Discussion on Botble - Laravel CMS, CRUD generator, Modular & Theme system, Role permissions, Multilingual blog

Discussion on Botble - Laravel CMS, CRUD generator, Modular & Theme system, Role permissions, Multilingual blog

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Can i use only api to all functional or feature for frontend, so i can use react or vue as a frontend?


It doesn’t have full API for now. You need to write more APIs to adapt your frontend theme.

Check our available API here:

Hi Dears, I want to purchase for 59 USD. Then, I want to develop module of real estate on it and want to upload that module on evanto as seller. Will it be a violation of copy write or I can do it with free of mind. Need your kind support on it.


If you just sell your plugin, don’t include our CMS version then it’s fine.

No issues with copyright.

Just note that it’s an add-on for Botble CMS.

Like this:

Pre purchase question: Do you have documentation for system development? How can new packages and extensions and templates be developed by ourselves and added to the system? Or how can the current facilities be personalized?

Can you provide the documentation for this as a PDF or similar in case need to make changes some time down the road and your docs site is unavailable?

NVM likely won’t be using this. Documentation does not apply to actually doing anything useful to this script.

Seems to work better modifying the default theme instead of creating one as per documentation.


Sorry, we don’t have a PDF version. You can save docs as HTML to check offline.

You have 2 options: create a new theme and do it from scratch or rename current theme and modify it as you want

Can I use Onedrive microsoft Auzre as storge like Amazone S3?


No, it’s not the same driver as S3. We don’t have any options to upload to OneDrive for now.

Pre purchase question: How can I handle your updates along with custom plugin/theme developments? any instructions to get updates without losing development?


You need to write new plugin in /platform/plugins and new theme in platform/themes.

Your custom theme & plugins won’t be overridden when updating to the latest version.

Hi, What security are taken to make it safe?

Does it goes through security test before every new release? Specially 3rd party libraries.


We did the best for security. You can try to test our demo site if it can be hacked.

How do I put a site created with Botble in maintenance? Is there a mod? Is it done by hand?


You can run command php artisan down

Or you can install this free plugin

Where is the cache time setting in use? @@


We will check and fix it.

I tried uploading .webp images but it showed that unable to read image from folder public/storage. When i checked the storage folder the image was successfully uploaded there but it was not readable in dashboard and frontend.


Please purchase our script first. Envato said that you didn’t purchase our Botble CMS.

If you have purchased it, make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version.

If it still doesn’t work, please create a ticket on our support center and give us access to your site to check it, our dev team will fix it for you.

omariba Purchased

changelog hasn’t been updated in a couple of months now.


You can check changelog in Admin -> Platform Administration -> System Updater.

Version 5.27.2

Fix media URL.
Add permission to manage license.
Improve menu.
Improve cache system (fix cache won't be cleared after translating data).
Improve performance.
Update libraries / third-party package to the latest version.

Version 5.27.1

Improve menu.
Improve UI.
Improve license activation.
Fix theme translations.
Improve plugin Backup.

Version 5.27.0

Add custom HTML shortcode.
Add text direction toolbar to editor.
Add option to add custom HTML to header, body or footer of page.
Add option to regenerate media thumbnails from admin panel.
Add memory limit & max execution time info to system information page.
Add option to add watermark for images in specific folders.
Allow to redirect all 404 requests to homepage.
Add DB index to some tables.
Handle error when activating license.
Fix multi-language for plugin Gallery & Custom Fields.
Fix image rotate issue when cropping thumbnails.
Fix media download on PHP 8.
Fix Admin RTL mode.
Improve contact form: add math captcha, blacklist words & domains to prevent spam mails.
Improve multi-language.
Update Ripple theme to use FontAwesome 5.
Improve dashboard widgets style & pagination.
Improve license system.
Improve admin bar.
Refactor code.
Update libraries.
Optimize queries.

omariba Purchased

thanks, are there plans to support laravel 9?

Not for now. Many of our customer hostings are only support PHP 7.x, Laravel 9 requires PHP 8.0 so we can’t upgrade to Laravel 9 at this time.

We will upgrade to Laravel 9 in the next year.

When I use the city search on the home page, the states come out, can I activate the city search, not the state?


We don’t have this option. We may have many cities with the same name, so it must come with the state.

Does this software belong to you?


Yes, it’s based our Botble CMS. But this theme is not developed by us.

I think our customer has customized it.

GOZFLY Purchased

Hello, we really love this software and we want to make use of it on our website, but we would like you to recommend me a developer who understands the Botble CMS and can integrate an HTML spreadsheet.


You can try to contact someone in this group

GOZFLY Purchased

Hello, We love your software. Do you provide the integration/creation service of a theme starting from a themeforest html package?


Currently, we are too busy with our products on Codecanyon so we can’t work on your project at this time.

Hi there, can I customize all of the source code?


Yes, we don’t encrypt source code so you can customize it as you want.

Our script is built based on Laravel 8.x and modular structure. All source code is located in folder /platform.


wazfar Purchased

Dear Team, am facing a lot of issues, i’ve created three languages but it is not registering inside DB. I need assistance


Please create a ticket on our support center and give us error details.

Give us access to your hosting too, our dev team will check it for you.

GOZFLY Purchased


We have one question and one issue.

Question: How can change the admin theme color or create a custom color admin theme?

Issue: We we try to create a frontend theme with the command, “php artisan cms:theme:create demo” we got a error “Command “cms:theme:create” is not defined.”


Please create a ticket on our support center , our dev team will support you.

Hello, by purchasing it, I will be able to use in two or three websites? I’m owner of 3 websites… Can I adapt it to many sites?


As the license rules, 1 license code just can be used for 1 site

So if you have 3 websites, you need to buy 3 licenses.

How do we use or activate seo schema for products front end


We don’t have products in this script. Rich schema is available in eCommerce scripts already. If you need ecommerce features, you should buy an eCommerce script, such as Hasa, Shopwise, MartFury…


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