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Hi, looks interesting. Good luck with sales.

thank you, :)


what is it for in detail please ? I can we use this ? Thank’s


Its a code generator for bootstrap. It will help you generator markup codes (html codes) for navigationbar and other bootstrap elements. So instead of manually typing navigationbar code, all you have to do is press a button, enter the menu items, press ok button and thats it, you will have a code.

It seems to be very nice ! Thank’s a lot for your answer…

your welcome :)


In this cut,copy,past is not working and save,saveas no filter type like .htm,.html some time the exe display error and close automatically

Thanks V.Srinivasan

Hi! Can you give me the details about the error?..

I can’t reproduce but when i get i will send u the screen shot. when we will get the updated one

please send me a screenshot once you receive the error and the steps to reproduce it.


Hi when can i except the updated version

Hi! Sorry for the delay, i was a bit busy with other work, but the next update is almost complete which include new features. Will upload it once im completely done testing it.


hi it more that 2 years over when can i except the latest version is not please share the code we can do

is there any video explain your application with some examples add

Just an FYI- I was checking out your software but didn’t get very far because ESET Smart Security blocks http://silentprojectsoftwares.com/bootstrap-code-generator/ as a potentially dangerous website and won’t allow me to open it whatsoever. I’m sure it’s some kind of mistake but I just wanted to give you a friendly heads-up in case you want to investigate how it got on their block list and/or try and get it removed because I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who uses ESET.

Sorry its just my site is currently down so the demo is not available.