Laundry - Flutter App with Admin panel | laundry booking system | Quick wash | On-Demand Laundry

Laundry - Flutter App with Admin panel | laundry booking system | Quick wash | On-Demand Laundry

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Laundry of Two Mobile Applications and Web app with the admin panel.

  • Admin panel (included)
  • Web app (included)
  • User app (included)
  • Driver app (included)

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Password: secret

Introducing Laundry: The ultimate flutter native mobile App for laundry agencies.

  • Immerse yourself in a clean and intuitive User Interface tailored for the laundry industry.
  • Enjoy optimized and well-structured clean code, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Customizable features to adapt to your specific business requirements.
  • Our expert developers specialize in building top-notch laundry delivery apps for Android and iOS.
  • Experience the best-in-class laundry app services, exclusively crafted for you.

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Driver App login info
Password: secret

V:0.0.7. 16 June, 2023
    - Mobile page auto order status change  
    - Mobile language feature implement 
    - Mobile app Sub category feature added 
    - Admin App Sub category feature added 
    - English and arabica language update for product 
    - Minimum order dynamical update from admin 
    - Price issue fixing 
    - Admin code improvement
  V:0.0.6. 27 July, 2023 
    - Null point issue fixed
    - Admin report issue fixing 
    - Payment getaway feature optimise 
    - Admin minior issue fixed
V:0.0.5. 31 May , 2023
    - Admin report issue fixing 
    - Mobile app profile update 
    - Admin order page section wise desin update 
    - Real time order start show
    - Admin real permission set 
    - Admin app confirmation 
  V:0.0.4. 14 February , 2023
    - Admin Invoice generate part update 
    - Admin Two type invoice generate for pos printer and regular printer 
    - Invoice tile, logo, address update from admin panel 
V:0.0.3.  05 February , 20233
    - Mobile App notification 
    - Admin Dashboard improvement for show real date
    - Admin notification feature implement 
    - Admin document update   
V:0.0.2. 31 January , 2023
    - Mobile app issue fixing and code perforation 
    - Mobile app login page login with email address 
    - Admin app update 
V:0.0.1. 28 January , 2023
    - Initial mobile app upload for android & iOS 
    -  Initial admin web app upload 
 Mobile & Web Admin V:0.0.1
   - Initial Release