Discussion on Boxes Physic

Discussion on Boxes Physic

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Good luck with your sales

hi, How to change the time challenge. I want to change it from 5 to 10 second. help please. thanks

hi , please send me via email , I will support on it, regards

if you can give me intel xdk output,i will buy.

hi, please contact me via email,I will support on it, Regards

What is your email address ?

ok, i send a message frrom your profile. should i send a email to ?

Hi, I bought the game! But Concerned about creating new levels? Could you please guide me or instruct me on how I can add more levels in it. Thanks

hi, for about creating new levels, If you have ideas, I will make it for you. because you need to have knowledge about contruct to do it,please contact me via email for more information. Regards

Demo link not working.

hi, Its still working fine, can you try again on another browser? and whats the error you get?

The page is not available. Connect to interrupted (Opera, Chrome, FF, LG l90.

Is the demo working ? I always get “This webpage is not available”

sure, it’s working, please try again, on Codecanyon some time we need “remove frame” on the corner right , or you can try directly here:

For desktop version: For Mobile version:

best regards, hope you like it

Where is the html files to put on my website? most games i buy on code canyon have everything ready to go.

thx for purchase, please send me an email I will send immediately for you, regard

Hi,I bought this game.Thank you. but, when i enter a level and play or not, then click back, the level complete with 3stars.and next level will be open.!!!

I have just updated, please check your email, and the new version will updated on codecanyon too. thx alot for your purchase and feedback.

Yes, the problem solved, thank you.

Hi, I bought this game. and it’s cool. best regards.

I purchased this awesome game but the capx file won’t open because a “Chrome Console” plugin is missing – in addition, there is no HTML folder included. Can you help? Thanks.

thx a lot for purchase please send me an email I will send to you plugin immediately

Sure, what email address do I send to?, just please contact via my profile to be sure. you will see contact from on the right

Thanks for adding STAR system but don’t you think it has become too difficult now? sometimes, it does take some time to remove all GREEN boxes but as time finishes before a user removes them – it shows LEVEL Failed message. In my opinion – if user out of the time limit but still able to finish the game then he should get no stars. Otherwise rest of your star rules works.

yep, I understand about that, I know, personally, the game more difficult make user more “crazy”, they can restart level, that mean next time they try to do better, but with your oppinion is right too, and if you want ,its very simple to change, I setup a variable limit time for each, just expand the time to failed, but I think we need the limit time even it so long, and this limit time is a option, so if you want just send an mail with some text for me via contact on Codecanyon i will send to you the version which you say (faster more than wait approve from CC, some time they take few day), it really simple. thx al ot, feel free to contact me, sorry for late at the weeken too

Hi Devzoom,

Many thanks for promptly improving this already fabulous game! CC just approved a new version and I downloaded it. Have you forgotten to inlude the html5 folder in the package? I’m afraid many of the buyers here don’t really know how to mess up with C2 to export their own html5 files. So, please include that. Also, has the version already contained all the improvements you mentioned above or the newest version is still waiting for approval?

hi guesswhat, the version they approve is the last version, and for html5 export just please send me some text via email on contact, I will send to you immediately, it faster to wait 1 or 2 day from codecanyon. sorry for late at this weekend, feel free to contact me if you need customize some special for you, i will try to support best

I have just updated all the sugession and fixed some issues, add background music, setup “Star system” and “auto level failed”, so the concept is, on each level we have limit time to play, if ou of time the “level failed”, if you complete level before limit time, you get Star:, minium time is 3 star…then if more time you get “2” star, “1” star, could be 0 “star” if finish before limit time.

so, let try to play again, the new source will auto notify by codecanyon after they review in during 2 day, thx alot for purchase and feedback

I bought this game. If each level failed. Game should be restarted level.

thanks for purchase, in fact this kind of game, with the play mode like that we dont have auto failed level, when we cannot continue, we tap “Restart” button by ourself, I play many game like that, but Im updating pointing system and included auto level failed too, almost finish, we will have new source soon. thx alot.

Just bought the game. No doubt it is a great game. It would be real awesome if you incorporate few changes such as: 1) background music: either it is not there or not working 2) tap or click sound 3) point or star system: if user is able to complete a game with minimum steps may be assign him/her 3 stars? 4) same screen size issue mentioned by “guesswhat”.

thanks for purchase, for the size, and sound I fixed today but waiting for Rereview from codecanyon, in during 2 day, you will have the update source, thanks for the suggess about star system, its great, I will check I and update in next few day, thx alot

This is a very good game. However, there are two issues: 1. the game is too small to play in phones. Can you please make it full screen or at least 50% larger in phones? 2. Using safari browser in iphone, all the sounds are missing.

Please fix two things and I’ll buy immediately! Excellent innovation onthe game!

Yep Thx a lot , I will check and fix it soon

hi guesswhat, I fixed 2 issues,the source have just submit and wait could be more one day for Rereview, but you can try to play again now on Live preview, thank you for your feedback.

and Note that: the game is design for landscape mode.

Excellent! Has just bought it and will be interested in seeing the point system update coming out as suggested by mainnike below.

demo link not working.

hi Mailnike, the link is working, could you try again, the both work well: and

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