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Preview does’nt work on Chrome and IE 10.

I know i wait new upload because problem from nevato i dont know why thanks for your information

Well i was going to add the same great idea you get it working you got a sale

Ok in this moment work if you want see!!! Thanks

only 3d slide works.

i will buy it if it auto generates the html for the slide from images in a folder so i don’t need to add it manually.

also, most of the time the preview thumbnails are not displaying, just grey boxes.

Hi images are added in this js code, where you can also add links.. after adding the name of your picture, you can update the images in the folder…. setTimeout(function () { m3D.init( [ { src: ‘photo1.jpg’, url: ’#’, title: ‘jump to random script’, color: ’#000’ }, { src: ‘photo2.jpg’, url: ’#’, title: ‘jump to random script’, color: ’#000’ }, { src: ‘photo3.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo4.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo5.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo6.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo7.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo8.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo9.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo10.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo11.jpg’, url: ’#’, title: ‘jump to random script’, color: ’#000’ }, { src: ‘photo6.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo1.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo5.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo2.jpg’ }, { src: ‘photo16.jpg’ },

}, 500);

the gray box is desired, not charge all images

I hope you are giving some of the money to because this file is exactly from his website. And his copyright statement says you can’t sell it.

Sorry but you neet to read better and i speak with Gerard Ferrandez and the license its free and in any case this is a remodeling adaptable to sites responsive… First the write any question, please inquire best

Ok….great. I know he does request you have to leave his name in the code. And as you didnt mention him in you description, I wanted to ask. And of course sharing any profit is always the right thing to do! But I am glad you contacted him. He does amazing work, and should get more credit and funds to support his work!


How do I do auto-rotation? I want to buy this now if we can do auto-rotation.



Hi, auto- rotation for what? you want photo rotation?

Yes, images need to rotate one by one automatically.

but one by one whene you call for zoom

Yes, should zoom automatically. For example, if there are 5 images, image 1 should come up with the zoom, followed by 2, 3, 4 and 5. Then repeat 1 to 5 cycle.

how i can put images in wordpress loop?

Sorry i need to see for wordpress, i m in holiday come back 6 octobre

hi, so great! I would buy this slider but I wonder if I could integrate this slider in my index.html thanks

Hi ghost00 of course you can integrate it in your index it s easy if you have a problem contact my Thx

This is an impressive piece of work. The results can be very eye-catching, and certainly get the attention of the viewer. You can see my result at

The developer was responsive and made every effort to help me get the result I wanted.

I would say that this solution is best suited to someone familiar enough with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to be able to strip out unwanted code and adjust parameters such as image paths and timing. It is unlikely to work for a specific user straight out of the box.

if you need the help need only to conract my and i help you thx

I found that images will be overlay if the image size is “1920×1080”. Would you please fix it before i purchase for a license?

sorry for long waith but this day im full work, so i search the solution for you and answer

i have solve the problem myself, thanks.

Is there possibilities to add caption?

Hi yes need to add this code : src: ‘photo1.jpg’, url: ’#’, title: ‘jump to random script’, color: ’#000’, when charge the image, and possible to modify the font and rest with class #urlInfo but not work al top with automatic slide

I connected the slide to a site in html and with my mac as a server works fine, just load the files with FTP server host my domain at the slide does not work, as you can?

Ciao write my one email with your url domain and i search to see the problem Regards

in this moment the page it is not on line … the problem it is the pictures …. the structure it is aviable …but the images of slide not aviable ….this problem only on line ….in local server it is all okkey ….this is a mistery

try to see with chrome developer tools and write my the error

Hello. I just purchased this plugin but wordpress does NOT load the zip !! Any suggestions plese ??

Hi this not is the section WP application, this sis javascript app so no build in WP you need to integrate, regards

heyyy i liked ur slider but one thing in the 3d slider automatic is there a way to make the slider width 100% on the screen thanks

Hi yes i think need to management the css or you do the automatic in the slider background

Hi, We just purchased Bugibba slide and trying to use it we found out that there is a file missing: iview.packed.js We also like to know where the object m3D is located? Please let us know the answer to those questions to the Email: Thanks, Eyal

The file iview.packed.js i dont find where it s called i dont think need.

for the m3D you find inside JSmoveimg.js or JSmoveImgbackground.js depend type you use

Best Regards Alessio

Hi, is the iview video option Vimeo only, or does is there also youtube code available?

I did already in stylesauto but not in style, apparently, thx.

So now it stops at 5 and the last one is a tad cut off

I m sorry but i dont understand i see only 5 video but the last two i dont see because you put the height:500px