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Hello i have some questions before buying your scrip. These scrip are like a website view app? mean all data, images and videos will store in our server or it will store on google and apple servers? or customer devices? if all data store in our servers, is there any way to use AWS Buckets for storage?Thanks!


Thanks for your interest in chat manager. In default this application saves files on your own server. If you want to save them on aws, you will find several open source plug in on github for codeigniter framework to achieve this.

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Good morning,

Your script is very good and fast. Well done, sir.

- Is the script multi-lingual?

- After logging in, it takes several seconds to display the list of groups. It would be nice to display an hourglass, it’s important because I thought the application was not working.

- when I add an answer, I should allow the modification for 5mn for example (like on And it should be possible to delete my answer / image / uploaded file in case of sending error. This is important for the comfort of users if they send an answer in the wrong discussion.

- can we make "public discussions" accessible to everyone (if a company (admin) wants to make a public announcement for example)?

- attach each user to a group/several groups, and allow to create “user group discussions” accessible only to the users of the group. This will make it easy to create discussions by a manager for example.

- when creating a discussion, can we put a different color to differentiate the discussions? different avatar?

- can we put a discussion at the top of the list (pushpin)?

- in the list on the left, I have trouble distinguishing the conversations I read and the one I didn’t read. Will you be able to put a different color on the updated conversations that I haven’t read?

-In the display of a discussion, in the list of users on the right, can you distinguish between those who are online?

With these additions, it would be perfect



Thanks for your message. Please send us an email Our technical team will answer all your questions.

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Cannot GET /im-messenger/admin

I followed your instructions to the letter…

Got no errors in any step while installing.

Brand new server, with brand new LAMP…

I think you need to rewrite your installation setup guide.

when I try to visit “”

I get : The requested URL /im-messenger/admin was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)

PHP 7.2.24-0 ubuntu0.18.04.2

mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.27