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Hello, Demo for new version is not working, thanks

demo is working now thank you

Really good job. Is it possible to take the data from Goolge Sheets, and sharing embed code for the graphs?

hi, thank you. if google sheets export from json, its possible. embed codes opening in all graphs page

Hi. Documentation doesn’t work in demo.

Is possible to check it before purchase?

yes i can send your mail documentation.html

Hello, I am interested in buying your package, but need to see the documentation. My project is to create pie charts without a hole in the middle, equal scale pie arcs and to catch mouseover elements events. Please if you can send it to me here : that will be great.

i sent to email for this thanks

I’d like to see the documentation before I buy. I would like to see how well I can integrate it into existing projects. Thanks! email is

Hi Please send me documents

You did not buy it. Documantation is only for people who buy areas.

?? woow. u sent to everyone and none of them bought it yet. anyway thanks

We sent demos for you to see. thank you

Hi, do you think in the near future you could split the chartli.js file into multiple smaller pieces? Like a js per each type of chart as it’s 2mb right now. So it’s huge to load into a project.

hi, yes i think on split like chartliPie.js,chartliMap.js,chartliLine.js e.t.c.

Hello, I’d like to see the documentation of this plugin but it doesn’t work on the live demo link. Can you share your documentation before the purchase?

your email adress ?

2 MB JS is crashing my dreamweaver … documentation does not answer the question on how to utilize json from other sources like displaying data from external sources. is there a special format?

hi, Sorry, I do not know anything about Dreamviewer :(

this code is example json format

{ “jobs”: [ “Doctor”, “Teacher”, “Engineer” ], “days”: [ “Monday”, “Tuesday”, “Wednesday”, “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”, “Sunday” ], “doctor_data”: [ 570, 100, 21, 54, 260, 830, 710 ], “teacher_data”: [ 30, 182, 434, 791, 390, 30, 10 ], “engineer_data”: [ 1320, 1132, 601, 234, 120, 90, 20 ], “doctor_style”: { “areaStyle”: { “opacity”: 0.9, “color”: ”#247BA0” }, “lineStyle”: { “opacity”: 0 } }, “teacher_style”: { “areaStyle”: { “opacity”: 0.9, “color”: ”#F25F5C” }, “lineStyle”: { “opacity”: 0 } }, “engineer_style”: { “areaStyle”: { “opacity”: 0.9, “color”: ”#FFE066” }, “lineStyle”: { “opacity”: 0 } }


will this work with wordpress?

hello , i have a pre-sales question, i have data on mysql that i would love displayed in a graph , my current project heavily relies on php… can i use this wonderful script to generate dynamic graphs with only few lines of code?

Hi, you can use this json format with php to json
            name: 'Jquery',
            value: 6181
        }, {
            name: 'React',
            value: 4386
        }, {
            name: 'Angular',
            value: 4055
        }, {
            name: 'Vue',
            value: 2467
        }, {
            name: 'React Native',
            value: 2244

kaigu Purchased

thanks, can i use this json format also in the filling and mapping examples? thanks

Yes, you can use it in all graphic types.

Is there an option to append graphics such a company brands in place of name tags?

Please share detailed information with us. for example screnshot Thanks

I’ve bought this by accident, I thought it was a wordpress plugin, so it’s of no use to me anyway…

Just bought the plugin. Using the gauge – how do you change the resolution? Eg. I want to change 0 – 100 to 0 – 10 only.

series: [
            name: 'Example',
            type: 'gauge',
            detail: {formatter:'{value}%'},
            data: [{value: 50, name: 'Example'}]

Hello, can you email me thank you! I have some questions about developing in visual studio using your charts.

hi, our email adress is thanks

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dostum selam bir sorum daha olacak. jquery 2.1.4 versiyon kullanmışsın. Daha üstü versiyonlarda kullansak sorun teşkil edermi?

Merhaba, şu an için en üst versiyon olan jquery 3.3.1 versiyonu ile çalışıyor.

Support kısmından geri dönüş alamadığım için burdan yazıyorum. yardım rica ediyorum. fakat kimse maillerime geri dönüş yapmıyor. dönüş yapabilir misiniz?

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Can I export the data (to txt file) through the chart? and can you send the documentation first? Thanks.

hi, can u send email to us

hi, I had sent you an email (

Tried to contact author, got error page: jQuery21109524239304861861_1548729357326({clickthrough_id“}) I would like to know if there is a short trial period so I know if it will work for me, as well as good docs and example of a two-line line chart with x axis labels using jquery/javascript. Need to get a project rolling quickly.

Hello there; Unfortunately, we don’t have trial version. you can contact us

Hello, I have a question. I want to buy your chart plugin. does it have donut chart thickness change options?

yes its possible with chart “radius” settings