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You have to update the changelog. Please

You have to update the changelog. Please

Hi @equipexq,

I’m updating document site.

Please wait for me a few days.


your suggested upgrade method in the docs is really not a good idea.

vendor:publish—force will overwrite loads of stuff that users don’t want to loose

But anyway using that upgrade method and the latest download breaks more things than I can be bothered to list – its not good :-(

Hi @colinflack, I’m updating document and upgrade script. It will be done soon. You can check new document here: http://docs.botble.com. Thanks!

Hi, will this script work on cPanel? thx

Yes, my demo is working on Cpanel. But “install.sh” can not work with cpanel, you need to install Botble on your PC then upload it to your host. Thanks!

You have to update the changelog for 2.2. Please

Hi @equipexq,

Changelog here: http://docs.botble.com/v/2.2/releases


I got this error when testing facebook login

Target [Botble\Base\Http\Requests\Request] is not instantiable.

My FB redirect uri is /auth/callback/facebook. Please check again, thank you.

Hi tanhn, I will check and fix it soon. For quickly support, you can add my skype live:minhsang2603. Thanks!

Hi @tanhn, Your Botble version is 2.0, you just need to upgrade to Botble 2.2. This bug is fixed already. Thanks!

How to install in a CPanel without shell rights this is the most common. I would appreciate your help.

The installation is very complex and full of complications, impossible in a subdirectory or hosting cpanel. I have seen other cms on laravel with installation in 2 minutes in any hosting. I do not want to value your work badly because I really liked his demo but because of his installation he does it for me impossible.

Hi Lealmar,

This is the basic installation for Laravel application, maybe you don’t have experience with Laravel.

Please add my skype live:minhsang2603 for quickly support. I will help you install it.


Thank you for your speed

Do you have an example for how to edit the contact form in your demo? Please provide the link.

Hi @scriptsgroup, You can test it here: http://cms.botble.com/contact.html Currently, you just can edit contact form by coding. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply.

I can code the contact forms, but I’m not the one that would be maintaining the site, and the person or people that would be maintaining the site aren’t programmers. Do you plan on adding some kind of form generator in a future release? If so, how long until that is done?

Also, how are the shortcode/contact form templates modified? Do you use a template that the shortcode [contact-form] references?

Is it possible to have multiple contact forms?

Do you have instructions on how to add additional shortcodes?


Hi scriptsgroup, I will improve contact form plugin in the near future but it is a low priority. Contact form just a simple plugin so it doesn’t have many configurations.

To add a new shortcode or modify [contact-form] shortcode, you can follow this document: http://docs.botble.com/v/2.2.1/shortcode

You can have many contact forms, even on a page.

This is the code for render contact form from shortcode.

     * @return string
    public function form($shortcode)
        return view('contact::forms.contact', ['header' => $shortcode->header])->render();

You just need to modify contact.blade.php to change the form.



Do you have documentation on creating new themes for your software?

Thanks, also i just noticed? Is there no user front end? just administration area?


This feature is not implemented now. I will add it soon.


Awesome, this will be huge.


Can I create my own application by creating my own data base. Also, Can i sell generated code as my own application botable.

Hi @sat2sql, I don’t understand your question. Can you explain it more?


Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!

Hi @ hectkott81, I don’t understand when you say “my wordpress registerred”.

Botble is built from Laravel, not Wordpress and the current version (2.2.1) is not have the front end user in default themes (ripple and newsTv).

If you are a developer, you can buy Botble and customize it.

If you’re not a developer, you should not buy Botble because it does not have the feature that you need.


can i add datatable in a form?

Hi @fullmetal_alchemist, I don’t understand what you mean. I’m using https://github.com/yajra/laravel-datatables, it’s so easy to customize.


when creating a form is it possible to add a datatable in the form. example you have an order form, there’s a section in the form where you can add products

Oh, sure, you can. You can easy to add it and if you can’t, I will help you.


Hi Botble, does it have a membership feature? Where visitors can sign up and login? and they will have like a simple profile page? Are you also going to add a forum or discussion? thanks in advance.

Wow! That will be great! Totally excited! Thanks for the info…

Wish the updating will also be like WordPress… This surely be the WordPress of Laravel…

You’re welcome


equipexq Purchased

Thanks for the excellent update and new doc.

You’re welcome!