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Hi Can you use this for the main menu on a site? Can I add the word ‘Menu’ to the button. Can I control the size of the icons?


Hello. You can not add the word ‘Menu’ to the button, only for item. You can not control the size of the icons

Hi, greetings from Mexico, i’m on troubbles, i paid for bubble menu pro but it don´t works on my site

i need help

Hello. The page not load

mi license dont work help please 107846e7-1352-485f-b2e3-8a5fbe2dc368


Please, check your license key for Bubble Menu Pro

Hi, How many websites i can use by one purchase? also is that plugin support RTL on the sides and the text and languages ?

You can use one site. One site – one license

Hello, this looks like what I’m looking for, but I have a few pre-sales questions to make sure:

1) In the comments for “Float menu pro”, you mention that the look/design of the popup cannot be changed – is this still true? Can I change it via CSS (not a problem for me)? If not, as Moxymore asked above, can I call a modal popup created with another plugin with its shortcode?

2) Can the open and close icons be different?

3) Can the open/close animation be turned off?

4) Can the buttons be round (it’s what I need… and can’t see it on the demo page)? It says four different shapes, but only three are demoed – maybe the fourth is round?

Thanks for any help!


Sorry, but this plugin has not a modal window

Sorry I’m back again, because reading the descriptions fro the two plugins I’m still confused (the live demo do NOT demo all features, so we’re left in the dark trying to understand if the plugins do what we need or not.)

What I want is a “bubble”-type menu which will display three buttons. All three buttons would open popups, like in your float-menu-pro pluging.

I know this plugin can do it, as shown in the screenshots found here: - -

So the questions become:

1) can I do the same thing (open popups) with Bubble-Menu-Pro?

2) if YES, will the popups be built-in like for float-menu-pro, or do I need to use a shortcode from another popup builder (which would be OK for us)?

3) if NO, then can I simulate this with float-menu-pro, using for instance the expanding bubble-like menu on the right hand side of the demo page (the first button opening the set of social icons: see the top bubble in the image; could I replace the social icons with anything, including a popup call?

You can insert popups via other plugin and open them via bubble menu

Is the “Bubble Menu Pro” only for WordPress? Or do you provide the js, css, HTML?

Sorry, bu no


I wonder if it’s possible to have each page a different button?

Is it possible to appear only after entering the password of the page?

I used the free version. and when I enter the page with password it appears. I would like it to appear after you have set the password.


Hello. Yes it’s possible

Are you still updating Bubble Menu? Perhaps it doesn’t need any updates for compatibility but it’s been over a year without an update.

Hello. The plugin works good with the last version of the WordPress. We will plan to update the plugin and add a new function soon

Just bought Bubble Menu Pro, but my license key is not getting activated. I get “An error occurred, please try again.” Please help