CameraX - Photo & Video

CameraX - Photo & Video

CameraX is a new Jetpack library introduced to help make camera development easier. It provides an easy to use API environment which works across most Android devices.

CameraX provides several predefined use cases like a preview, image/video capture. This allow developers to focus on the tasks they need to get done instead of spending time writing functionality and managing requirements for different devices.

CameraX also takes care of basic configuration(aspect ratio, rotation and orientation) and greatly reduces test burden as developers.

This app is an implementation of CameraX with option to take photo and record video.



  • Android Studio +4.1.1
  • Java 8

  • Photo

  • Take photos in high quality
  • Flash mode: on, off or auto
  • Countdown timer: off, 3s or 10s
  • Switch front-back camera
  • Photo viewer

  • Video

  • Record video in high quality
  • Flash mode: on or off
  • Chronometer
  • Switch front-back camera
  • Video viewer

  • Settings

  • View available space and total space of device
  • Change video resolution
  • Change video fps
  • by