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Nice! What’s with a rotation at 90 degrees? Is it possible to flip the book at the horizontal axis?


There is no such function.

Suport PDF files?


You need to convert pdf to jpg.

Thank You! Just what I was looking for. Emailed author with question, and received a quick reply.


How to load pages 1 by 1. I have 200 pages and when i start visiting it starting loading all pages. I want to load pages from first page and so on…

The problem with Page Loading, u mentioned in description that u are loading first 7 pages in memory, but it is loading from LTR and when i use RTL attribute it is still loading Last page at first, Now it should load First page from RTL.

For example i have 200 Pages and i am using RTL option and it is loadign my first page at very last. after loading complete flipbook. It should load my first page First. This is the problem, hope u understand.

Send me a private message and provide a link to the project.

Hi, When I enter the webpage, I want to see cover (first page) on the center of page. How can?


This is not possible. It requires custom coding.

with your plugin can i add dynanimc content?? i want to implement to www,nopcommerce.com when a user clicks on the category show data or on the pagin about 10 products..

Hi I Just purchased the script and I need to use the book flip from Right To Left instead of Left to Right,

How can customize the script??


See the documentation – title “Configuration” and variable “rtl”.


How can I deactivate on the Entry page: the About and the 1st image. I basically want a double-page for start.


Sorry. There is no such function.

Business FlipBook -jQuery pre sales

where to put the images and content , does it has a backend?

or we need to create the folder and uplaod the images and pages ,Pls advise what all can be used jpg, xls , doc etc , so we upload these to the folder and in the same sequence that we wish to see and then point the folder to this application ?


You asked the same question by email. I replied by email.

HI how do I insert a youtube movie in a precise position of the page? can I link to an image to open a fancybox with the image Enlarged? thanks!


Youtube opens up the entire screen of the book.
Book has not been tested with fancybox.

Will this properly display a 8.5” (width) x 5.5” (height) booklet?


You can change the dimensions of the page.

I need to add hotspot (mapped) links to a page. I am using the responsive style but when the page resizes the hotspot is in the wrong place. Is there any way to add hotspots or links on a full page image?


This requires custom coding. If you need custom coding – send me an email.

HI, I have a question before buying this, how do I load the content? From a PDF? please explain, thx.


This FlipBook there is no support for PDF.
You need to convert pdf to jpg files with this tool:

hi i would like to get this template, but before that i want to ask you that. i need this book to be flip from back side to front.

hope you may know that arabic people read from other way around. can we do that easily ?


This function is available – reverse flip book for the eastern countries.


We would like add sound effect for page turns (clicks), is it possible?



Impossible – requires custom coding.

Very disappointed – version 4 of turn.js is required for most of the features in the demo which is another $99 – and even then there seems to be so much coding required that it’s just as easy to use turn.js directly instead of this. Waste of money in my view.


I do not agree.

FlipBook requires only libraries turn.js 3rd release.
This library is free to personal use and it is available for free.

My FlipBook does not work with turn.js 4th release
( so please do not enter any other buyers in confusion )

pls help me to install it. I’ve already uploaded the turn.min.js file into my wp-includes/js folder. Then I uploaded the Business FlipBook – jQuery folder into my wp-content/plugins folder. But I can’t see the plugin in my wp-admin dashboard.


Could you please help solve following problem? When I look at demo themplete at envatomarket and resize the brower, images also very nice resizing and look similar even at big ar small display. When I intall plugin into my draft page and resize the brower to smaller display, images do resizing like at demo version. When display come smaller I cannot see edges of images. Where is the problem?

Here you can see the draft of the page: http://test.design-formula.co/assets-restoran/menu/edienkarte.html#book6/page1

Sorry for mistake – image DO NOT resizing like at demo version


FlipBook has support for turn.js version 3 (you have used version 4).

Hi! Super! Thank you for the quick response. I put turn.js version 3 and problem was solved