Cherry - Android Online Music Player with Admin Panel

Cherry - Android Online Music Player with Admin Panel

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This source code come with admin panel will make you build an online android audio player faster

27 July 2018
+ Fix minnor bugs
+ Show lyrics on app ( replace 2 file add.php and edit.php on cms at location application/views/backends/audios)
+ Add interesting ads
19 July 2018
+ Fix minor Bugs
+ Allow embed external url on admin
+ Support RTL
+ Fix Service to high priority
+ Fix dashboard send push
+ Fix name of CMS
+ improve edit audio
16 July 2018

Warning: This not running on Android 4, pls make sure you not did not mistaken !!!


APK: Click here

Full Features
  • Play online music
  • RTL support
  • 2 theme Purple and Orange ( allow add more theme)
  • Multiple Language
  • Push notification
  • Google analytics
  • Admob integrate
  • Create offline playlist, favorites features
  • Run on background
  • Music order by category, playlist, artist, album
  • Powerfull admin
  • Powerfull setting and flexible
  • View track in grid or in list
  • Equalizer
  • Sleep timer
  • GDPR compliance
  • Download track, share track, play offline downloaded track, favorites


Php 5.4 with Curl, Mysqli, Mod_rewrite enable


All libraries in this app is under MIT and Apache 2.0 license

Media player control set by by Zlatko Najdenovski

All audio, images in demo will not distribute on sourcecode

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