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Wonderful Job! Congratulations :)

Great job.. with this, can i build blog such as ..? and receipt a payment from member ..?

Hi. Thanks. I think you mean Well, no. There are no payment features in the plugin at the moment. All the features are listed on the plugin page. For what you are asking I have seen a plugin called Pro Sites, but it costs $49 a month to get access to it along with all the plugins of the company that makes it. I don’t recommend that company and their products though, I am just saying what I have seen.


I have a quick question…If I “deactivate” a certain plugin, preventing it within subsite(1) will it also stop that plugin from using any resources and or space within subsite(1) ?

Thank you. I am using alot of plugins in my multisite setup but my subsites only use half of the total installed plugins. I am currently using “Plugin Organizer” (which works great) but I would like to minimize the amount of data/space the other half of the plugins (the unused ones) are causing/ using.

Any thoughts? or is this the plugin i’ve been looking for?

Kindest, Shane


Activating/deactivating plugins on a per site basis is a feature that is available in WordPress core. You do not need a plugin for that. The plugin just has to not be network activated in order to be able to do this.

Deactivated plugins will not use resources, as far as I know. Well, their database tables still remain in the database (if the plugin has been activated once and if it even creates such tables). But they remain even after plugin deletion (some plugins do delete them though). And of course the files are still on the server, but there is only one copy of the files, regardless of how many subsites you use.

My plugin offers the option to “disable” plugins, which is different from deactivating. The idea is to hide the plugin from the site administrators of a given subsite (or all subsites), so they cannot control it (activate/deactivate).

My plugin also has the option to bulk activate/deactivate a plugin, which just saves you time if you need to do it on many or all subsites.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions, or if I didn’t understand you correctly :)

Cloning a site will clone everything including posts, pages, users etc. It isn’t mentioned if it’ll clone the woocommerce products, product categories, tags etc. as well. Please confirm. Thanks.

Hi. Sure, those too :)

Hi, I thought email user will sent email automatically after new post published. There is no features like that?

Hi. I am sorry that you misunderstood my description. I try to make it as clear as possible. It is for you to send an email to the users, it is not for new post notifications. Explain to me in more details what is the exact feature that you need and how do you need it to work. Maybe I can add it to the plugin or try to recommend you a plugin for it. Regards.

Hi, where is the demo? Thanks

Hi. Sorry, there is no demo at this time. Since the plugin performs network administration tasks, the demo user needs to have a lot of permissions. I haven’t come up with a safe way to do that yet. But you can watch the video with the “Video Preview” button, or ask me anything you are not sure about. Regards.

anyway i can test before buying? like a trial version of the plugin or something?

Sorry, no. There is a refund policy though. But you cannot ask for a refund if you just don’t like it. There has to be a better reason, it is described here:


Mbx Purchased

Can this plugin hide certain plugins for specific subsites? I have several sub sites amd i don’t want the admins of those sites to see plugins that I’m using for my maim site.


Mbx Purchased

You, sir, have made my DAY!!! And yes I will have suggestions as I play with this more and more. I started to notice things that I do redundantly and perhaps a solution can be made to remedy it once I figure out what that is.

Hey, if you want, send me an email at and when I am ready I will respond and send you a version of the plugin with the feature “copy options”. You can try it out and test it a little before I release it.

Hi Niko,

I have an issue with my multi site, every time I create a domain and delete it, I can’t recreate the same domain without getting the following error:

The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

My site goes down and all your browser tells you is there are too many redirects or that your site is in a loop.

This is the reason why I bought this plugin because I thought it would solve the problem.

Basically what I have done is created a new site in my network with the same URL as a deleted site, now it causes an infinite re-direct.

If this plugin can’t solve the problem, I can’t use it for my intended problem.

Please advise a way forward.


Hello. It seems that you have a problem in your multisite or server and you thought that my plugin will fix it. I tried now on my multisite to create the same site that I have deleted, and it works fine. But if you want I can have a look at your problem on your multisite, maybe I can help (even though the problem is not related to my plugin, since it was present before you bought it). If you want, send me an email at with your website address and super admin user and password so I can try and replicate the problem and see it in action. Also more clear instructions on how to replicate the problem would also be good. Thanks. Regards.

Hi Niko. Some questions before buying: My Scenario is to be create a Master Site with several plugins. This Master Site will only be used to clone it in order to create seveal sites. Having said this: 1. How does it manage the data bases? Will it create a new one for each cloned site? 2. As I understand, it will copy all plugins, right? 3. If I get to make a custom development, will it also clone it and control it?


Looking at your questions 1 and 2, it seems to me that you do not understand how WordPress multisite works. Question 3, I do not understand. What is a custom development?

In WordPress multisite there is only one database (unless you use some kind of plugin to split it to multiple ones). The database has many tables, some are global, some are for each individual site. When you create a new site, new database tables are created (not new databases).

Currently with Beyond Multisite you can only paste a copy of a site into an existing site (replacing it completely). So the database tables of the site to paste into are deleted and replaced with copies of the database tables of the site to copy from (and their data is changed a little so it works).

Now about the plugins. in a WordPress Multisite the plugin files exist only in one folder, and are global for all sites. So they do not need to be copied. If you mean to say the plugin data, stored in the database, then yes, it will be copied (since it is a part of the database tables, which are copied).

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions, and clarify question 3.


can i add user to multi-website? or remove user…,setup new plugin for all website..

Hello. I am not sure if I understand your question. Do you want to add/remove a user to/from multiple sites at once? And with the second question do you mean to set the options for a plugin globally for all sites? If this is what you mean, there are no such features in the plugin, sorry. If you mean something else, please explain in more details. Regards.

hi. how about admin site . i can set anysite to admin, right?

hi. how about admin site . i can set anysite to admin, right?

Do you want to change the main site of the network? There is no such feature in the plugin, sorry. Or you need something else? If you are asking about copying it, the main site cannot be copied too.

i mean that which site you are using to install plugin to all other sites . or any site in network still can add , remove plugin or post on other site

Sites do not add plugins and do not make posts, it is users that do that. The super administrator users can install plugins and have access to all sites and the whole network. This is how the multisite works. If you are asking about the plugin control module of my plugin, I can say that super administrator users can choose which plugins to hide from normal administrator users. You are mixing up a lot of terms and also not naming the feature or module you are asking about. It is very hard to decode your question. I hope I answered it this time. Regards.

Is it possible to export a site from one multisite and import it on an other multisite? In my special case I have an untraceable error in the database and want to set up a new installation and import the sites.

Hello. Sorry, but my plugin does not have this feature.


steveia Purchased

Hi Nikolay! Just bought your plugin. Question, I have 2 sites, one is default which I want to copy to site 2. But under Sites, there is not any Copy option for default site, only for site 2. Any idea what is wrong? Best regards, Steve

Hello. Thank you for purchasing! The plugin cannot copy the main site (which I have mentioned on the item page), but I can copy the site for you if you provide me the access I need (FTP, WordPress Super Admin, and phpMyAdmin). Please email me at


steveia Purchased

Hi Nikolay, thanks! I found solution. :) Thanks for a quick answer. Great support!

Cool, no problem.

Firstable, I congratulate you for your great product. I had Jetpack installed, I deactivated it for the network, and my site had Error 500, then I disabled Jetpack to return it to normal, now I could not activate Jetpack because it generates Error 500. My question is: What can I do to activate Jetpack again to the network? without having Error 500.

Hello. Thank you, I am happy to hear you like it. About your problem, from what you said, I am not sure I understand what is going on. Are you saying you disabled Jetpack with the disable feature of my plugin, and this somehow causes an error 500 when you try to activate it? I have to take a look at this. Please send me an email at with a super admin account details and a link to your main network site, so I can see this problem. Regards.

What a fucking plugin!! .... I’m sorry, I just wanted to express my amazement, I’m using it and it’s fantastic. With only one module of this plugin I save hours of work, I would gladly have paid 3 times what cost me.

Awesome! I am very glad to hear it and thank you for the review! Now I have 3 of them and I get the stars :). I hope you solved your error 500. Let me know if you want me to have a look.

hello, I have a few questions:

I have a multisite network: 1 main site and 3 subsites. For some reason, after updating my plugins recently, the subsites stopped working. i.e the WP admin login page cannot be accessed and I can’t login to the admin panel for these subsites. But the websites themselves are working fine.

I did a backup restore and got them back up and I got a notification from WooCommerce stating to run their updater tool. When I did that, again, the WP admin panel login for the subsites all stopped working.

1. I don’t know what is the issue but I know it’s not due to malware or hackers since I’ve got Wordfence installed and activated plus the issue happened after I tried to do updates for the plugins. Yet, even though the plugins are updated, only the subsites are affected, not the main site. Do you think it’s because I’ve got too many plugins and they are messing up the system? Will it help to use a cleanup tool like Beyond Multisite?

2. Since I’ve been working mostly on my main site and haven’t done much with the subsites, my second option in the worst case scenario would be to perform a clean deletion of the subsites (not the whole multisite and not the main site) and start afresh. If that’s the case, will Beyond Multisite be the perfect plugin for the job? It will be able to perform a clean deletion of the subsites for those leftovers data and stuff after Wordpress performs the deletion of the subsite right?

Will deleting and starting the subsites afresh prevent the initial problem from recurring? How best can I prevent such problems in future? Will Beyond Multisite help?

3. I have WP Optimize installed as well. Does it overlap with Beyond Multisite? If I have beyond multisite, does it mean I do not need WP Optimize?

Thank you

Hello. Based on what you said, unfortunately there is no reason to believe that my plugin would help you. The issue seems to me that is caused by one of the plugins you updated. I don’t know if they are network activated or only on some sites, but you can try deactivating them one by one until the issue is resolved. This will tell you which one caused the problem. It may also be a combination of two plugins. About your 3-rd question, some features overlap, some are unique. If you want I can take a quick look at your multisite and try to find the problem. You can send me super admin access to my email (ftp access and phpMyAdmin access would also be useful).Regards.

hello! thank you very much for your prompt response and kind offer to help!! I really appreciate it. It turns out that there was a conflict with this plugin I installed from AffiliateWP. I have since contacted them for help to resolve the issue.

But I’m still interested in getting beyond multisite but would like to know what are the differences between it and other plugins like WP Optimize and Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions so that I can decide if it’s suitable for my needs.

Sure, no problem. I hope they fix the issue. About my plugin, there are too many differences with the plugins you mentioned, I would never be able to describe them all, not to mention I have not used those plugins. I will say some things though. My plugin has 10 different modules, only one of them is related to cleanup. So it is similar to getting 10 different plugins, and you can turn them on and off. My cleanup module can bulk delete comments, revisions, sites, and leftover database tables that belong to deleted sites. There are different useful settings, like only targeting comments with links in them (usually spam), or excluding some sites by ID. The most complicated cleanup feature that no other plugin have that I know of, is the option to bulk delete sites based on many parameters, like date registered, last updated, if they are empty (no posts or pages), even notify site administrators and give them a chance to cancel the deletion if they want to use their site. I can talk all day about my plugin, but there are too many things and I don’t know what you need exactly. You can see a very good and as short as possible description of each of the modules on my plugin page when you scroll down to the Features section. You can see a quick video preview of the plugin here or with the button “video preview” in the plugin item page. Let me know if you need more information on any feature of my plugin. Regards.


Lets say I have a multi site network.

(main site) with #1sub , #2 sub, #3 sub.

Would I be able to clone a perfect copy of any sub? Will it copy 100% of everything down to the settings? If so, how easy is it to add the clone to the network?


Yes, it will make a perfect copy of any subsite, it only does not work on the main site. Sure, settings are copied, everything is copied.

What do you mean add the clone to the network? The copy process in my plugin is the following: First you create a normal new subsite. Then you copy some other site over the new site. The new site is replaced with a copy of the site you copied. It is very easy and fast, you just need to enter the site ID of the site you are going to replace (in this example the new site). The plugin also shows the site ID in a new column in the sites table in the network admin.

You can see how the copy process goes in this video at the 40 seconds mark:

Let me know if you have more questions. Regards.

Pre-Sale: Can I use your plugin to copy plugin settings from “master” site to all sub-sites?

  1. Master / Source is site-id=2
  2. Copy all plugin settings from 2 to site-id 3,4,5,8,9 and 10
  3. Over-write any previous settings
  4. Exclude site-id 6,7 (keep current settings)


The short answer is NO.

I have tried to do this feature, but it seems impossible to make it in a good consistently working and easy to use way. WordPress does not really store information about which settings belong to which plugin or theme, and this is the main problem. Not to mention that plugins are free to use different methods for storing settings. It is a big mess.

I tried a second time to make this feature and I have a prototype plugin for testing, which uses a simpler method that would work for most plugins. I can give you the plugin to try it if you want at your own risk of course. Send me an email


are there any plugins for using domains?

Hello. What do you mean? Do you mean domain mapping? No, my plugin does not have such a feature. But you can map domains without a plugin since WordPress 4.5: