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it`s not good

thank you, maybe you can share your though on what can improve

I think he is a fan of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iznogoud and would tell us all : )

My thoughts are going to: It’s a great time robber. Maybe you can ad some lvls which mix the options.

Cheers and glws,

thanks, the current game already increase the ingredients for each levels, plus the timer for difficulty.

Great Game! Love the design.

thank you

Can I change the title?

the title is an image, you can replace it easily

No mute button. Are you kidding me ?

Just like you saw in preview link and screenshots, no mute button

The game got hidden on top and bottom. I check with an iphone 4S latest version.

are you using Safari browser?

For iOS safari browser, there is no work around for the moment to auto hide address bar when come to landscape view. Although you can hide it by scroll down or rotate it, but canvas touch screen disable the scroll event so you can’t scroll up down to hide address bar.

No mute button ?

no mute button, but maybe will add in next update

Hi! I bought other games from you, made with the same framework, and they worked fine locally. SO I bought this one. Only to find the comment on your .doc that it won’t work locally due to a “security issue”.

Please fix it. I need it to run locally. I am embedding it into a webview on Android, and your game just starts the music, places the background image and stops there.

I would also suggest that you include that limitation of this particular game, on it’s description.

Thanks for your support.

Version 1.2 for Burgermaker should work on local now

Hi, I would like to see the ingredients change position with every burger built. It gets a bit easy and repetitive as you can easily remember where they are. Also – mute button would be good. Cheers.

Too many random position will confuse user especially for the first time user, I think adding more ingredients by adding more button will be more appropriate.

Mute button is added since version 1.1

Two questions Is there anyway i can integrate banner ads on the load and end game pages? also, Can i adjust the timer ?

the current game doesn’t have the placeholder for banner ads, but you can place the banner if you know html coding. Yes you can adjust the game timer.

who do i adjust the timer and what will it cost to customize for banner ads…

default timer value is 3 sec for 1 ingredient, total timer is multiply by total ingredients, timer will become faster each round and all this value can be change easily in settings

i use safari browser and there is no sound at all. can you enable sound for safari browser? i want to buy this awesome game

Hi, Make sure you update your browser to the latest version, as for iOS safari currently there is no fix for sound play.

Hello waht SIZE in MB has the game ?

the game is below 2MB

A question: Is it possible to remove the names of the ingredients? Just to make it more educational?

A suggestion: You could start with 4 ingredients and then increase the number of ingredients at each level.

Thanks for your suggestion.

All the ingredients are load from images, you can remove it easily.

I have edited the images of the ingredients and it doesn’t look right on the start screen. Where can I edit the start screen to make it not load the ingredients and just be the image?

P.S. Great game and easy to edit!

How can I make the ingredients not flip?

disable or remove the code line146 below in game.js


Excellent. Thank you for your speedy feedback.

Hi nice one, but please, I have a small question, can I save the score in a database using php??. THX

on front-end can provide the js function to save score, but not the server side

nice game, when in portrait mode, it shows “rotate…” but after rotating it cannot be played.

may I know what phone you using? and when in landscape mode what did you see?

Hi demonisblack, samsung s4, stock browser. i checked again, it didnt happen. maybe it only happens chrome ( desktop) using develepor tools mobile view. on mobile phone it works as expected. Thanks for your response.

if using Chrome dev tools, just make sure to reload the page when you switch to landscape mode.

Hello, i have a question, on iphone using safari the share buttons doesn’t work

The latest version should fixed the issue

so i’ll buy it, thanks

how can I increase the time the user has before the game ends? ‘time left’ in seconds number?

Sorry to bother you… I found it! :)

Glad you got it solved!

This game is entirely TOO CUTE!!!! Question. How many rounds will it go? Is it for a set time or until the player get’s the order wrong?

Thanks, the game timer will shorten each round until user impossible to complete.