Discussion on Bookme - WordPress Appointment Booking Scheduling Plugin

Discussion on Bookme - WordPress Appointment Booking Scheduling Plugin

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FSSCC Purchased

Is the Google Calendar sync two way? Does Google Calendar import into the Bookme calendar in your website? Thank you

I found error after install plugin bookme pro

Create support ticket on

Hi i have purchased this product.. now i want to stop all booking from 17th of feb till april.. please let me know how can i do this ?

Please create a support ticket here



When is the next update? And what is on the roadmap?

Hi, i would to know for woocommerce payment, will the booking status automatically updated to Approved when user paid using woo gateway? Which woocommerce order status will auto mark the booking as Approved, Processing or Completed?

Yes, if the Woocommerce order is mentioned as completed, it will change the status of booking’s payment to completed.


hi i want to enable onsite for some services and paypal for others – can this be done?

This is not possible right now.


kilononi Purchased

Hello, i bought the plugin and after installing it i tried to add a service and select categories but i keep seeing undefined index in the duration drop down, and category too Please look into this

also where is the option to activate woo commerce payment?

kilononi Purchased

waiting for reply

kilononi Purchased

Hello, My ticket is still open. Has the issue been solved?

Please check your ticket.


Hi there! I need to reset my license – purchase code. Project moved to another domain. I need to register license on this new domain. Thank you very much!

its done.

can its work for multi vendor services project with WooCommerce

Not possible right now.


Hey there, haven’t seen a Bookme update since September. Is there one coming soon or needed? Just making sure it’s up to date with the latest WordPress. Thanks.

Yes, it’s compatible with the latest wordpress.


Alright just checking. Thanks

Hi there!

Can I use this plugin for example apartments/hotel booking? For example. User can choose Room 1 or Room 2. Both rooms can be booked for specific days (for example – check in 14pm, check out 10am).

Am I able to set this settings? Just specific number of days. Booking of room can be long from 1 day to x days long.

Or should I use another plugin for this? I know your plugin is rather for services/appointments, not for hotel booking.

Thanks for your answer!

Yes, this plugin for services and appointments.


can the customer cancel the appointment or reschedule the appointment?

Customer can cancel the appointment, but only the staff member can reschedule it.


How can customer cancel the appointment? Where is the cancel option? Please send us the full workflow of the cancellation setup in the backend and also how a customer can cancel from the frontend?

You can enter a cancellation url in the booking email, customers can cancel the booking via this url.

Check the admin demo for more details.


Hi, are there any plans to add extra paid addons to services to the booking process?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available.


Hi I have a Directory website, like a yellow page, where different users can open an account and post their business details. 1. I would like to know how suitable is this pulgin in this scenario? 2. Can site owner earn commission based on each appointment booked by a website visitor? 3. I want to offer this booking option only to Paid users, not the free users. How is it possible to do with your plugin? Please let me know soon. Thanks

This is not possible with this plugin.


PRESALE QUESTION Hello I like your plugin but have a question: I want it for a gym. Enrrolled users depending on the type of membership have a number of special classes inluded to book in a month without paying anymore than its meembership. Or saying it in another way, i Want that just signed users may be able to book x number of classes without paying extra. is that possible with your plugin ?

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Hello I like your plugin but have a question:

Is ther a way to prepurchase appointments?

I want it to make a website for a client who has a yoga place with 6 devices (pilates reformers) available every hour. Users buy different plans that include a certain number of sessions (appointments) per month on those devices. The idea is that users can manage their reservations on the dates and times available in the month and be able to modify or cancel their place in the agenda only up to 24 hours before.

They cannot schedule more than the number of sessions included in their paid plan(s) and if they do not use their schedules for their corresponding appointments in the same month, they will not be able to use them later. The idea is not for clients to pay each time they book an appointment, but rather to pre-purchase packages or plans for multiple appointments (which vary in price). Is it possible to do that with your plugin? Any ideas?

Thank you in advance and best Regards


FSSCC Purchased

Hi! Plugin is great – thanks for that. I tried submitting a ticket on your support ticksy but haven’t had a reply for a few weeks (tried posting a few times there). Two things:

1) Can Bookme integrate with WP Forms? If not, could that be a possibility (I’ll pay for it) 2) Can you add a feature to upload customer documents to their profiles (again, really need this so I’d pay for it).

Many thanks!

No reply :(

Unfortunately, these features are not available.


Hi there! I am making new booking system, where I need to create custom appointment in specific date with specific price. Then I need to let customers choose that specific date and select number of persons.

Example: In December I will have ready 2 appointments/dates - 2.12.2022 Wine tasting – 20 euro - 10. 12.2022 Wine tasting – 25 euro

Customers can only choose from this 2 dates.

Is that possible please? THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE! :)

Hi. Really like the look and feel. Wanted to know if you can services extras for additional pricing?

I may purchase it and code this function out myself. I have seen this feature in other booking plugins.

Yes, you can customise the plugin for your needs.


Hi! Can you turn of calculating the cost per person?

I may purchase it and code this function out myself.

You can purchase and code as per your requirement. We not provide customizations support

Hi, when a customer makes a booking can thee custom field data (address) be included in the confirmation email?

Also,does the email go directly to the requested staff?

Yes, check the email notification shortcodes, go to admin > Bookme > notification and edit a notification template.



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