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hmmm… interesting…

Good luck with sales!

Hi. Can I create my own classes name’s? Ex: “Nombres”, “Apellidos”,”etc” I need names in spanish… jeje.

The new version has been uploaded. It supports custom class name as well as other features like pagination and sorting.


Hi! Can I use this tool with MS Access?

The current version does not support MS Access.

A new version has been uploaded that supports both MS Access and SQL Server.
Check the video demo, preview screen shots and item description for details.

Are you planning on supporting MS Access if so when?

I will add it as soon as possible. I will let you know when done.

A new version has been uploaded that supports both MS Access and SQL Server.
Check the video demo, preview screen shots and item description for details.

Thanks for the tool man, its an awesome asset.

Thanks a lot for the encouraging comments.

I’m very impressed about this code. Very useful and clean. Very good tool. Marcello Savorani Software Engineer

PS Must implement the option of source code geenration without primary key not defined on database. Primary key exist but isn’t defined on sql server structure as primary key. Other: multiple key. If i have multple key must consider this option.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will implement this feature in the coming versions.

Sweet generator! It would be nice to include get calls for views.

Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. We are considering this for the coming versions.

C# DAL Generator will not install. On Windows 10 Get ‘another installation already in progress…’

Hi, If you have already another installation in progress then wait for that to complete. If there is not then restart your computer and then install “C# DAL Generator”. If it’s still not working then send me an email via my profile page.

Hi you have so many versions, its very confusing which one to use. Why don’t you have one version, with all the options.

Do you have a trial version to check if it does more than the basic open source components, this looks identical to some of the components and I want something with a little more option, also include your email please.

Is it also able to modify a table to add/edit a column (not the record), but edit all the tables with a record. For e.g. user Id, can be email or int

The video does not clarify if the generated code handles as a SQL store procedure or EF / LINQ.

What is the difference between this and the entity framework component – can you explain in some detail this is also not clear from comments

Does it include transaction rollback- to check if its corrupted or failed?

If I use this can I by pass object mappers?

Are the store proc code obfuscated on the DB for security, is that option there?


Sorry one more comment, it said on sale cheaper prices, but during checkout it showed the old full prices, can you fix this and explain on the questions, I can then buy. Hopefully support is good!

Does it also generate the store procedure code and DAL layer, do I need both for the web application. If I have a database is this all I need?

And I buy the component and like it, can I upgrade to the source version – what is the difference

Please see below.
  1. Many Versions: If I create one app and add all features (for C#, VB.Net, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, stored procedures, inline queries, entity framework) then it will be expensive and its price might not be affordable for all users. Therefore we have created separate apps. However, in the future we may plan to add all the features to one app.
  2. Trial Version: We don’t have a trial version at the moment but you can check the video demo, item description and screen shots. If something is confusing, please contact me via my profile page here.
  3. I didn’t get the following option, please elaborate.
    “edit all the tables with a record. For e.g. user Id, can be email or int”
  4. Generated Code: The generated code is C# code with inline queries (not LINQ). However we have another app that is generating LINQ, please click here to check it.
  5. Difference between this and EF one: This one generates C# code with inline queries while the EF one generates both C# and VB.Net code with LINQ. If it’s not clear, please contact me via my profile page.
  6. Object Mappers: Yes. This app creates classes for each table that has all the columns of the table as properties with CRUD methods.
  7. This app does not create stored procedures. We have another app for SPs, please click here.
  8. Both of the following apps are exactly same. The first one is a bit expensive because it has source code.
    Please check carefully that you have added the correct item to the cart. Try to clear the cart and add the correct one again.
  9. Upgrading to Source Version: Actually I have uploaded both apps separately and upgrading from one app to another is not supported by Envato at the moment. However if I add features to it in the future, you will be able to download it.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Hi any response?

I deleted the cache and tried, but the price is not showing sale price. This is too expensive for what it does

Make sure that you have added the following item to cart.
If it’s still not showing the correct one, please contact me via my profile page here.

Can you include screenshots, video or a description on how to use the generated code or how it should be called or invoked.

For q.5 what is the difference between EF and this version I am unable to follow. My code now, is that I am using EF already, but every time my Db model changes I have to redo the EF model (which is very inconvenient). In this type of changes which one is better this or the EF tool?

How exactly and what is the EF tool helping my development?

Please check the following videos.
C# DAL Generator:
Entity Framework DAL Generator:
For Entity Framework DAL Generator you will need to create the model (.edmx file) manually. Whenever you change the database, most probably you will need to change the modal as well.
If it’s still not clear, please contact me via my profile page.

I just want to build an app which might be capable of handling easy to adapt database schema changes (like adding new columns and/or new tables to the database) but that allows me to do cascading filtering (mostly in edit mode) in the dropdownlists which display the foreign keys … i wish i could add an image but it seems i can’t

If the product does what I expect it should do: why do i have to pay 2 times for hain C# and/or Linq code. can’t i have both? wouldn’t taht be logical?


May I have a copy of the sample application? does it also works on web environment or is just for windows forms?

the generated code is “native .Net” or will it require some kind of additional fee in order to be depoloyed to a web hosted server? Like proprietary .dll or stuff like that

  1. This app is a windows forms app but the generated code can be used in both web and desktop apps.
  2. Yes, it is .net native code and it does not require any additional component or dll and you don’t need to pay additional fee.
  3. Send me an email via my profile page so that to share the sample generated code.

Does this work with .NET Core/ASP.NET Core? If not, do you plan to support it in the future?

Yes, it works with .Net Core.
If you face any issue, please contact me via my profile page here.


tbk6004 Purchased

Hallo, i have purchased the C# DAL Generator. Purchase Code=c0de2449-c695-42df-b9f4-390dca74271f

In the Options dialog the pages “Class” and “Get All Method” are disabled. What is the problem ?

Thanks for the purchase.
Those tabs are disabled because you have not selected/highlighted a table in the tree. Please check below video (forward the video to 0:45 and watch carefully).

Hi, I just purchased your c# Dal generator, it fails on several tables that use the geography datatype. Do you have plans to add support for this datatype as these are the big tables that I want automatically imported.

Many thanks


Thanks for the purchase.
Please contact me via my profile page to discuss it.