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Hello I can’t find the option for Trustpilot Can you help me with this? Thanks


We don’t support Trustpilot using API yet. But you may use custom review option to use Trustpilot and any other platforms. We will add Trustpilot and other platforms API in our future updated.


Hey, I just installed ur plugin and got 2 problems:

- layout problems with other elements from WPBakery Page builder (elements no more next to each other but one under the other) - Yelp does not work – Api error. Although I copied Api key and and business ID (3-kg083JZJOADPpHFYVrozmMLTuYEZPsn7CN3f_Ubm4vOa33P3FzUF5aR9VHliNLVkrXR95N6kdyWWJaGRDC74ZnKma9zW-AEKYLEX4mlp4iEawP8JQ5yK3MAkdiXnYx klein-fenstertechnik-gmbh-hennef) Can you help?

And I wonder, I have no option for facebook reviews here? or an option to mix reviews from google + yelp + facebook?

Hello agenturlinssen; There has no mix reviews options in this plugin. But there has custom reviews option.Some how Facebook reviews options not showing in the WPBackery page builder we will check and update very soon.


We still have the layout problem – when your plugin is activated, this is wrong: (on front page) When I deactivate BizReviews, it looks fine:

Hello, In the custom facebook review I see a nice grid. Is it possible to use the same grid (format) in the automatic facebook review I show on my webiste? I don’t like very much the themes/grids I see, but the one in the demos for custom facebook review – they are nice.

Is it possible?

Hello; We have checked and added the grid shortcode please check and sorry for late replay.


hi Guys,

I don’t see any change. It is the the same grid I already had. What’s the change? I sent you an example of what I want.

any response?

Hi guys,

I hate asking for help as usually I can find someway to figure it out via youtube, blogs, etc but after several hours, im just not having luck.

Integrating fb reviews is very easy.

Implementing google reviews, I’ve tried several things without luck.

I have an api key that i use for maps already in place. it has java maps api and places api enambled. the API key doesnt seem to bring up my reviews.

My google place ID doesnt show up in the tool suggested by your plugin and google. I found how to find the ID using the inspect tool on my google reviews button. quite certain i have the correct place ID now.

Since my google API wasnt working, i grabbed the api off the inspect tool while i was at it. That procudes the message, “API keys with referer restrictions cannot be used with this API. “

Then i tried to create a new api key that was a new project not related to my previous google maps project. that api key doesnt fetch any results.

Can I get some support here or return my purchase? The documentation is full of screen shots with red arrows with no explanations.

I also tried the tool (webpage with api and place ID in url) at the end of the doc but it also didnt produce any results.

Let me know if i can share some credentials and website with you.


Please send us your website access:

Hello, I’ve sent several emails and no reply. It’s been 2 weeks…

Can some one please respond to my emails from dalton

Hi, the reviews badge doesn’t update according to the real reviews? If it is manual, it is completely useless because I could create a design and use it statically.

Hello growmeagency ;

The reviews badge don’t work dynamically. you need to input data manually.


Sir with this plugin my clients submit reviews on my website ??

Sorry, This plugin actually not do that thing. The plugin is an option to show your third party platform reviews of your business like google, yelp, Facebook, Trustpilot, etc reviews into your WordPress website by using their API. So if you use any of this platform to take your reviews from the client you can show that reviews on your website by using our plugin.

Hope you got your answer.



vkp1988 Purchased

Hi yesterday i bought and i tried fb review with wp baker. It works but there was layout issue (each review one by one ) but today it’’s not working.. Reviews not feeding from facebook.. i tried few times with fb but not showing .. any idea :)


Thanks for using our product. We forward your message to our developer. He will reply you ASAP.

Thank you.

Hello vkp1988;

We have check the facebook review and it’s worked. Could you send us screenshot or your wp access

Thanks .


munazzo Purchased


this plugin did not work on our site due to js. can I return?

I am sorry

Could you send us your site access at ? So we could check what’s wrong with it.


Seems the plugin is generating unexpected expenses – for Google reviews. For two months in a row it is exceeding the 200$ google budged and I was billed more than 40$ on top of that. The website does not generate a lot of traffic, API restrictions are set, and requests are mostly errors Places API requests – 23,371 errors: 93%


Are you using latest version of our plugin? In our latest version of plugin shouldn’t have this kind of issue.

Please check and be confirm you’re using latest version.

Yes, it was the newest version. For the last 3 months, the plugin made more than 100,000 requests to acquire five google reviews (all of those older than 3 months), on a webpage that has almost no traffic.

Is it compatible with Angie’s List?

Sorry. We don’t support angieslist’s API. We may check it in future if we can add we will do. We have custom item showing option. You may use that if you want without API.

Cannot declare class Main_MetaBox, because the name is already in use in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/bizreview/inc/meta-fields/main-meta.php on line 17

this is what I get when I try to activate the plugin

Can you limit any type of reviews to only 5 stars? Not just Google, but Facebook, Yelp, etc?


amv1975 Purchased

Hello Is possible to show with this plugin Airbnb Reviews? This will be great if you can guys can do that. Let me know if you can and I will buy straight away.


Sorry. Right now the plugin isn’t support Airbnb api. But you can use our custom review option in this case you have to put reviews manually. In future we will try to add Airbnb api also.

Best Regards; ThemeAtelier.


themis Purchased

Any new about with Trustpilot support? :)

Not yet. We are still in process.

do you support trustpilot?

does this plugin supports a layout for like these? and these

does this support shortcodes?

does this automatically auto fetch updates from trustpilot?

Hello netorica;

This plugin not support trustpilot. But you could show trustpilot reviews using custom reviews option, like the Custom Trustpilot Reviews section on this link.

Please visit our live demo to see the available layout we provide



When connecting to Facebook, the page doesn’t update the access token, page name or with the page ID and stays empty.

Hello danieldau;

Could you please send us the admin access


Hi there,

I have an online directory with 1000+ listings. Each listing has their own Facebook page, and I want to import the reviews to my website.

Can I use this plugin to import the Facebook reviews for each listing? Note that I am not the owner of the 1000+ Facebook pages.

Sorry. This is not possible with our plugin. You can show review from one facebook page and that should be your own page.

Hi there, is it possible to have infinite scrolling trough reviews? Lets say i am displaying 5 reviews from google and when i get to last one i want be able to click on next which brings me back to start.

right now when i keep clicking lets say to the left after 5 reviews i cant click left anymore the button greys out. so instead it would bring me back to start.

Sorry. In our current version we don’t have this feature. We will try to add this feature in the next version.

Can I use this to pull reviews from businesses I don’t own?

No. You have to own the page/google business. You need API’s to use.

I’d like to show all the latest 4 and 5 stars ratings from Facebook and Google. Is it possible to create a shortcode that shows the latests review from both, mixed together.

We don’t have option to show them in same place. You can show them 2 place by generating 2 short-code for both platform.