Discussion on Beyond Multisite - Utilities for WordPress Network Admins

Discussion on Beyond Multisite - Utilities for WordPress Network Admins

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Can we synchronized media library across all website or selected website?

Hi. No such feature, sorry.

hi nikolay I have sent you an email …. email : myroket**

Hi, thanks. I replied.


winalot Purchased

Hi, still loving this plugin! One question; is it possible to control which site number is used for the wp_xxx_ tables when duplicating an existing site? I’m trying to migrate a site from another server and want to use it’s existing site number in the MySQL tables. Thanks!

I guess this is one approach (I have not tried it) where you first change the auto increment value of the database table, then create the new site, which automatically will get the next value, and then change it back (of course if you reach this value again, it will be a problem):


winalot Purchased

Yes, thanks, I know how to do this manually, was hoping your plugin had a magic solution! As always, thanks for great support.

No problem. Hehe, not quite that magical :)

Hi, does this work on WP 6.0

Hi, yes.

I just want a plugin to hide the plugins for different stores on the multistore, is it possible with this? too much code to do? I don’t want any other thing more like spam, security, nothing else, just limit the plugins on the stores in a multistore nerwork.

Hi. Is your multistore a multisite? It can hide plugins on the plugins admin page from site admins in a wordpress multisite. So they cannot see them in the list and cannot control the activate/deactivate status. You can also turn off other modules of my plugin if you do not need them.


by default, WordPress sends an activation link with user subdomain URL. Is it possible to change this behavior to send a main domain URL?

Hi. The plugin does not have such a feature. I guess it would be possible to develop a plugin that filters the email content and replace the URL with one to the domain, but would that link even work correctly, it will have to be tested. Why do you need this?

I was really hoping to use this plugin to delete the 30k spam users from WP forum (wpforo) on a multisite that I left too open. But they apparently have a role assigned to them. The plugin should have options…delete everyone that’s not Admin, author, etc, in check boxes.

Thanks. Well you are kind of lucky that in this case the change is not too hard to do. Sometimes people buy without understanding the features and what they need, and there is nothing we can do, since they need something completely different and hard to do.

I sent you the email BTW m* * * * * * *

ok, got it

I’ve been looking into your CAPTCHA feature. Is there any way that you could make a future version of this that doesn’t require interaction with the server on each login attempt? I get a lot of brute force attempt logins which I’m managing with Limit Logins Reloaded. After 4 failed attempts the IP is blocked. However, with your CAPTCHA feature I’m not sure that LLR would ever get a chance to fire, so effectively, the server would keep getting hammered.

Does that make sense? I was wondering if there is a way to use a JavaScript validation of the CAPTCHA code or however Google ReCaptcha does it.


My plugin has an option to at least not generate an image, and show a less secure text captcha for the login form. This should greatly reduce the server load compared to image generation. But the answer is technically visible and it would be easier to make a bot that bypasses it. Random bots not designed specially for my plugin will still be stopped though, and I doubt anyone even made bots for my plugin. Maybe try that.

I am not sure about about pure JS captcha. I would imaging that since JS can be fully controlled by the visitor, it would not be a good idea. Also how would we stop them from making server requests with JS, since they can turn it off. I don’t know how google captcha works, maybe they use their infinite servers that they have.

I would advise you to use CloudFlare. Their free plan can stop endless amount of bad requests. They have also firewall rules and other cool features. Also you can use a free WP plugin to change your login address and hide it from bots. There is a plugin called WPS Hide Login.


Hello, in a subdomain based multisite I have just setup a basic main site with many plugins but no content yet. Is it best practice to generate the ‘template site’ now via adding a new subdomain site and copy the recent main site into it?

Hi. I am not sure what you mean or what you is your goal exactly, maybe you can give me more details. But keep in mind that the main site of the network cannot be copied via my plugin. Also in any case I will say it is good to make a full backup of you multisite if you are not sure if the approach is good, so you can go back in time if needed to that point.

Hi, thanks for the fast reply. I just needed to know best way to create a template site. So I guess I have to add a new subsite, upload all plugins there and configure it the way I want it. Then this template site would be used as a copy for all other subsites added to the network. Is this correct?

Yes, just make the site to be the way you want new sites to be. You can see what options there are in the Copy Maker module in the Template Site section there and choose what you need.

I would like to understand what your “copy sites” module does. I’m looking specifically for a tool that will allow me to copy a single subsites (with a mapped domain) from a multisite to a single subsite on a different multisite. This is so I can have a staging environment and a production site and once the subsite is tested, I will be able to easily promote the site production by copying it to the production multisite.

Hi. It is just to copy subsites within one multisite, not to another one.

How difficult it is to expand this? There doesn’t seem to be any affordable solution out there to have a staging and production multi-site and promote individual sites in staging to production. Unless I’m missing a trick or two, that is such a fundamental feature, yet it’s not generally available.

There are some big problems around this feature. For example, in order for this subsite to work properly in another multisite, you will also need all the plugins that were active on that subsite and also network activated on the first multisite. So you actually need to copy and install all these plugins and set their settings in a way that all works good. In your case maybe they will be duplicate mutlisites, but not all people want to use it like this, and it has to work for them too. Overall moving sites between multisites is not something that goes smoothly even if you do it manually, I don’t want to try to do such an automatic features, it will be too problematic in my opinion. Also I do not recommend that you constantly move sites like this for testing, you will cause more problems in them than you will solve.

Hi. Really enjoying the plugin so far.

I’m getting great value out of the “Insert Global HTML” feature. There aren’t many (any?) plugins which offer that, and it really is a “must have”.

Now, I’m trying to hide the Active Theme Switcher in the Customizer side bar. I’ve added the following code to both Front End and Back End through your plugin feature.

.wp-customizer #accordion-section-themes .accordion-section-title { display:none; }

However I can’t get it to work. It seems like the Customizer styles are rendered in a “special” way. Any advice?

Hello. Thank you, it is always great to hear that my plugin is useful to people :). I see what you mean. It looks like the hook I am using for the admin area does not fire in the customizer. But it is an easy fix, I will use another hook for there. Send me an email at and I will reply there with a new version of the plugin that will do this. Also by the way, if your idea is to forbid people to change themes, this may not be the best way because they can change the CSS code on their browser and they will still have the rights to change the themes. Tell me more about your goal here, I will try to suggest a better way. Regards.

Need fix please. The #1 SEO plugin for Wordpress seems to have a conflict with your plugin:

/home/website/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php:693 Stack trace: #0 /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/beyond-multisite/includes/plugin-control.php(851): current_user_can(‘manage_network’) #1 /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/beyond-multisite/includes/plugin-control.php(1016): be_mu_plugin_check_access(‘seo-by-rank-mat…’) #2 /home/website/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(303): be_mu_plugin_before_activate_deactivate(‘seo-by-rank-mat…’, false) #3 /home/website/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(327): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) #4 /home/website/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(470): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #5 /home/website/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(683): do_action(‘activate_plugin’, ‘seo-by-rank-mat…’, false) #6 /home/website/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seo-by-rank-math-pro/rank-math-pro.php(473): activate_plugin(‘seo-by-rank-mat…’) #7 /home in /home/website/public_html/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 693

Looks like the same issue igor420420 reported

Hi. Are you using the latest version of my plugin? That issue is fixed there. Also can you tell me the beginning part of this error? There should be an error text before the part that you wrote.


We are using the latest version of your plugin, our wordpress dashboard is slow, we install query monitor plugin to see which plugin is requesting a lot of queries, and your plugin is using 37 queries look:

Can you please take a look and release an update to optimize the speed of admin dashboard in multisites wordpress environments ?

Hi. How slow is your dashboard? How many seconds to load? I am asking because all the queries on the page you screenshotted are taking less than half a second in total (visible on the second screeenshot bottom right corner).

Has this plugin been tested up to 5.8.x ?

Hi. Yes, now I also added the attribute on the plugin page. Thanks for reminding me.

Hello, the subdomains of the site do not work in the wordpress multisite mode. There may be a conflict with the plugin Rank Math PRO Can you test a bunch of plugins for yourself and tell me which plugin causes the error?

Hi. Thanks, I am looking into this. I will comment again when I know more.

Send me an email at, I will reply there and send you a fixed file.

Hi, I’m building functionality where I want to create a new site based on a template on-demand and then update certain options, etc. I don’t want to use a full-blown solution, such as WP Ultimo, and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so if your plugin was installed can I call the clone / copy site functionality from code? Thanks.

Purchased today and dropped you a mail. Thanks for great support.

Great, thank you for purchasing. I will email you soon.

congratulations for the plugin, it would be very interesting to have 1. to be able to read the size of the database of each site and to be able in combination with the file upload limit to be able to limit the size limit in mb that a site will have and when it arrives to warn the admin at at a glance as the Storage Space 2. membership subscription

Hello, PurpleNinja. Thank you for the suggestions. I don’t plan on doing any subscriptions or anything payment related. Are you still interested in the first suggestion you had if the second one is not present? Should I think about the first one?

Pre-sale question – What about registration and sales? This plugin looks amazing for management of WP multisites. I want to know if it also allows me to create a registration system with site purchase. Thank you

Hello. Thank you for the interest in my plugin. All the features are listed in the plugin page. There is nothing related to purchases. I think you may want to look into the plugin called WP Ultimo for that. Regards.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I looked at your plugin function list and it is impressive. It doesn’t assist with registration and site provision so I wanted your opinion. Though Ultimo looks great I am tempted to use free tools. Cheers for your help!

Cool, no problem.

Pre-purchase question, Does it compatible with WP Ultimo?

Hi. I have clients that use it along with WP Ultimo, and I have received report about and fixed at least one issue related to WP Ultimo. I cannot claim full compatibility though just based on this, since there are many features in both of the plugins and I haven’t done full testing for compatibility. So all I can say is if you notice any issues and report them to me I will do all I can to fix them. Regards.

Bonjour nikolaydev, j’ai crée un clone de mon site principal avec ns cloner ( version gratuite ) mais j’aimerai utiliser votre plugin pour créer des clones de mon clones. Théoriquement cela devrait aller car il est mentionné que l’on ne peut pas cloner le site principal donc si je fais comme cela c’est théoriquement ok non ? Merci d’avance pour votre réponse ;)

Hi. Yes, no problem. Thank you for purchasing. (I used Google Translate to read your comment).


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