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This author doesn’t response to Support ticket. Truly unprofessional and unreliable author to work with.

Didn’t see any problem in your site. Please let me know if problem still exists Thanks

I sent you message already ….

i wan tto buy this , iam confused with other script of yours for $ 35. what is the difference between two ? if i buy can you help me with installation ? i have no clue about php settings you mentioned

Buzzy Bundle has all plugins (quizzes, comment system, contact form plugin) Thanks

i am interested to know your help with installation, i have no clue about settings you mentioned. can you help if iam struck ?

Sure, we can help you if you need help in any step. Follow here for installation. http://buzzy.akbilisim.com/admin/docs#installation Thanks

Hi, Any support for drag and drop sortable menu?

Hi, There is no drag drop menu function but if you want to sort your menu categories just set this field in categories page. http://prntscr.com/i0vf3n Thanks

Also, I would like to have it updated to laravel 5.5. What do i do? Can you guide me on how to include the drag and drop menu feature?

how to change domain name?

check this once in google – site:probuddys.com how we got those spams anonymously?? its a japaneese language

Pre sale question: what is the different between this script and Buzzy – News, Viral Lists, Polls and Videos…?

1. Hızlandırılmış Mobil Sayfalar (AMP) ile ilgili sorunumuz devam ediyor. En son yaptığınız düzeltme sonrası amp ana sayfada herhangi bir içeriğe tıklandığında 404 hatası veriyor. Lütfen gönderdiğim mailleri kontrol eder misiniz.

2. Deskop görünümde PC den görünüm sitede istediğimiz kadar Ana kategori ekleyemiyorum site bozuluyor. Masaüstü bilgisayarda fazla kategori eklenince bozulma oluyor. Ana Kategorilerde bir sınırlama mı var?

Hi mate, sent you a message through support button. Would you mind if you take some time to answer it. Kind regards.

The author does not answer questions for a very long time. I’m tired of waiting for the answer.


Gokzi Purchased

Hi there mate, sent you login details. But since you havent been replying, did some research and fixed the problem i had with redirecting to installer, and not working without index.php/ in the url. I did some adjustments in the .htaccess file. However as I am working on configuring the site, i still can not manage to set up the SMTP. I read the documentation, followed it good, contacted even my hosting provider to confirm that those are the setttings. I am not able to recieve or send messages. The only setup that i was able to receive messages is when i set up the smtp host to smtp.myhost and port to 25. But in that set up i was only able to see the messages inside the contact form through the admin panel, but not in the email i set up as actual webmail and added it in the contact form settings. However, this wouldnt be a biggie if i was able to send messages back with this set up, but when i try to reply through the contact form it waits a bit and then spits some error. After running chromes developers console while trying to send, it does show 500 server error inside the console. I tried another set up, with auth.smtp.myhost and port 587 with tls enabled and driver smtp, and with that set up spits error too, and also shows 500 in the console. So however i have created FTP account for you to login and have a look, already texted the details to you through support, but will repeat you might need that. Login have a look at the .htaccess in /public to see the changes, and if you might need admin details from the buzzy itself let me know. At the moment the SMTP is set to the second set up, auth.smtp.myhost pot 578 etc.

Will appreciate if you respond quickly, since im way behind with the website work, because of this small technical troubles.

Kind regards


Gokzi Purchased

Just to let you know i fixed the issue.

I like you script very much. I would like to customise the pages and icons. Would you be guys be able to do that for me?

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GameFAQs Purchased

Do you make a game template for gaming sites?

did you get my email yesterday,need it please,thank you