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It’s a great chart lib, but I have some some doubts: An error occurs when I opened the “bar.html” file, the first chart aren’t showing the data. About the documentation, do you have more information? some itens isn’t clear like a “itemStyle” properties.


hi, can you send me your example with errors? i must see error

Kindly please advice how can I decrease the padding in the RPM gauge

hi, rpm gauge padding;

pointer: { width: 15 //(1-100) },

I Tried this and made no change one more thing. How can i add (%) after the number please

can you send me email your chart script?


I am using your graph Couple of issues I found can you please guide me how to fix them

1- when there is no data to show in graph it shows bubbles flying. I wanna show there a message “No data found” 2- the space between graph and the boundary of container has too much much I wanna narrow that. Screenshot attached for what exactly I mean.

Thanks Paras

can you send me email your chart script?

this code resolve your second problem in option;

grid: {
       left: '1%',
       right: '1%',

How can I customise the Width of the Y-Axis Data on a Horizontal Bar Chart. This shows my data source. E.g. ‘2010-2015 National in Country’ etc but the text gets cut off and looks more like “rn in Country”.

can you send me email your chart script?

can i include different charts in different posts in wordpress with this plugin?

Hi, i dont know wordpress and php :( this is jquery plugin and you can use as another jquery plugins in wordpress


Daelorn Purchased

Hi, What has changed in this new version?

hi, generally i changed maps system, i added json data for map and geojson map coordinate system.

Hello; The plugin is looks good. :) If I use this plugin will it be possible to make all charts and bars exactly 100% as shown in this page:

If you think it can be made 100% using your plugin then you can let me know. I will suggest my client to buy this.


yes you can be made %100, i can help to you this settings

Hello, is it possible to combine a pie chart chartli4 with chartli6

yes its possible, if you send email to me i can help to you

what is your email?

Hey telatkaya_ – Pre Sales Question:

Is there a way to get this to work with WordPress? Reading through the comments it seems like someone has.

Thanks! IC

Unfortunately, i dont know wordpress. if add jquery plugins to wp, this can add wp. you can ask through contact @Daelorn

Hi, can I use your charts with bootstrap, on mobile apps ?

evet paddingleri sıfırlamak mümkün ama chartın imageleri derken ne demek istediniz tam olarak anlayamadım

Chart’ın kendisini kastetim. Output olarak oluşan png dosyanın paddingleri. Script’den biraz oynadım ama scaling bozuldu.

options’ın içinde;

grid: { left: ‘0’, right: ‘1%’, bottom: ‘3%’, containLabel: true },

bu ayarı kullanarak ayarlayabilirsiniz.


fsoda Purchased

I purchased earlier and always get a “error occurred” pop up on the documentation page on the ajax form. Can you tell my why, I downloaded the entire file again and same result.

Hi, Is this supported with jquery 3.0? Do you plan to release angular directives in the future?

After further digging it looks like this product is a direct violation agreement of “Baidu Inc.” as their company is not mentioned anywhere in your product.They were the original creators of this chart engine. Which means this item is essentially a BSD license, even through you are trying to sell it through, it will still be a BSD based product.

If anyone interested in learning more about BSD licensing, you are not allowed to call it your own work whenever you use a BSD based product.

I would avoid purchasing this product since there are too many legal implications, and the author should probably revise the product to clarify that this is not his own work, rather a modification of someones work.

Hi developer. I asked for a refund. For me it is totally useless because I only can apply Wordpress plugins. Misunderstanding. Can you please answer?


I have an urgent question:

When I add a “Mini-Pie” in a Bar-/Line-Chart, the bars sometimes overlaps the “Mini-Pie”... i tried to set the x and y position of the mini pie, but thats not a solution. My question: Is it possible to add a “padding” for the bar chart, so there is some white space on the top-left-side, where i can position the “Mini-Pie”?

thank you…

I need a formatter the value of tooltip, actually show: 2,345.34, and i need: 2.345,34

Hi, I can’t find in your documentation the possibility to populate the map based on country code not country name. Could you please tell us how we can do that?