Discussion on Bitcoin Donate - A WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Bitcoin Donate - A WordPress Plugin

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I’m waiting for support, can’t use money import, the plugin only put infinity ….. I write 3 times to support , can you help me or return my money

Hi, I want to buy this plugin but I need to know a few things:
  1. Is it possible to have a log of who donated and how much, when?
  2. Can users login and see their donation history?
  3. Can Users donate in other ways, like using CARD, BANK, PayPal?

Lastly, your live preview does not work but display this error Error establishing a database connection

Hi, to answer your questionsm, no this plugin does not log who has donated and how much, as this plugin is a bitcoin donation plugin only no records are stored, the only way to view who donated is through the donators public wallet key on the bitcoin blockchain explorer. There are no other ways of donating using this plugin. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply but I need to see demo which still displays the error “Error establishing a database connection”. Your responses take too long please. Can you create an instant messaging mechanism?

Hi, your welcome. Demo is now up and running for you look at.


I am interested in buy your bitcoin donation plugin. How it works? When I type the amount in USD that convert that to btc, how does the plugin get the actual exchange rate information? From a website?

Hi, yes the plugin gets the exchange rate info from a website.

not showing the recent donations part is blank where the recent transactions should be

does it store transaction details for the user that sends money (if user is logged in). So he can see when, how much, etc the user has sent?

no, transaction are are shown on the plugin and stored on the blockchain only

I looked at your demo but it doesn’t look like there is a button to actually donate – what are people supposed to do when they enter the amount?

Hi, they send the donation to the btc address provided.

Ah, so it just shows the address but doesn’t actually accept the payment?


If I want to set goals for say $1000 to be collected is this possible? So when the $1000 is reached then it resets back to zero and then starts collecting the next $1000 and so on???

Hi, no you won’t be able to set goals.

hi. one question. I’d like to let my suscriptors to setup their own bitcoin settings in order to receive payments. I mean, I don’t want my site to accept payments to an only unique account (mine as administrator) and then I transfer their money to them. I’d like to each user receive directly the money to his account. Is it possible with this plugin? thanks.

Hi There. Your PlugIn seems not to be compatible with my theme. If i Use a blank page, the shortcode / the Plugin works well. It also works well if I use it as a widget. But if I use the “Standard-Template” of my theme for a page, your donate element appears for a short moment and then ist away.

Please help. kind regrads Thomas


Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘{’ or ’$’ in /home/promo/public_html/ on line 97


Hi, you are getting this error because of your php configuration. You need Change your php settings to php7.

I know that “No API Key Needed. Just add your bitcoin address”, but I would like to use API key. Is it possible?

Not with this plugin. No api make it easy to use any bitcoin address, not the bitcoin address tide to the api.

Hi, I get a message that the QR code is invalid. I have this address: 15ZBtiXXDgPb8LgzXA8RxLMKW6faE7ksG6 at Coinbase. Why doesn’t it work?

Have you tried another bitcoin address to see if you get the same message?

Which wallet do you use?

You can use any bitcoin wallet. Not sure if your address is multisig if it is try using a standard address.

Best plugin for foundation have future this plugin thanks Free1video LTD Best regards

To my knowledge this is the standard why for generating QR Codes using, no known holes

All is ready in some time i am paranoid because when qr code is generate outside from my website and hosting. qr code can be the manipulated from outside server api management .

To my knowledge QR code can not be hacked. As long as your server is secure you are ok, someone would need to gain access to your server to get to the code.

Good stuff! With best wishes for selling!


Very good job, fantastic work :) i wish you huge and successful sales for the week :)


Do not have a php version? i’m not using wordpress.

No php version at the moment

would be nice if you added number formatting to the amount donated, so its $1,000 etc instead of 1000

I’ve just submitted an update that will show 1,000 USD etc.. you can download it in a few days when it’s approved.

Very nice work, big sales to you :)


Would definitely buy if it had the option for ETH as well as BTC.

Im currently building an ETH donte, should be ready next.

nice job on this fantastic work :) all the best for your sales and a nice day ;)