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Hello I am trying to install this application in my mac book pro. i have mamp pro install so virtual host is not an issue. The issue is installation process. i am trying to install by using ./install.Unix.sh. because ./install.sh not working. and when it asking for db name , db user and db pass and i am giving everything correct. still its saying cannot connect to database.

Please help

Hello could you please reply. I need reply how to solve it. its urgent. otherwise i need cancel this purchase and find another solutions.

Sorry sagarsakar81, I’m on the holiday trip now, please check document site, other guys installed it okay. You can check install manually if you can not install via shell script file. Thanks

Dear, At the time of creating custom field, the rules are not being saved. Please fix the issue and send me the updated files asap. Thanks

Hi sagarsarkar81, Let me check it. Thanks!

Hello Botble, did you fix the custom fields issue?

Hi, It’s fixed.

Excellente update.

Hi. Very nice job you have done with botble. Do you have any e-commerce plugin for botble ? I saw that you have started something … Thank you

Yes, I’m working on it. Hope that I can release it soon, but now it is not stable yet. Thanks!

Hello Botble, I follow http://botble.readthedocs.io/en/latest/analytics/ to setup google analytic in admin dashboard. but after doing the proper analytic setup i am getting this error “Invalid service account JSON file.” what i found in /vendor/google/apiclient/src/Google/client.php in line 142 function loadServiceAccountJson, the $jsonLocation path is showing as ’/home/xxxx/public_html/config’ but the json file is located at ’/home/xxxx/public_html/config/files/analytics.json.

Please let me know how can i fix it.

Please update this key to .env file


If your JSON credential file is valid then it should works. Thanks!

Yes it working now. Thanks but in admin dashboard Traffic details are not showing anything. is there anyting i need to configure for that?

I think you need to wait your site has more visits. Then it will be shown.

are u kidding me ? there’s no user registration system !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the hell is wrong with you ?

Sure, I’m not implementing this feature because I don’t need it now. Thanks!

your clients need it you fucking moron

Where’s the user registration part of CMS? That’s called false advertisement if it’s not included

Additionally, how does one go to the ‘admin’ page. This simply returns a 404 on the latest download.

You need to get on updating things here and fixing bugs

Hi twhiting9275, Botble does not include user registration feature and I don’t mention it on item description.

And did you change “ADMIN_DIR” key on .env file? I checked and it’s still working fine from my side. Let check it again. Thanks!

That’s the entire POINT of a CMS. You need to stop advertising this as a CMS then, because clearly you’re lying


I sent you an email a few days asking if there was any documented process to upgrade.

I didnt hear back so I ask again here:

Is there any documented process to upgrade botble?


Hi colinflack, sorry but I didn’t get your email. I will update it soon. Normaly, you just need to update folder /core then run “php artisan vendor:publish—force”. Thanks!

When will Bootstrap be supported? Thanks in advance

Hi gluegl, It worked with Bootstrap CSS already. Thanks!

Hi, does this panel support Laravel 5.4?

Hi dreicn, currently it is not support Laravel 5.4 yet. Thanks!

What version of laravel is this using?

Thank you but I love it.

I’m using Laravel 5.3.x. I will upgrade it on the next version. Thanks!

GLWS. You should add sitemap function.

@AhmetHakan, It has sitemap function already. You can check it here: http://cms.botble.com/sitemap.xml Thanks!


kuysoft Purchased


it’s so hard to install this script without ssh and i don’t know shell script. Please add more detail to install this script with demo to my website without shell script. I want to install it like wordpress www.yourdomain.com/install.php something like that. But you’ve written very complex things without detail information.

In addition I don’t know to use shell script. Please help me to install this theme with ftp cpanel not local host I’ve upluadded all the files to http://managle.com/ In addition i’ve created the database with cpanel and look it Phpmyadmin But i couldn’t install it i’ve watched installing video on youtube a lot of times but it’s hard to understand if you don’t know anything about shell script. So please help me to install it.


Hi kuysoft,

Shell script is just an option to help you install Botble easier. You can use it on your PC but almost hosting is not support it.

In this case, you can install Botble manually. Botble just likes others Laravel cms. You can follow below instruction:

1. Create .env file from .env-example.

2. Run “composer install” to get vendor packages.

3. Upload all source code to your hosting.

4. Update .env file with your configuration.

5. Chmod 777 storage, bootstrap and /public/uploads folders.

If you know Laravel basic, you can install it easy without shell script file.

If you can not install it, you can contact me via skype live:minhsang2603.

I can help you install it on your hosting but you need pay for me installation fee because your license is not include installation service.



cysonic Purchased

Hi botble, how to add images to a gallery?

Hi cysonic,

You mean gallery plugin?

I don’t understand what you say. Can your explain more or give me an image for your question.



cysonic Purchased

there’s a ‘Galleries’ menu at admin backend, I can create new galleries there. but I don’t know how to manage images of that gallery. can not find any link to add or modify images of some gallery.

Oh, images are uploaded here http://cms.botble.com/admin/media, You can manage it on media menu.

Hi, I purchased your platform and unfortunatelly I have a little problem. When I create a custom repeater field and I assign to a page and when I want to save that fields in the assigned page I get an error… Can you check please and fix that?