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hemn Purchased

Hi , I could not figure out how change Wordpress URL in App/Common/Constants.js ? the image of Update Wordpress URL in Documentation missed too . Can ou help me how set my URL ?


hemn Purchased

And with react-native runner I give this :
Command `run-ios` unrecognized. Make sure that you have run `npm install` and that you are inside a react-native project.
note: AwsomeProject runned without problem .

Hi, thank you so much for your feedback, we’ve update the document. For the OneSignal issue please download the FacebookSDK(https://origincache.facebook.com/developers/resources/?id=facebook-ios-sdk-current.zip) and copy to ~/Documents/FacebookSDK as the guide on step 3. We will upgrade this step on next version.


hemn Purchased

Hi , I did it ( downloaded facebook ios SDK and unarchived it in Documents as FacebookSDK folder name ) . But the problem is missing a file. I took 2 screenshots (1- runing project failed message 2- Project resources and files ) for you :
attached image 1
attached image 2


anandramv Purchased

Improvement required: When I try to scroll up on header image/ Video in detail page, it isn’t responding. I had to scroll up in the text area. Is there a change for this? The Image occupies half the real estate and scrolling up on image becomes a instinctive action

Thank you for your feedback about the improvement, we are still looking forward to getting more the suggestion like yours to upgrade the app more smoothly, we will check the solution and update it on next version :)


TitanRain Purchased

App have ‘gray’ blank gap on footer.


agispas Purchased

Hi there,

Now I am the step 4 the Quickstart guide for Android.

Here it says that:
If you are starting a new project, follow all the steps below. To add Facebook SDK to an existing project, start with step 3.

So, I am going straight to the step 3 where it’s asking for the Package name and Default Activity Class Name.

Do you have any ideas where do I find those? Should I modify them according to the name of my app?

Can you please give me some suggestions on this?

Thank you!

Hi, is it possible to take videos and photos with this app and have them stored on a WordPress website / posts page?

Hey, I want to buy your code but I still have one pre-sale question: Is it possible to lock some specific content and to unlock them by the user purchasing an In-App-Purchase? Greetings

I need setup support

Error:(68, 0) Could not read script ‘C:\Users\username\codecanyon-19186520-beonews-react-native-mobile-app-for-wordpress\BeoNews 2.5\beonews-pro\node_modules\react-native\react.gradle’ as it does not exist.