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No option to edit existing charts – totally sucks!

sorry. We will add it in later versions.

Hello, I work with epidemiological data in a Brazilian state. I would like to know if it is possible to: 1) create a map displaying the state of Paraná, with the municipalities (as at and 2) create a map displaying only a certain region, of which 20 are part of these municipalities (as in Thank you.

Hi, You can draw custom maps with use this Google tools (

And can these maps, designed with this tool, be used to display data, in the same way as the examples you have published? If so, I’ll get your plugin today.

Yes, all maps in “GeoJson” format are compatible with our plugin.

edit the chart after publication

Edit options have no this version :(

Do you have RPM Gauge type chart? Can input 2 variable values and display % of 1 to other in a RPM gauge like display? Thanks, -ajs

I do not know exactly what you said, but if you tell me by drawing I can help

Sure. Here is google chart example – or you can present with a dial as excel examples show:

hi, Screenshot of the items you want to talk about .

i need to change gauge it self colors for example i need to change red color to green

Gauge Chart 3 – no option to change exist colors (green – gray – red)

hi, you can change gauge line colors this code series in settings

axisLine: { // Coordinate axis lineStyle: { // Property lineStyle control line style color: [[0.2, ‘lime’], [0.8, ’#1e90ff’], [1, ’#ff4500’]], width: 2, shadowColor: ’#fff’, //The default transparent shadowBlur: 10 } },

If you can send your email adress, we can more help

Will this plugin support commas in the charts?

Unfortunately, I do not quite understand what you mean :(

Exempel is that I want a number to be shown as 512,54 with a comma instead of 512.54 with a dot.

no, its not possible for now. but if you can know javascript, you can use regex or convert function dot to comma. i will think to add this javascript function next version. Thanks

can the graphs be configured to animate when scrolled onto?

Hi, please explain in detail.


1. The HTML version Chartli supports json, does this Wordpress version support it? 2. Does this plugin support poll data source (json for example) and auto update chart?

Thanks. Paul

Hi, 1- Wp version not supported json data yet ☹ we have working on this 2- If you know advanced jquery, yes its possible.

Thanks Best Regards

Hello! Is there a Circle Chord Diagram? Graph Circular?

Sory. Not supported.

Hello, Pre sale question, Can I read the chart data from google spreadsheet ?

hi, sorry. not supported.


jah67 Purchased

I can’t get this to install at all. Get’s to 100% where I assume it wants to decompress the zip file and I get a white WordPress failure screen asking me, are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.
Please advise.


jah67 Purchased

Can you replace or append names on graphs to use a png, jpg or svg graphic that is a company brand for example? If not, please consider implementing support for this ASAP. See attached as an example mocked up in PS.!Ar45i15ykF_-ge9cWZsmiHi7lRedIA

hi, can you send us to your email address.

I just installed this plugin and there is nothing in it. There is only Chartli All Chart on a blank page. Is this plugin even working?

Please send us the website demo address.

In wich mode I can change comma in point? can you show to me a example?

But how is it possible that on the bar charts is showed the values with a comma and on the pie charts is not possible?

In this bar chart is showed on the level of Y and inside the label all the numbers with commas. I need also inside the pie chart the same type of numbers with commas

{ “backgroundColor”: ”#ffffff”, “title”: { “text”: “Title”, “x”: “center”, “subtext”: ”” }, “tooltip”: { “trigger”: “axis” }, “legend”: { “padding”: 20, “x”: “center”, “y”: “bottom”, “data”: [ “Quota II”, “Quota III” ], “selectedMode”: false }, “toolbox”: { “show”: false, “feature”: { “mark”: { “show”: false }, “dataView”: { “show”: false, “readOnly”: false }, “magicType”: { “show”: true, “type”: [ “line”, “bar” ] }, “restore”: { “show”: true, “title”: “Refresh” }, “saveAsImage”: { “show”: true, “title”: “Save As Image” } } }, “calculable”: true, “xAxis”: [ { “type”: “category”, “data”: [ “Asse I ”, “Asse II”, “Asse III” ] } ], “yAxis”: [ { “type”: “value” } ], “grid”: { “show”: true, “containLabel”: true, “left”: “10”, “right”: “40”, “top”: “80”, “bottom”: “60” }, “color”: [ ”#3d85c6”, ”#f6b26b” ], “series”: [ { “name”: “Quota II”, “type”: “bar”, “data”: [ 270170418, 85510782, 12518800 ] }, { “name”: “Quota III”, “type”: “bar”, “data”: [ 90056806, 28503594, 4172934 ] } ] }

is not possible on pie chart..

Hello there,

unfortunately you need to use the dot in the values because it separates the values on the comma chart.