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@00rgiles, yes i am faced same issues many times, just delete total project and start with fresh copy & change folder name. This may help.

Yes, it’s really good idea, actually i’ve planned to update with the netInfo library to support reachability before, but forgot to add it :)

Thank you for the update. Is this possible to build Windows App also using native ? If so then please consider in future. I think if it is possible also,it may be a big task & takes more time also. Just asking, please leave if it not covers here. Thank you.

Yes, thank you for your suggestion, it could be work on cross platform, i will investigate and check it later.

I’m getting following Error: Installing build/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/beoNews.app An error was encountered processing the command (domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain, code=22): Failed to install the requested application The bundle identifier of the application could not be determined. Ensure that the application’s Info.plist contains a value for CFBundleIdentifier. Print: Entry, ”:CFBundleIdentifier, Does Not Exist

Command failed: /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c Print:CFBundleIdentifier build/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/beoNews.app/Info.plist Print: Entry,”, Does Not Exist

I already downloaded and extracted the FacebookSDK

Also I’m trying to use the Lite version of the app.

Hi, did you run the initial project successful from “react-native init example-project” ?

Please also take the whole screenshot so that i can know it exactly

Hi, great team!

I would like to request the feature Firebase notification (FCM – react-native-fcm)

I introduced in my own project this feature. But, every new version I`m losting my configuration.

So, can your team include this feature?

Thanks in advanced.

Yes, Firebase notification is one of our key feature, i will update new 2.2 version on this week and 2.3 version later with the FCM. Thank you!

@Lexusidea I recommend OneSignal instead of FCM, only one reason that FCM uses more server load than one signal, if we are sending notification to more than 5K+ users then server load gets its peak limits.

Thank you, i will also check OneSignal integration to see if it work better with React Native :)

Checked, OneSignal is awesome!

is there a push notification and user access privilege for each category

No, I have updated that feature yet, but I consider to update the push notification later. Thank you!

when will you release the new update ?

Hello any new news ?

Hope to hear from you soon

Hi, i’ve published the app and waiting for approval from Envato, will update the change logs soon.

hi, Thank you for the updates & considerations. I have one question that in bottom menu we have home, category, video, gallery, signin. In Place of gallery, i want to simple webview, means i have a forum in sub-domain, i want to open the forum through webview from that gallery icon, please suggest, note : No ApI for the forum, only simple webview will load. Thank you.

Hi Another Suggestion : you already created awesome menu with animation, so we can specify the categories, home, gallery, video, sign in in that slider menu itself ? then we can place floating admob ads also, This will be advantages to users like me and hope for everyone. Means no more bottom horizontal menu, merge this to main slider menu and add floating admob ad. In my view, any person who is using admob, they prefer floating admob ad & interstitial ad, Both. Thank you.

Yes, thank you for your suggestion, some other people love to have the bottom horizontal and remove left side menu, i keep both kind of them so that they can determine which one to use. Maybe i will investigate and improve the Admob later as it’s not flexible enough :)

Hi! my posts include videos from youtube,but app doesn’t show them. Can this app show videos in the posts?

could you share that URL then i will have a check, we can fix it from the Webview component.


beboyd Purchased

Waiting next update you mention few day ago.

About 2-3 days


beboyd Purchased

Still waiting update :(

hi, please send request to our email: support@beostore.io then i will send the patch update if you can not wait :)

Pre-Purchase Question

Does the app support push notifications to notify users of new blog posts?

Hi, we’re checking the OneSignal integration, once it is ok we will add on next version.

Hello still waiting the update from 5 days

Hi, it’s still in the preview, you could end me the email support@beostore.io to get new patch for the update

Hello I have website include embed playbuzz and quizzes mtouch quiz plugin , are they working on this mobile app?