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When i try to activate this plugin i receive this error Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare save_taxonomy_custom_meta() (previously declared in /home/georgepa/public_html/ in /home/georgepa/public_html/ on line 120

Any help?

Your theme developer is using the same function name as i used in the plugin, inbox me your Dashboard i will modify my plugin specific for your site.

my theme has neither the category nor the archive php file, how can i use this plugin?

then according to template hierarchy index.php will be used, so you can paste the snippet there..

Thanks, works perfectly now :) I am using this with your category sub domain plugin, they are both very good


1. Is it possible with your plugin to add content not only before the posts in the category page , but also after the posts ? 2. Will it work with the them that installed on this site ( ) ?

Thank You Vahan

This Plugin Support Single Article Field, which you can place either before post or after post. if you place it on both then same content will show up before and after.
And yes it will work for every wordpress site.

I have problems with strange css output in category description text – no strong style, links of different color.

Where does the plugin take css from?

I want to change to my default theme style.


(There’s no support forum on your website in Chrom)

Hi, May be you incorrectly added the code snippet, you can inbox me your dashboard access I can add this correctly in your theme, secondly CSS will be inherited from theme. Support forum disabled due to recent WordPress Spam attack.


Can I create a category which look like this page : ?

(Avada shortcode. Fusion builder).



It totally depend on your theme, You have the field which support Shortcode, css and html so you can place anything in it. So to fit it with your theme a simple Code Snippet is provided in documentation.

I see your demo is using Avada. So I think it’s ok ? A simple copy paste of a page (with shortcode)... No ?

Yes that should work. Make sure you apply the Code Snippet properly if you don’t want to risk editing your theme file inbox me i will do it for you.

Doesn’t seem to work?

Did you apply the code snippet?If not then please inbox me your Dashboard so i can apply and notify about changes.

Hi there,

Do you have a demo version of a category’s post? Your live preview located at home page of other theme, not category page?

Second question: is it possible to choose where the article will be published (above / below) main content?

Thanks, Igor

Sorry, for disturbing again, but where exactly in admin area the category’s editor will appear? Somewhere like this page – …/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=category&tag_ID=16&post_type=post

It’s a pity, but your screenshots have only logo and final demo.

Thanks, Igor

Hi, It appears below Category Description field. Also appears in quick add category.

OK, thanks for info. Bookmarked plugin for a project. It is really rare, and from SEO goals really needed. Igor.

There’s only archive.php – and the line <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?> isn’t in it. I’m using Avada theme. Any idea how to make your plugin work as I really need it. Thanks. Mike

Thanks Ali – It’s a client site and I should try first before sharing a login. If you could tell me the path & file I need to modify – maybe even the line number I need to add it. Avada support told me wp-content >> themes >> avada >> template >> blog-layout.php line#64 But doesn’t render anything. Nor straight after ‘while have posts’ – nor in archive.php or single.php To be totally clear – I want posts of X category to have the extra content added to the end of them. Your docs are really unclear so I’m just confirming that’s what this is for! Mike

Well- I got it to work. In case it helps anyone – as I found the ‘documentation’ a bit thin.

For Avada theme there’s a file : theme/avada/templates/blog-layout.php (recommend create child theme, copy file into ‘templates’ directory and edit there)

Placing the PHP snippet there above line 64 – like this:

// Start the main loop echo wpfixit_cat_art(); while ( have_posts() ): the_post();

will render the category content above the list of posts. The trouble I had was that I forgot to put file in ‘templates’ directory of child theme.

Also worth knowing GRID layout doesn’t work with category field as it gets hidden underneath due to some insistent formatting from Avada. You have to use another layout (I’m using ‘medium’).

You can insert the snippet at line 253 – and the content will appear in every box of a grid layout – but that’s a bit much.

Lastly – the plugin doesn’t do what I really wanted – which is append the category field after single posts of that category – shame. I’ll have to use a widget instead.

‘Works with any theme’ is therefore not entirely true. ‘Can be fudged to work in a way’ would be more accurate. Had the information been clear I’d have known not to buy the plugin but I took the punt as it’s not much money.

wow thanks for such a detailedcommente, the rating reason is only visible to me so thanks for explaining it as well. For all my previous buyers i have added code snippet myself i dont let them rely on documentation bcoz in the end they will mess up their theme so i prefer doing it myself. :) Its actually good that you did all this effort by yourself.

Secondly i can not provide theme specific detail on documentation including line number as these update on daily basis.

My support was not limited dear i cannot blindly tell you which file to edit i dont memorize theme directory structures that was the only reason i offered you to give me dashboard access so i can place it accordingly.

it support all themes you just have to know where to place it, which only a developer can understand.

Have a good day..

Thanks Alisaleem


Im about to buy this plugin but before I have to ask few questions to make sure this is what I looking for :)

To confirm: 1. I can edit category description as normal post? I’m using Enfold. Am I able to use their builder there or at least shortcodes? (and paste shortcodes for maps and other plugins?) 2. What I assume after brief reading here, that I can have let’s say main category like:





And I can edit “vehicles” description like normal page and after that description I have list of my posts?

Same for “bikes” an so on?

What Im looking for is proper breadcrumb structure.

I need something like this:

Vehicles -> Cars -> My Super Tesla post

and when I click on cars I will get general description with pictures and text and afret this will have regular blog like list of all my posts from category “Cars” Same thing for Vehicles… list of all posts from all categories?

Right? :)

Another thing, Im using WPML and have 3 languages, and in every language around 5 main categories and 5-8 subcategories. I would like to avoid creating category-id.php file for every category I have for every language. So is it working by editing default description field using only extended editor or is there any extra database connection for description field?

I would like to use category.php file in my child theme.

EDIT: Oh, this part is in support section :)

Sorry for those questions, this seams like it should be default WP functionality and preety simple extension but finding this is almost impossible :)

Can you give me some answers please? It would be great if I could buy your plugin and have this functionality Im looking for :)

And to be sure, it works with WP 4.3.1 and WPML?

Cheers! rm


////// BACKEND After Installing this plugin, you will have an additional field in your category edit page.

////// FRONT END To Integrate Theme With this plugin, a code snippet has been provided which need to be placed in your theme single category template. Which your developer can install easily or i can place it for you.

////// Translation How are you translating your single posts?

////// BreadCurmbs No it does not provide such feature.

Does your plugin support Category Comment?


No Comments are not supported. But i have responded to your email for custom plugin.

Exellent idea to ad some content to category pages. But this is only one thing to do for SEO if you like to use it. We can also generate new content in exerts for posts. But the main thing is to add some meta data, meta description and meta name. If you have an idea how to do manually this (now I use Yoast SEO) or your plugin give us a possibility to edit it, than I am ready to buy it. If not it is easea to mark categories with noindex tag and to create a usual page with the needed content.

Search Engines are smart these days, they do not just rely on the meta tags anymore so read the whole content which will be more unique considering how it will add value for users.. and a page for a category is a bad idea….

Hi, The Plugin can work wonders for SEO. Two questions for You though :

1. Does it work with the Categories of all the Custom Post Types ?

2. The Content that I put in the Rich Text Editor of the Category, I want to display it just above the Footer, i.e after all the Posts of the Category are Displayed. I’m going to use Shortcodes, so instead of displaying the Output in the header, I want to display the Output before the Footer ( after all the Posts of the Category ).

Kindly Revert, RebelHustler.


1) No, Generally The Custom Post Type Categories are mentioned as Custom Post Type Taxonomies. however this plugin only support default post type taxonomies. i have planned a new item for woocommerce as well which will be published soon.

2) A code snippet is provided in the documentation which can be placed anywhere, but if you want to put it in footer.php then you first have to assure that category page is being viewed, using WordPress Conditional Tags.

Thanks Alisaleem252

Hello, A day ago you’ve mentioned about a new item for woocommerce. Any eta for that? Can you please give some details?

Hi, The item is under review by codecanyon, i will let you know about the status afterwards.

Good morning my friend you are reading the emails of support?

Yes i have received your email, i will let you know once the code is in place.

Congratulations ALI, for his great work!!!

It’s a great super powerful plugin, it allows you to add your Shortcode and other code in your category page!

I bought this plugin and I’m very satisfied, for its simplicity, efficiency and power! He really does what it promises, works flawlessly!

Now I can add any code, and set up the way I want my category page! This plugin facilitated my life and saved my time.

If you are thinking of buying, do not hesitate to buy this plugin because it is very powerful and I’m sure you will not regret it!

Parabéns ALI pelo seu trabalho!

É Grande Plugin supre poderoso, ele permite adicionar seus Shortcode e outros códigos na sua página de categoria!

Eu comprei esse plugin e estou muito satisfeito, por sua simplicidade, eficácia e poder!

Realmente ele faz o que promete, trabalha impecavelmente!

Agora eu posso adicionar qualquer código, e configurar do jeito que eu quero a minha página de categoria!

Esse plugin facilitou a minha vida e poupou o meu tempo.

Se você esta pensando em comprar, não hesite em comprar este plugin, pois ele é muito poderoso e tenho certeza que você não vai se arrepender!

Great plugin. Last update was 2015. Is it working with Worpress 4.5.3 ?

Yes it is, Category is the Core Taxonomy of WordPress, any update will not effect this plugin. However i still test this plugin on latest versions as well. It is fully compatible.

Thanks Alisaleem252

The plugin says it has shortcode support, but we’ve added a shortcode and it is not showing properly. It shows the text, but doesn’t pull in the actual code it is supposed to. Could you provide some assistance with this? Thanks so much!

Sure, Please send a message from my profile page. :)

Thanks! I just sent a message.

this plugin looks to be exactly what I want—useful category pages, but i’m hesitant to buy because there does not seem to be a manual or any instructions…is this a dead project? doesn’t really make any sense or say anything. is there documentation for the plug in? just uploading and activating the plug in make it work?


No, the code snippet has to be placed inside theme after activation, Normally buyers inbox me and i place the code for them, as the file is different for different theme, So you can get direct support, its a one time setup.


What was done for the latest update? We had version 1.5.0 and were having no issues. After we did the update to 1.6.0, all of our category images/text disappeared.

For this version i removed the conflict with some other plugins, How does updating disappeared images/text can you msg me more details? So i can take a look.

What is the best way for me to send you more detailed information?