Bid Job Mobile

Bid Job Mobile


BIDJOBS Mobile – is an Mini Job Marketplace application to hire professionals partners according to the expertise needed temporarily with a one-time payment service. Love your job, by respecting the work of others, will know where your passion works.

Clients can request:
Cleaning service,
Electronics Engineers,
Wedding Organizer,
Tour Guide,
Legal Consultant,
Medical care,
Makeup Artist
Everyone can have a small business as a service provider to clients, not necessarily having many employees and large companies. Business partners consisting of professionals in their fields combine to get many clients

Enterprise Workflow process on BidJobs

A fair way of working for service users and professional partners
Guaranteed security from fraud and quality work results

Offering Self Mediation System (OSMS) Check the step by step from this Capture on!Aho3I3Q0JcAbgZ5SkcUPblOXxb3uvQ?e=cf8vjA

Starting a digital business

Owner app can add more professional expert service with great icon menu design, easy to change price and fee for company every sub services category.

Professional partners can join the company community that you founded. They will work according to their skills and passion in serving their clients, you get the results as their facilitator who complements the needs of the work.

Payment available is by Balance on the client account, or clients can add balance via bank transfer Partners who serve clients will get income that can be withdrawn to a bank account

System Installation

This application system is Fully Fronted and Backend management for cloud based and self-hosted (Not plugins for CMS), you can install it on your VPS, Hosting or webserver support PHP & MYSQL programs. You just have to install the full source and create an SQL database for data storage.
When Develop app for android or iOS source must using Hybrid app for show the page from website, can detect GPS position and support for Mobile browser User Agent
please change the logo and application name according to your company name or your brand, there are installation and usage tutorials that help you understand how the whole works.
Tutorial, icon menu and sample domain is just a guide to help you decide. All UI/UX design, icon menu and terms decission are yours and yours only.
Designed for cross platform so you can make it for Android, iPhone, Windows app, and smart watch applications after this app system is already online in your servers

Why Bid Job Mobile?

Demo for Android APK
Apk for Client app
demo Client account can use:
password: 1234

Apk for Partners app
Demo Partner Account can use:
password: 1234

Or Signup with google button

Administrator Account can open on link: Https://
Password: 1234

For Details Technical Installation to Hosting and manual guide follow this step:!Aho3I3Q0JcAbgbgWfo8hhQH8BqMIXQ?e=zILsw2

How to make Android App or Ios App with Source code

Please read FAQ for custom this source for android and Ios App

Update Version XII
- Updated Settings Profile Picture client and partners app
- Upadated Register skills for partners
Update Version XI
- Upgrading All Source for Support Language Modules India, Russia, Arabian, France, English. 
- Add Paypal Button support Paypal, Visa, Mastercard 
- Android Studio Project Package Files and Eclipse Project Package

Update Version X

- Upgrading All Source for Support Language Modules India, Russia, Arabian, France, English. 
- Add Paypal Button support Paypal, Visa, Mastercard 
- Android Studio Project Package Files and Eclipse Project Package
Update Version IX
- bug repair Change admin password 
- bug repair update another admin picture

Update Version VIII

- Add Modules Offering Self Mediation System (OSMS) Solution for profit sharing client and partners when job have problems
- Repair Bug fee for admin owners management when partners finish job

Update Version VII
- Stable Full Source on PHP version 7.4
Update Version VI
- Updated Design and Services category icon client app
- Repair bug button delete administrators, delete partners
- Repair bug button cancel services request users
Update Version V
- Repair Withdrawal Bug. input maximum value on Users balance 
- Forget password users send to email can change on web based
Update Version IV
- Repair wd Bug with maximum value on Users balance 
- Forget password users send to email can change on web based
Update Version III:
- Add new themes (Creative Responsive) for administration mobile version 
- Administrator can add client or partners 
- Repair Bad English Language app administrator
Update Version III:
Update menu order with analytics and statistics with google chart pie and line
Update Version II:
- Update Input Time with Clock interface
- Update Design UI dashboard app client

Get Support?

  • Support from Barisandata Team
  • Support time: Monday – Sunday
  • Support for installation on hosting
  • Support for Custom name, Icon app, icon menu and Build to Apk
  • Response Time: 24 hours

    Item support does not include:

  • Customization Change UI design or Change workflow
  • Develop new app for 3rd parties’ extensions

    Regular Licence & Extended Licence

    Regular licence for purchases that follow the update from Support team
  • Installation to another hosting servers
  • Add payment gateway
  • Change menu, icon, and app name
  • With regular licenses, you buy this item according to the description and are free to Self develop it for your business interests
  • When want to update to a higher version and more features, just download with Regular Licence

  • Extended Licence is Transform and Development full apps for your company bussiness like Redesign Database Architecture, Redesign Flow, or re bult this app with different PHP Framework for example:
  • Add modules Artificial Intelligent, Financial Analyst System, Expert System or many customization versions of your company
  • Change Basic on Bidjobs app with e-commerce app.
  • Change role Bidjobs with online test and interview recruitment system.
  • Join for more apps like CMS, or another projects.
  • Modification Bidjob apps with transportation service or any things.
  • With Extended Licence All custom forms are your patent, you can sell it on your client’s software buyer. And we don’t have the right to use your project.

    Hire Team for Custom Request (Additional Cost for Freelancer)

  • Design Your App Icon or Banner Design
  • Add Language Modules For your Country
  • Add Payment Gateway like Paypal from your Country

  • Why People consider choosing our service?

    1. We are transparent with item features and bug fixes updates
    2. If there are bugs, we handle client requests one by one
    3. Negotiate the price of our items and services before buying until the deal, we will change the price according to the deal
    4. Stop guessing what features your users are interested in, it’s our job to update app features to adjust global interests and regulations.
    5. Stop buying large capacity servers at high prices. When operating, this Source and users data is less than 1 GB each year.
    6. This item already checked by Envato Quality Team and following envato recomendations.

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