Discussion on BIZREVIEW - Business Review WordPress Plugin

Discussion on BIZREVIEW - Business Review WordPress Plugin

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Hi, I’ve been trying to use your plugin (acquired with Envato Elements). I encountered a problem with the language of the reviews: The whole site is in a foreign language, but the reviews are being pulled from Google Places API in English. The Google API documentation says that’s normal because the code below is not present when you make your API calls.

'reviews_no_translations' => 'true',

You can find more of this in the Google Developers Docs here:

If you can update to include that, it would resolve the problems others have with language too.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will update in the next release.

I would recommend adding new information about plugin, more screenshots and fix your demo because it doesn’t work quite well. I wanted to buy this plugin but I don’t even know how it works. :)

When the release is estimated?

Hopefully within 2 weeks.


Latest version of plugin has been release and new demo has been setup. Please check it, ask us anything if you need to know.

Best Regards; ThemeAtelier

Hi there,

This is not compatible with my Wordpress version 6.0.2 and has caused me major issue on the website.

Please refund immediately, I will not be using this.

Thanks Ilona

Its’ compatible and we are running it with 6.0.2. Could you send us your site detail at ? So we can check the issue.

Hi I purchased the Bzreview, but when tried to upload the file to my wordpress it says the site can’t be reached. Can you check this for me. Thanks Ilona thewhitesmiles

We’ve send you an email. Please check it.

Hi there, I’ve purchased your plugin and installed in website. Trying to connect google maps reviews to website, added place ID and API – but it’s not taking any reviews to it at all. What issue could be for that? Don’t see any errors for that.


Thanks for purchasing our plugin. Could you please send us your site WordPress access at So we can check the issue.

Best Regards; ThemeAtelier.


kandhro Purchased


Can you please guide me with the method to setup TrustPilot Reviews Display on my website, i have gone through the documentation but could not understand..

We don’t provide trustpilot with their API. you can add them manually by custom review.


kandhro Purchased

how to do that ?

You will able to do that here:

Please check here the documentation:

If you unable to do that just email us at with your wordPress access so we can do it for you.


Does this plugin allow me to post/create the reviews that my clients send me in WordPress and display them?

Yes. You will able to add any custom review using the plugin.


Vchacer Purchased

Hi, I installed the plugin and tried several times to connect Facebook but it’s not working. I clicked on “Log in with Facebook” and did all the steps to connect my business page. After the final step, nothing happens. The boxes are greyed out and I can’t even enter the access token or any other details manually. Kindly advice!

Could u send us your site detail at So we can look it for you.


UIDO_ Purchased

hi, dear,


i get 10 review but in google i have 13 review?

Hi i have the facebook api key settup in the plugin settings.

Currently when using the shortcode the facebook review is not showing could you please tell me why?

[bizr_facebook_review max_rows=”5” padding_top=”50” padding_bottom=”50” bg_color=”#fff” style=”9”]

Hi, is it possible to get the reviews, without the “Place ID” with your plugin ? I have a business that works in an AREA (no specific address), and the “Place ID” does not work for most plugins. I found a paid service, which connects to my GBussines account and manages to extract the reviews.

But I’d rather buy a plugin than pay a subscription.

Sorry. Our plugin don’t work without place ID.

Sorry. Our plugin don’t work without place ID.

This product does not support trust pilot, which is what I need.

If it not possible to support it, I will need a refund please.

Trustpilot is not support through API but you may use that by using custom review.

Couple of pres-sales questions please:
1. Can I import reviews from VRBO, Airbnb etc?
2. Can I copy and paste from other sites where people have left reviews for me?
3. Can I set the character limit before the “Show More” tag appears so that all reviews have a uniform look?
4. Can I set the “Show More” to link to a different website or webpage?
5. On your demo there are 2 columns…Can I set it to 3, and can they be in a carousel?


Is this still supported? Does reviews list / badges are updated automatically?

And can we have multiple location (3000+) or just one?

Yes. It’s still supports. Yes. The review list/badges will update automatically.

Sorry. The plugin have one location option only.

Can this plugin work if I have a site that displays multiple company brands. Can I consolidate all the reviews for each company and display say Company A here are reviews for TrustPilot, Google, Facebook and more for company A and then do similar for Company B?

Please can we get a refund for this plugin.

I was under the impression that it connected with TrustPilot via it’s API, but when I installed it, I realised that this wasn’t the case.

That was mentioned in description. Anyway you may send a refund request. We will approve.

How do I send a refund request?

Hello, is Guttenberg default editor supported?

Wed don’t have editor support but you can use our short-codes in the gutenburg editor.

Hello, why goggle review slider (all slider styles) does not work properly on specific pages? It does not show slider dots and arrows, only all review blocks compressed in single row?

Could you send us your site link and WP access at So we can check what the issue there.

I wanted to buy the plugin but now I am concerned. I have the following questions.

1) Can we make it look that ? I want mixed comments and not grouped

2) I want to have auto update feed. The reason we move from our current plugin is that there is no autopilot and also we need to manually press “reload new testimonials” in order to get the new reviews. I want it to happen automatically, don’t care if its auto updated every hour, every 10 or every 24 but not having to enter the dashboard and press every day ’’reload’‘

I don’t want to enter on ‘buy – refund’’ procedures.

Is your plugin can remove specific yelp review? If so let me know asap.

Sorry. That can’t able to do.