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pre-buy question: Hi, I’m using Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin. I can put the flipbook icon with lightbox anywhere with the shortcode. I’m wondering how your plugin works and if I can use both. Also, if your plugin is compatible with visual composer.

Dumb question. Sorry. I found another plugin you made specifically for visual composer. Is it a standalone or I need both together? For the flipbook, I’m looking into yours. Which one is used into your demo ? Newspaper ? Can we personalize the icon cover or it’s automatically the 1st page of the book ? Can we change the size of the bookshelf icons, in your demo it’s always the same size.


If you want to open FlipBook as lightobox then you can use only these two of my flipbook:
( FlipBook must have “lightbox” features if you want to open as lightbox )

The picture on the Bookshelf is not the first picture of the Flipbook. The photo on the bookshelf may be different.

Hello, I just purchased this plugin. I love but I wanted to know if there’s a way to make the latest book added always appear first? I’m doing magazines so I always want the latest issue to appear first and the older to move as newer issues are added. Is there a way to do that?

thanks so much…

when is the next update? BTW I used your bookshelf program in this app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.buildapps.shonengiajin just in case you wanted to see how people are using it…

The update will be available in a few days.

What version of Wordpress and php version is required for the plugin. I download the free version but seems compatibility issue. Was wonder if i purchase it, will it have the same issue.

Also i am using Kleo Wordpress theme.

Please suggest so that i can make the purchase.


I always recommend using the latest version of WordPress. But the plugin also works with older versions WordPress.
After purchase you have 6 months of free support so do not worry :)

Does it work for audio books bookshelf, please?
Thank you.


Would you like to add a sound file to each book? You can easily do it. Set “Action for Image” to “text html”:
In WYSIWYG editor add shortcode to your mp3 player.

There needs to be an EASY WAY to REVERSE the order of the magazines on the bookshelf. If my magazine has 100 issues… people shouldn’t have to scroll through 100 issues to find the latest. The latest should ALWAYS APPEAR FIRST. THis is how a newsstand works with the latest always being displayed. We need an update that address this…

+1 – I second @tablazines request. We really need a way to keep the newest item first without having to manually enter the sequence number for every item. I would go so far as to say: if not selectable pr category, then newest first should be default.

Thanks for the comments. Update will appear in a few days.

Just updated to wordpress 4.9, I’m getting a “Undefined index: taxonomy in wp-content/plugins/wp_bookshelf/lib/structure.php on line 782 ” error. Since your plugin powers my app in the app store… I need some kind of fix ASAP as my app has been currently rendered useless


I checked it. After updating to WordPress 4.9 there are no errors. Send me a private message.

Just PMd you

It wasn’t the plugin.. something corrupted the database. I had to totally rebuild the site.


hdraye Purchased


Plugin throws an error for custom_colorpicker.js: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).


Send a private message and give me data for wordpress (host, user, password).

Dear SIr,

I bought: Bookshelf Wordpress Plugin and Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond. Now, I want to start FIRST using The Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond. The documentation is NOT complete. Could please send me the step by step guide.

I’ve Just installed my site as you can see on http://bse.ednovation.net BUT the Bookshelf can NOT emerge ???



Send a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password).


amegie Purchased

How do you add bookshelf titles and descriptions?



Title for image:

hei sir how do i use this plugin i am unable to use this can u show me a video or any help guide. i have installed it on wordpress but dont know how to use


Please read the documentation:
B ) Installation
C) Create Bookshelf
D) Adding image to Bookshelf
E) Adding Bookshelf to the theme ( shortcode )

If you still have a problem, send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password)

This isn’t working for me at all. I have two images added and they are stacked, full width with no title animation and no bookshelf at all. The documentation doesn’t go into configurations at all. What should I do?


Send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password)

How can I send a private message?