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Hi, seem like a great app. Just one question I have tho. Can I run this app in a way that users are able to create and manage their own budget as well as adding and inviting others to join their group/team? For example, let’s say I want to run it as an online budget managing app where users can sign up, create their own group or team, add co-workers or team members to their management as well as be able to create and manage budget with in their team. Can that happen? Thanks

Hi lotsonj, Thanks for your comment ! Unfortunately this app is not intended for such operations. I was thinking if I could include that features in the next update, however the core of this app is intended to handle one manager to users relations. BTW I hope I’ll start working on next budgets related and more complex app soon. Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.

Okay cool, thanks for your quick response. Looking forward to that soon. I am having some ideas, do you offer customization in case I wanted addition work on the app?

Hi again, sure I can help you customizing the app. Let me know your ideas and we can discuss. p.s. If its comfortable for you, you can email me. Thanks for your interest.

Incorrect email or password. Please try again.

Hi palenie, I think your comment is regarding demo user credentials. I’ve updated just now, you can try once more. :) Thanks for notice!

Good works.. :)


Hi! Is it possible to add a feature where the administrator could export all invoices within a specific date (for example 1 march – 31 march) as PDF’s?

Hi JDahlbom, I think that feature is already included. Administrator (manager) can go to the Transactions page and using “Create Report” you’ll get all transactions list in PDF. If you want more specific feature, sure I can customize app for you. :) Thanks!

Hi there,

I’ve tried my best to follow your instructions, but I still get a 500 internal errorwhen I change the htaccess file to the working directory. the files are in a folder call BControl off of the root of my domain. here is the htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|assets|files|favicon\.ico) RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /BControl/index.php/$1 [L]


Thanks in advance :)

Hi elisaseg !

Here is my suggestions for start, 1. Can you try making the app to work from the root directory (public_html)?

Are you working on local environment/online server or shared hosting? For the faster and effective support I suggest you to send us your server (ftp) info to our email and we’ll do our best to figure out what’s wrong.

Best Regards!

Great program. Question. I have a budget that has particular line items. Say I create a main budget (as it currently does). And I add an expansion specifically for donuts for $200. I want the user to choose donuts, see that there is $200 in that particular budget, and only be able to choose 200 from that budget. I also want the ability to add(expand) that particular line item called donuts with additional money. I also want an approval system for when someone submits there transaction.

Sorry for that. :( I think the approximate price for that custom mods will be nearly $230-260. Anyway, I’m submitting your list in possible features for the next release and if we start working on next version, we’ll try to include them!

Can’t wait… but I will wait till then. not worth it.

Thanks for your support! Contact us if you have any questions.

After adding uploading the data and putting the sample data, correctly the .htaccess file for the correct sub folder i get the message “File not found.” Please can you help?

Hi and thanks for your comment! Unfortunately we’ll need more info to help you solve the problem. Could you try one more time to clean install/config exactly as described in documentation? If problems persists please contact at and provide us with the server information to access the actual code. BTW next update with some new features is on its way.

Can you help me run this please?

Sure, whats the problem? If you’d like, we’ll install it for you. Just send us server info at

sent you an email. Hope to hear soon!

Just replied. :) Hope we’ll solve it soon.

I’ve tried to install but when run it i get this error message:

The requested URL /en was not found on this server.

version and email, please…

v.11 I think its latest email:

thank’s for all your support that are great and fast!

Hello – Does this script allow SSL secure log ins? Thanks!

Hello jwnoble! Not tested, however it should work with proper config. Let us know if you need further support.

Hi there! How do you delete transactions? Also, would it be possible to generate a full budget report with detailed transactions (just like the reports for individual transactions)? I’m about to purchase this app yet I’m in need of those two features!

Hi dantetdc! We are going to submit a minor update with some fixes this weekend. As you asked, we’ll gladly include detailed transactions feature in reports. Unfortunately, not sure on deleting transactions. Its a bit more complex. I can’t promise, but we’ll discuss that and if it doesn’t take too much time we will include that feature too. Thanks for your interest!

dantetdc, update is available. Includes detailed budget reports and transaction deletion feature. Let us know if you have any questions. Have a good day!

Great script. I’m having a problem. The name of one of my budgets is “[CR2 – Resolution 15-22-P] – Large diameter shaft observation”. The admin can create this and everything loads fine, but when I have a user try to log in, there must be an error because I’m right back at the login screen. I’ve fiddled with the name and it works with “l d” and it sees the words diam or diameter or something cause the error. Can you please take a look? Maybe there’s a limit to the number of budgets per group?

I think so… but I can’t be sure. There are 14 budget items that seem to load just fine, but then it freaks out. Would you like login data?

Just tested and it seems to work fine on a clean install. Is you installation online? I could check it. You can email us at

Hi, a pre-sale question. Users can register and have their own account / budget?

Hi, users can’t register themselves. User accounts are created from admin (manager area) and budgets are also assigned to them by admin (manager).

Great !! GLWS


Hi, great script. it’s possible to generate an approval workflow? Thank you, best regards!

Hi Midoriauto, unfortunately there is no such feature. Thanks for your interest.

Hi NiskoCode, Nice script. Was just testing it out but see that downloading CSV gives empty values and the transaction filter doesn’t work. Any update possible as I was going to purchase?

Also how do you edit transactions?

Hi dapro, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately this version doesn’t support editing transactions. Regarding the CSV and Filter, just make sure you enter the dates that include at last one transaction.

Hi Author, really nice script.

A pre-sale question, Is there an option to change the currency symbol and also replace the “digit grouping format” ? I mean this script is for users that using dollars en/us format. I want to use this script for currency in my country, Indonesia. We use the Rp or IDR symbol, and the digit grouping format is slightly different from en/us format.

for example :

- en/us using $ 1,500.00 << it’s using coma for digit grouping symbol and using .00 suffix

- Indonesia using Rp 1.500 << it’s using dot for digit grouping symbol an not using .00 suffix

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I have described above. Please kindly reply to my comments.

Thanks & Regards, Rachel

Hi rachel_ang, yes you can easily change currency symbol from the settings page. Regarding the format, its also easy change and I can do it for you.