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i followed the instructions and went to the install folder. The database tables were created and I renamed the installed folder as instructed, but when I go to the main directory nothing shows. I noticed the chat controller is under the module folder…how I can implement the chat on a page? thanmks

Hi sorry for the late reply, did you manage to fix the chat? You can send me you access details via my email or profile page form and i will check the issue for you.

Hello! Im having a hard time implementing this chat on my codeigniter configuration. Can you help me please? The installation works fine, the install folder created my database tables, but after the installation even if I delete the folder ‘instal’ the system is blank. I tried extracting the module by itself and placing it on another codeigniter module HMVC configuration but it still doesn show. Can you help please? Thank you!

Hi sorry for the late reply, did you manage to fix the chat? You can send me you access details via my email or profile page form and i will check the issue for you.

Hello, How to implement chat application plugin on my existing Codeigniter code. When we implement code on CI but not working properly.

Please tell me ASAP.


Hi, Ive got a website that allows people to rent there cars out. the chat system I have is basic and not user friendly.

But how my chat system works is that the vehicle owner has to make the first contact with the driver. Can I embed your chat system the same way somehow?

I dont think the chat will fit your requirements unless you customize it


I am using your chatigniter for chat , but its giving me error . the info i have entered regarding my site database is correct but its showing me error. my site link is : http://istcosa.com/chatigniter_v2/install

Error : The specified database does not exist, please set the correct database in application/config/database.php or run the installer again !

send the cpanel access also, the issue is database based

send the cpanel access also, the issue is database based

sent you

I purchased this script but don’t know how to integrate it with my existing codeigniter website. Please can you help me?

HI I have a chat API to let you integrate to this Chatigniter. Can you please send me email so that I can send you the API for review to see if it is possible to integrate your chat on our login portal? thanks


I have met an issue while test that script to my client: Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_DB_mysql_utility::list_databases() in /home/u309496978/public_html/system/database/DB_utility.php on line 65

It would be cool if it was an group chat or all user chat beside that private chat

Group chat please

hello I m sunil i have website www.tradefreelance.com i need chat for this site. But this website built on wordpress pls let me know if we can integrate with it

No it cannot be integrated with wordpress.

Hello! Is this product still maintained or it’s abandoned? I’m interested in installing and using it in Perfex, a Project Manager and CRM from codecanyon. You can find it here: Perfex
Will this chat work? I see that is not compatible with PHP 7 and also, I don’t know if it’s compatible with the latest version of CodeIgniter that I think is 3.1.4

Also, are you available for freelancing work? In other words, are you available to install this plugin and make it work for me?

Thank you!


Currently i am not available for customisations as i am held up by other projects, also i reckon that the 2 applications are not compatible due to the different codeigniter versions.

Hi, I have a problem, I do not know how to adapt your project to mine. Mine is very simple, view tables, write tables … and I wanted to add your chat, but I can not. can you help me? My project is in codeigniter 2. my views are in application / views Controller: application / controller Modulo: application / models

And in yours is within application / modules


Hi, you could implement it in my project. And how much would you charge me? regards

Send me a private message via my profile page so that we can discuss more

Can you give me a link or where do I have to go to talk to you?

Hi, how can you do so that the chat window does not open automatically? And only open when the button? Thank you


asteki Purchased

Hi, how can you change the user database to users, access to the chat and it is modified but the data is still in the users table


asteki Purchased

What I want to change is the users table by usuarios

You want to change the name of the users table?

Its possible to integrate in a system?

My actual system have your own users and login system, my idea is just to provide a internal chat between logged users.


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I have two questions, 1.- if I already have a database with username and password flat. How can i use my existing table 2.-my users already have their own avatar, how can I make the users use their own avatars in the chat