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I’ve purchcased your script about 5 weeks ago and had a problem with the sort function in my table. I wrote you a message via your Profile, but til this day I don’t get an answer. Do you get my mail?

Can you use dropdowns instead of typing for advanced search?

Yes. Anything you handle programmatically can be used for advanced search.

Hi, your plugin seems wonderfull, horewer before i purchase it i need some info.

It seems to convert html tag, present in the td, in text, it’s intended ? Do you have a work around to display the html properly (not only for the link) in the table.beautify ?

I read that the plugin strip all class in the table, how to avoid that ?

The plugin works well, however, it does NOT sort date columns such as: “08/13/2013”

It simply does nothing when you try to sort a column such as that.

One thing to keep in mind for future versions; on the “sortDirection” property, it says the default option is “asc” (ascending). It took me an unecessarily long time to figure out what the opposite (descending) would be. I tried “desc”, “descending”, “des” but none seemed to work. The documentation should disclose not only what the default value is, but what all the possibilities are. I finally figured out after looking through the JavaScript file, that the opposite of “asc” is apparently “dsc”. A quick mention of this would’ve saved me a bit of time. Cheers.

Thank you for your feedback. I plan on releasing a new version with in the next month or so with a lot of features mentioned by you and other buyers.

Thanks for your reply. i’m really pleased with the plugin, I’ve tried a handful of alternative scripts (5 or 6) but yours is by far the most robust, stable, and easy to implement. You’ve got a really good thing going here, you could be licensing it for far more than the current price. By the way, if you ever provide a way to keep <tfoot> rows glued to the bottom (meaning, that they don’t get sorted like regular rows) I will happily buy your plugin again.

Hello, thank you for this script.

I do not have ftp access to our Wordpress install, and have to instruct the UNIX admin on how to install it—could you kindly send more detailed info on where to upload the js file and the css? Do they go in wp-content/plugins? Should the css and images files also be uploaded to Plugins? We already have jquery in use on the site, v.1.8 or so. Thank you in advance for your help!

I have a dummy question how can i give my table a fixed width of 450px

If you simply add height:300px; to the css for the table you should be all set.

Hi, loving the ease of the script, just trying to get some of the following ideas working.

Is there anyway to keep the ID/class assigned to a

during the beautify process? My table is created via xml, then beautify applied to the parent DIV,rewriting the table removing the id/class’s Is it possible to keep the row id’s and class applied prior to beautifying.

Also, one of my columns is a hyperlink with a number as the text. When sorting it sorts by the hyperlink href alphabetically and not the numerical value of the visible text? Is there a way around this?


Hi there,

Hopefully you’re still active. I have just purchased this script and I’m trying to get it to work with a JSON end point, so it constantly updated with the freshest data possible. Is it possible to use a JSON URL end point, or does it need to be a local file?


Will this work for something that is not in a table? Have a real estate site I am working on and it would be nice to search/sort by amount, type of property, bedrooms, ect.

This doesn’t work on WordPress?

does it work on IIS with simple html page , no PHP ? data source is csv?