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Hi. Great job.

2. Questions.

1. Do the css assets load only when your plugin shortcode is detected so there is no extra asset loading on pages where breadcrumbs are not used?

2. I see you’re loading font awesome from your plugin. Since this is Visual Composer, couldn’t you just call Visual Composer’s Font Awesome file instead to make your plugin lighter and potentially avoid your Font Awesome call and VC’s Font Awesome call?

Definitely a nice, useful, unique plugin. Will purchase soon :)

Wordup!!! Appreciate it. Can’t wait to purchase for sure. Thanks WWPixels. Envato might not push the update till Monday now :/ lol but it’s ok. this is for sure a purchase for me anyway. Thanks for the quick turnaround and update about it. :) #StayCool

The update is already up.


Hi. Question. What is the shortcode syntax like of your plugin? Would you give me a a few examples? I want to see if I can easily map the shortcodes into my page builder because I don’t use VC anymore.

Hi there,

Do you have a live demos of Layouts (screenshot 3 of 7)? How do they look like?



P.S. Plugin’s idea is great!


Here you can find a live demo with all layouts: http://workingwithpixels.com/breadcrumbs-visual-composer/examples


No problem! Thanks for your interest.

Will your plugin automatically sets up on any theme or I have to manually define the place on every page where i wish to show the breadcrumbs.

Regards, R


This is a visual composer plugin, meaning that you can manually add it on any page or post type that is using visual composer.

Thanks for your interest.

Can i use a shortcode to display it as a widget too?

Visual Composer is based on shortcuts.

You can’t use it in widgets by default, but if you add a breadcrumb on a page and switch to classic mode – text, you can find the shortcode used by the plugin – so you could add it on a widget.

Let me know if you need further information.

How can I get the breadcrumbs to behave as links?

Thanks for purchasing.

What do you mean?

Hi WWPixels, great job :-) I’ve a pre-sale question: Is it possible to add Schema.org – structured data to the breadcrumbs?

Hi, thanks for your interest. By default you can`t add structured data.

I`m not really familiar with Schema.org, but do you have an example that could apply to a breadcrumb?

Very useful plugin, great support team!

Thank you, Stefano!


No, sorry.

Hi, your plugin works fine with Visual Composer and it’s really user-friendly. Good job.

I would like to know : how to add your dynamic Breadcrumb directly in my PHP template page for wordpress. For some pages I want to have a fixed Breadcrumb it will be always showed without needing to add it in Visual Composer. What’s the correct syntax to do it.

Thanks in advance, Best regards.

Hi, James

There is no easy way to add these breadcrumbs without visual composer and I do not recommend doing it.

But if you still want to do this, you can configure the breadcrumb as you wish and then switch to Classic Mode / Text view and search for wwp_vc_breadcrumbs

You will find the shortcode that needs to be added in WP using <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wwp_vc_breadcrumbs]’); ?>, where wwp_vc_breadcrumbs would be the code you copy from the text view. Please note that you will have to copy the entire section that starts from there, with all options.


Thank you very much, it was exactly what I wanted and it works for me. Great plugin, I recommend this.

Is the plugin work with bbpress, buddypress, post, page , woo? Ater setting, will it get style auto when i create page, OR handly create breakcrum for every single page?

Hello and thanks for your interest in Breadcrumbs for Visual Composer!

This is a visual composer add-on. If the page/post is using visual composer, you can use it.

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks i got it

Found a possible bug: when you do a search in your wordpress site, in the search results the following is displayed before the search results (with pages where the breadcrumbs are added): #breadcrumb-58de4749779b6 li::after { font-family: FontAwesome; content: “” }

Is there a fix for that?


Let me know what is not working.


At the screen settings in the backoffice, no excerpt setting is shown, nor does it show automatically at pages in the backoffice.

Can you please provide demo credentials to check this? Drop an e-mail at office@workingwithpixels.com



would be nice to get the ticket answered or at least show a reaction.

Still having issues with the breadcrumb not reacting responsive.

Thank you.


We are still having some issues with our e-mail system. I will check the ticket website manually tonight.

Also, please note that this plugin is not 100% responsive and if you have issues on smaller devices regarding font-size and small aesthetics, we did not treat those cases in particular.


Very well. Thank you for your “support”. NOT! So why are you claiming in first place it is responsive and then it’s not. That kinda sucks pretty bad. Thanks for nothing.


There is no information claiming that this plugin is 100% responsive.

Also, you don`t seem to have an active licence for it.


I am writing in behalf on my client, who bought your plugin. I could crawl out an email by you claiming it should be responsive. However…. I see your tactics and your behavior. It’s bad and really unprofessional.


I would love to see that e-mail in which I claim that this plugin is 100% responsive. You can now forward it to office@workingwithpixels.com

Other than that, I never said that I won`t help your client out. I just said that no one claimed that this plugin is responsive and once I solve my e-mail server issue (which is now solved), I would take a look on your client ticket and see what the issues are (I`m not a css expert, I just know basic stuff).


For SEO will the breadcrumbs show up in google?


I did not used google schema at all. I’m not sure if google would recognise the breadcrumbs by itself.


Hi, i just purchased this plugin and tested the static breadcrumb on my website. It works great.

However, i would to ask if you guys can include the structure data markup for breadcrumbs on this tool?

So that i does improve the onpage seo and can be validated by the google structured data feature for SERP.

Any plans to include this improvement? If not, can i request for a custom change request to include it?


I would take a look on this and let you know.


Dear Support,

Breadcrumb has bugs on my page and I wrote to support but nobody is answering to my questions for too long time so I have decided to write here.


check this page Custom mode -> shows bad design only triangle theme looks messy in custom mode

Dynamic mode -> doesnt show all path to the page all themes doesn’t show full path in Dynamic mode

Please help or suggest why does this happen ?

Kind regards, Ticket #531288


Please send an e-mail at office@workingwithpixels.com with WordPress credentials.


Hey, presales Question:

Is it possible to use the breadcrumps sticky? My plan is to have a row under the header. In this row i want to put the breadcrums. The header is sticky, the breadcrumps should be too – is that possible with your plugin?


If the div you are adding the breadcrumbs to is sticky, the breadcrumbs would get its “parent” behavior also.


Is it possible for you to add a custom css class field. Most visual composer content blocks have this.

For example I need to add a new css class to the breadcrumbs to turn font white.


Hello, the breadcrumbs already have a class that you can easily target: .wwp-vc-breadcrumbs

Hi, thanks for your help.

I’m trying to center the breadcrumbs so they appear in the middle of the page. I’ve tried margin:auto and text-align:center and align-content:center

Nothing seems to be working. Please can you point me in the right direction

p.s. I notice in the inspector that your css class has a blank space at the end … so it’s like this … ol class=”wwp-vc-breadcrumbs ”....

Is that an issue?

hello there, Is this is the support that you provide? It has been nearly 15 days since I opened the ticket. But there is nothing from your side. My ticket No. is 306662. Can you please look into my issue and solve it.


I never got notifications for your ticket. I responded now. You can also use office@workingwithpixels.com if you have any other issues.


Again there is no response from your support system. My ticket no. is #537371

You should try e-mail me if you got no answer, as I previously said. I responded on your ticket, thanks.