tree appears?

Hi! You can put the logo on the background image, and leave the logo blank. The background image is the first image that appears. Do this with Photoshop.

Sorry, I think I asked you wrong. The theme is the following: I need the logo to appear first and the tree with effects start a few seconds later to appear and make it slow or something like that.

I saw that you sent an email. I’ll respond by email, it’s better.


He, I can add 3 logos one behind the other, instead of just one?

And how is it to replace the images, which are, besides the logo and the background.

It has the text image. This card is a few images. Most of the images are from the tree.

Many thanks friend!


Hi, where do I edit the positioning of the Greeting message? Just wanna shift down a little. Thank you.