Checkers - Dames (Android Studio - Admob - GDPR)

Checkers - Dames (Android Studio - Admob - GDPR)

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UPDATE 2022, SUPPORT API-32, Dames CHECKERS for beginners and masters. Develop your strategy and tactics, face the challenge and be the CHECKERS Master now! Touch the screen, move and drop the pieces, Win!
CHECKERS is 2 player strategy board games played on a chessboard, a checkered game board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.
With powerful AI, checkers will bring you an amazing adventure!


♞ Computer, Double modes
♞ Great graphics with layered PNG
♞ Undo function
♞ 10 difficulty levels (Junior>Senior)
♞ Powerful Chess AI
♞ save game progress and resume

Change Log

+ Fix many errors
+ Improve the running of the code

- Update the project to API-31
- Added the support for Android 12

 2021-02-03 :
 - Integrate button share
 - Integrate button more games
 - Fix a bug with sounds buttons
 - Update all libraries and android studio builds to 4.1.2

 version 2020-05-22 : 
 ===============<br />
 - improve the quality of the code
 - fix 2 deprecated functions
 - integrate push notifications
 - integrate firebase
 - update to android studio 3.6<br /><br />

 2019-11-29 :<br />
 ============<br />
 - Change completly the structure of the project
 - Improve the loading of the game
 - Fix a problem first start of the game
 - Add the PSD file
 - Added a new documentation<br /><br />

 2019-10-12 :<br />
 ============<br />
 - Update the project structure to API-29
 - Correct the issue of king color.<br /><br />

Key Features

● Easy to edit and reskin ● Optimized for Mobile ● ADMOB INTEGRATED ( BANNER AND INTERSTITIAL ) ● Universal (phone & tablet) ● Documentation (video) ● GDPR ● Support 24/7

The documentation include how to : (with video)

- Open Project Into Android Studio.

- Change the package name

- How to Change Graphics.

- How to change the Admob Banner and Interstitial ID .

- Change Your Privacy policy, and review Url. (GDPR)

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

!!! this game is base on cordova plugins.

Q: How can I manage my console well and win with my Admob?
A: My first advice, do not waste a lot of time with the code, many buyers really have good skills, and good ideas for improvement.
But, improve nothing is the number 1 winning rule.
Publish and when it works well improve.

Q: So, what do I do?
We did all, to provide you with a functional game without any errors during the play.
You have been provided with a good documentation to launch in Android Studio even for someone who has never worked with it, by following the documentation video.
So, quickly skinning your game, create an id banner and an interstitial id in your console and integrate them into the project. In general, make a skin and all these stages of publication will take you 3 days the first time. For a professional less than a day.

Q: Interesting, and then?
A: Publish a game is good, but you have a new job: make it known. Do not rely on the passenger consulting Playstore.
Add posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, ... join groups or forums. Register in CPA offers or Send mailing. This is the winning rule number 2.
This is what Envato is doing, to be at the top of the digital sales markets : advertising campaigns for mailing, and attractive offers for the referal .

Q: How much will I earn ?
A game in its first time, with your console little known, emm it can bring you a $ 1 per day, which is $ 30 per month.

Q: No, no, I do not break my head for $ 30 in a month? I will give up so !!!
- Like all investment, a game that will take you 2 or 3 days to launch. If you start 10 games, you will earn $ 300 a month (but respecting rule 2), and this is only in the beginning, month after month it improves.
So if your strategy is based on launching a single game: give up.
- A good console that contains 15 games can earn an average of $ 1800 a month, when it is well-known, so focus on the good reviews and the number of stars for each game released.
- I know people, who have consoles with 60 games, so imagine how much they earn .

Q: I saw on youtube people who earn 1k per day!!!
A: Respecting, the rules of the advertising and by no inter at startup. you win little but forever.

Do not fall into the trap of spam, it will only cause you a suspension of your console, and finally to start again from the beginning, even with much limitation because you would have lost your reputation, even if you change the phone, mailbox or vpn, you will always be traced, don’t ask me why, because I don’t have the right


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