Discussion on Beyond Multisite - Utilities for WordPress Network Admins

Discussion on Beyond Multisite - Utilities for WordPress Network Admins

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Hello team, looks to be a great plugin in the drought of good multisite plugins. A few queries: 1) the main domain multisite installation has over 300 pages, custom post types, over 2000 images etc. Does cloning to a sub-domain site do a clean job of replicating everything? I don’t want anything in the target site? Hope it won’t impact/create clash of data in the source main domain site. Pls confirm 2) does the cloning then would mean literally doubling of images in the library? The current main site is almost 4GB. Will cloning double the size of wordpress installation. My concern is we have to create 7 child (sub-domain installations). 3) lastly, does the developer license acting as a unlimited domain license? Asking as my agency can officially use this for any new clients in the future. Thanks in advance.


Thank you, it is just me, no team :).

The plugin does not clone the main site! It currently can only make copies of sub-sites.

Copying a site replicates everything, yes. Also replaces mentions of URLs and links with the correct domain. Of course there is no way of knowing if it will work properly with every single plugin or theme in the world. Some of them do some weird things. If someone notices a problem, they can report it to me, so I can find a way to fix it. Also all images will be copied and they will take double the size on the server, yes.

About the license, I am not really familiar with these stuff. I am just using the pre-made licenses that Envato offers. If you are asking about the extended license, that is $89 for my plugin, you can read about it here:

You can also contact Envato here to ask them about license related questions:

Regards. Nikolay Nikolov

Hello Nikolaydev, can the cleaning function be used for stand alone sites? Given your plugin title doesn’t seem to be case but trying my luck. thks.

Hi. You mean sites that are not multisites? No, the plugin can only be activated on a multisite.

What do you need exactly, maybe I can help you somehow to do it?

Hi, I will create a multisite but I want to ask you; if one subsite traffic is so much higher than others that can effect to other sites load time? if effects there is a solution for it? via server side or in multisite?

Hi. I don’t think that having a multisite would slow things down more than having the same single sites on one hosting. So I guess just have enough server resources for all sites.

“Bulk delete leftover database tables” this is based off of the table prefix right?

Yeah, and the site ID is in the prefix and we can check if the site exists. If it does not, then these tables are just from some plugins that were active before the site was permanently deleted.

Hey! Can I create a default site (including page content, theme settings etc…), which is setup for the customer on registering?

Hello. The super administrator can choose one site (except the main site) that will be fully copied (including content and settings) into newly created sites automatically on site creation. So yes, if that is what you mean.

Hi, nice plugin, congrats! :-) I would like to to just be able to view which plugins n themes r activated through a site list. Is it possible to activate just this module? I don’t want more stuff being loaded without reason in my network…

I’m also worried about the way that is shown. I know another one that brings the site list in the plugins page. But I have almost 1000 sites. For sure this approach would crash db…

Hi, thanks. Yes, no problem. You can turn off the other modules, and 1000 sites is not a problem. One of my clients has 10,000 sites, and I have used it in a network with 5000 sites. The way it works is, to see the list you click a link for the chosen plugin/theme, and then wait for the list to be generated. This is done in chunks with multiple requests, so it does not timeout. If you have a lot of sites you would just have to wait more time for the list to be generated. If you have any issues you can contact me, since you get 6 months of support included as well. Regards.

hi can addon be able to have two different websites and use only one core setup?

Hello. You mean two websites in one WordPress installation? You can do that without a plugin, with just WordPress multisite (wordpress network): My plugin just adds additional features to the multisite built in feature.

thanks alot for sharing this

no problem


I have pre-sale question:

1. can we network activated X plugins only available for some allowed sub-site using this BeyondMultisite?

2. is this compatible with WPUltimo?

Yeah it is very hard to explain this with few words, and I don’t want to have huge text no one will read where I am just listing the features. Also the terms disable, no access, are used differently by different people. I will think about the best way to explain it.

thank you.

is possible to have the feature I was mentioned in the future release?

Sorry, I don’t want to do this feature. Try searching for some access manager plugins.

does this need to be network activated or just activate on main site?

Hi. Network activated. And you shouldn’t be able to activate it any other way.


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I have 30 or 40 sites do delete in a multisite droping the tables too, this plugin help me to do this in a bulk action?


eogui Purchased

Thank, i didnt had sure viewing the screenshots. how do i select this sites? by id and separate by colon?

You can see the Delete Sites form in the screenshots and video preview as well. There are different parameters by which you can target sites (like how old they are, or how many posts they have). You can also provide a comma-separated list of site IDs which to delete, or alternatively which to skip and delete all else. If you are doing it by ID you would have to write the IDs manually, there is no feature to select the sites from some list of something. Regards.

Also I want to mention that if you want to see what are all the options in the drop-down menus in the form visible in the screenshot (after you click the menu), these are described here:

hey its perfect i am looking for but, i need a api to create a site from other site with all theme and plugin, tell me details

Hi. There is no API in the plugin. If you can come up with a way to use the WordPress API to call the function in my plugin that copies sites, maybe it could work, but I don’t know if this is even possible.

hello friend, very good, could you ask any questions? Is there any possibility for my clients, for example to buy a subscription and generate the site automatically? the site already predefined by me? can I turn off the plugins and themes add / activate module?

Hi. There is no subscriptions and no buying features in the plugin. You can globally disable plugins (different from deactivate) which hides them from site administrators on the plugins page (not their menus, but does not allow them to activate/deactivate them). And you can enable (not activate) plugins on some specific sites, which will allow control. But if you are looking to sell subscriptions you should look into the plugin WP Ultimo.


Your plugin has a bulk email module, i understand that it has preset selectable limits of upto 240/480/720/etc emails per Hour… How can a user dial in their chosen mail rate, especially when many hosting companies like SiteGround limits outgoing emails upto 400 per hour. So the settings of 280 is too less and 480 is bit too much to settle with. Any comments ?


Hello Nikolaydev,

Well understood and I have designs to use this for my WP Multisite. I wonder why/how else any one would want to use because for Single Site it has no use. Appreciate your clarity, Let me decide as I am fiddling with few options before I let plastic card get charged :)


Cool, no problem

Also there is no SMTP option or any other method, it just uses the default wp_mail function to send emails. So to use SMTP you will need to somehow make wp_mail use SMTP, like with a plugin or maybe server configuration (I am not an expert on those, I assume it is possible as well).


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Hi! Pre-sales questions:

1. Can this copy an existing sub site (source) to a NEW subsite (target) WITHOUT THE POSTS? I want to use the source site as a template and want its pages, tags, categories…but NOT the source sites posts in the target.

2. Can it copy w/o the posts AND without the categories?

3. Suggestion: Add a multisite backup module!

Waiting on the answers for #1 and #2 and Thanks!

Did you receive my email by the way? Just checking here in case it got into the spam folder or something.


efromdc Purchased

If DID go to spam :) – I got it now and thank you!

Ah, this Google mail blocks too much… Try whitelisting my address or something. Or maybe the subject was very long.

Bonjour nikolaydev, j’ai crée un clone de mon site principal avec ns cloner ( version gratuite ) mais j’aimerai utiliser votre plugin pour créer des clones de mon clones. Théoriquement cela devrait aller car il est mentionné que l’on ne peut pas cloner le site principal donc si je fais comme cela c’est théoriquement ok non ? Merci d’avance pour votre réponse ;)

Hi. Yes, no problem. Thank you for purchasing. (I used Google Translate to read your comment).

Pre-purchase question, Does it compatible with WP Ultimo?

Hi. I have clients that use it along with WP Ultimo, and I have received report about and fixed at least one issue related to WP Ultimo. I cannot claim full compatibility though just based on this, since there are many features in both of the plugins and I haven’t done full testing for compatibility. So all I can say is if you notice any issues and report them to me I will do all I can to fix them. Regards.

Pre-sale question – What about registration and sales? This plugin looks amazing for management of WP multisites. I want to know if it also allows me to create a registration system with site purchase. Thank you

Hello. Thank you for the interest in my plugin. All the features are listed in the plugin page. There is nothing related to purchases. I think you may want to look into the plugin called WP Ultimo for that. Regards.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I looked at your plugin function list and it is impressive. It doesn’t assist with registration and site provision so I wanted your opinion. Though Ultimo looks great I am tempted to use free tools. Cheers for your help!

Cool, no problem.

congratulations for the plugin, it would be very interesting to have 1. to be able to read the size of the database of each site and to be able in combination with the file upload limit to be able to limit the size limit in mb that a site will have and when it arrives to warn the admin at at a glance as the Storage Space 2. membership subscription

Hello, PurpleNinja. Thank you for the suggestions. I don’t plan on doing any subscriptions or anything payment related. Are you still interested in the first suggestion you had if the second one is not present? Should I think about the first one?