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Nice plugin! Doesn’t seem to be responsive however..


the library for the graphs actually allows setting the charts to be responsive, but the interface of the plugin does not yet support that. I am working on that and it will be soon available in the interface also.

manually setting the width in the text view to a % will make the chart responsive.

great plugin!! thanks..

Hi is there a way for the pie chart data to have currency symbols instead of raw data/percents? Like $334, $3345 etc?

Yes, there is. You can configure it to represent raw values instead of percents, and you can set the unit name to $ for example.

See the video at 7:30


kgcs Purchased

Pre Sale Question: is it possible to feed data for the graphs from the database – ie as a variable? Thanks in advance


kgcs Purchased

thats great… if its possible to pass a variable to your chart, i should be able to manage it :)


kgcs Purchased

just tried the plugin – content appears to be hashed when in html view so cant edit / insert a variable.. also the plugin conflicts with Avada’s Fusion Core :(

hi, I have a fix for the avada conflict, but it’s not yet published. also, pls send me a direct message and i wil contact you on email regarding how to link the graph to the database

Very good chart program. I had some minor issues specific to my theme, but psddude was awesome and helped me and all is working. Very easy to use, makes clean professional looking dynamic charts. I am very pleased.

Thank you for the good review :)

Hey, nice work! Can I use this to show charts and graphs in the backend? I need them in the backend and not the frontend. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi, it is a WordPress plugin that allows creating charts and graphs in the posts and pages, I don’t know what you mean by “backend”. The resulting charts are also usable as data url images. Is that’s what you mean?

Hello, what I mean is that I need it to show as a widget that can be placed on the dashboard in the Wordpress admin area, to backend users like editors, admins, etc. NOT on the front-end area like posts, pages etc. Please let me know if my question is clearer.

Ok, now I understand, but the answer is no, it cannot be used in the WordPress dashboards. However, you might want to take a look at which is the JavaScript library at the base of the plugin.


kgcs Purchased


I got round the Avada Fusion issue by disabling your plugin if I need to use Theme Fusion

May I ask how to pass a variable to your chart. At the moment I’ve Already got the data as a variable in a php widget on my page.

Thanks! Karl

hi Karl,

the plugin uses custom HTML tags to create the charts.

So, you have to produce from PHP the tags for the charts. When the plugin is active it will transform the tags into charts. Here is the full documentation for the tags:

Hello, can I read in data from an mySQL table – and how would I accomplish this in order to generate a doughnut chart for example. (Tried the demo admin, but could not manage to insert a chart on a new page…)

Hi, WordPress has just updated itself 2 days ago on the demo server and one of the plugins (not the Charts Visual Designer) does not work on the new version. I’m working to fix this.

regarding your question, here is a tutorial I made

The code uses the tag library with which the WordPress plugin was built

I fixed the problem in the demo admin, thanks for pointing it out

Hi, i`ve bought the plugin. It`s a very nice plugin and it works very good. I´ve got only one problem with it:

This link contains a download link for a .png. This .png shows a chart with a wrong “hover description” that means that the description (which appears if you hover over the piece of that pie chart) is behind the chart and you can only see a small part of the description.

Do you know a solution for that problem?

Best regards

Can you maybe try

.pieChartTooltip-style{ z-index:9999!important; }

if that doesn’t work either, can you please send me the link to the page

That does`t work either. can you please sende me a mail to: then you will get the link to the page because its password secured.

Thanks for you fast reply!

follow up: the issue was resolved after a WordPress update

Hi – can you confirm before purchase that the chart allows multiple charts to sit in the one page together? Thanks Jodi

yes you can have as many charts as needed on the same page

How does this work? Not like a simple plug and play plugin? I have to add code to HTML and whatnot? What??!

Hi, no, it’s a plug-n-play plugin, you just install it and you have a visual designer available for the charts. Give the demo a try, it’s free

Hello. I have a pre-purchase question. Is this responsive? I don’t see anywhere it says that it is. Everything should be responsive these days so it’s important to know whether your plugin is responsive. If not, will that be a future upgrade?


yes the charts are responsive. This was not implemented from the start and therefore it was not in the description.

Kind of a generic reply. That said, my chart is NOT responsive. I had to surf the comments to find a resolution – which was adding the width with percentage value in the code.

Hi, I’m sorry that you had to search in the comments for this, however since you mentioned that it was a pre-purchase question I could not provide you with support as you needed access to the real thing to test the responsive settings.

First, I’m not seeing that this chart is responsive. It’s not acting responsive. Why?

Also, does the graph not take a title for each data entry other than a number? Right now the text labels only show on hover – I want them to show all the time. Is this option available?


Hi, to get it to be responsive you have to key in % in the width field. For ex. 100% will stretch the chart to the full width of the parent element

It is possible to show labels all the time. For ex in the piechart do the following: Text settings select: - Label type=value - check Display series name

hope this helps

I’m the designer for bastanley and was logged into his account when I sent the comment about responsiveness and the labels.

1. I was able to make the chart responsive by adding the width with a percentage value in the code. I don’t have a problem doing this, but everything is responsive these days so I hope you add this in as an inherit feature.

2. Also, you mentioned that I should set the label type to = value (I have), then check Display series name. I don’t even see Display series name anywhere in this. What am I missing?

I had the client purchase this based on the info I read regarding this pie chart. He needs a text label to show at all times for each section – if this isn’t possible, then the client won’t be happy and we won’t be able to use this plugin. Please advise.

Thank you!


I do try to provide support to all buyers and respond as much as possible to everybody, even non-buyers.

It is possible to display a text label all times. I believe that you have already contacted me via email asking about responsiveness and also about label display and I have replied. If that wasn’t you here goes again:

- if we are talking about piechats, go to Text settings and set “value” under label type - then under Data put in the label you want under “Unit name”

In the future, would it be possible that you contact me via direct messages from the account you used to buy the item?

thank you

Hi, Is it possible to have horizontal label for horizontal bar graphs? Can’t even found it on css.



no it’s not possible, but you can hide the labels by setting the text color to white and then add regular HTML around the graph with the labels as needed.

If you have a page where you test this please send me a link via a private message and I will try to make an example for you.

Don’t you consider adding this kind of styling? I cannot use the plugin for the purpose I purchased..

I am considering adding this feature in the next releases, but I cannot give you an exact date when. As I said this can be easily achieved using simple HTML, I’ve prepared an example for you

I have a short code that holds a variable. If i put the short code in the data field, will it populate it with the results of the shortcode?


this is an interesting question, and to be honest I have not considered this when I implemented the plugin. The short answer is no, but I’m willing to assist you for making the changes required for it to work

kindest regards, John

Hi! Have question. I have MySQL database with plenty of data. I have to make graphics (line chart, pie chart and other) with that datas, have any solution in that plugin?

This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to key in data for display. For grabbing data from the database you would have to create some PHP code together with the HTML library

Hi, I’d like to know if your plugins would be able to read datas for a graph from custom fields.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Liborio Fedele

Have you made a decision yet on buying?

Not yet, I’m working on something else and get back on this later. Thanks for your interest.

Ok, holding my breath until you do :-) Don’t let me turn blue

Hi there

Is there a way to remove the % character from the graphs? Or is there a free extension available to do this?

Yes, please take a look at the video (7:30):

You can choose as a label type either None for no labels or choose Value. Then in the Data section for Unit name use a blank string

hope this helps