Discussion on BBOOTS - Mini CMS system for phpBB

Discussion on BBOOTS - Mini CMS system for phpBB

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Available for custom work?

Hi Yeb, yes I am. Send me an email so we can continue from there. Cheers!

Good luck with your sales

Its not working with FLATBOOTS , help me out

Yes I have registered .. this is my profile.

If I dont need it, please give me the CMS what i needed , or tell me how to purchase it. So please refund this money.

Hi S,

I just replied to your PM in the forum. We’ll continue from there.



Support rtl ????

To be honest I regret buying this after buying BBOOTS. The install is straightforward and without trouble but not nearly complete. You can change the logo text but you can’t change the logo text subtext? Nowhere in BBOOTS or this CMS is it explained how to do this… very frustrated without the documentation. My final opinion will be based on the support forum. Just wish it was more complete for such a simple thing or better documented

Hi Sav, for sure you can change the text under the logo, and you actually do that via default phpBB Admin Panel. The documentation available assumes the Admin is already familiar at least with the default phpBB software.

In any case, this is supposed to make the Admin’s life easier and faster so if you have any doubts, questions or need help with anything, I’m here.

Send me an email: or use the dedicated support forum:

whatever works best for you. Let me know how it goes.

Cheers! Dave

Hi, I bought your FLATBOOTS theme, and it recommended I buy Mini CMS, so I bought this MiniCMS but it does not edit the main text on the site, is there a MiniCMS for FLATBOOTS or are they one in the same?

Hi S,

I’m so sorry! I missed this message :-/ Let me know if you solved this already with the correct Mini CMS and if there is anything I can do for you.

You can also contact me via email:

Cheers! Dave

not working . bad support team

Hi Desert,

Just read your email. Support on the week-ends is limited hours. Human beings here taking the week-ends off :-)

I would normally answer on Monday, but I noticed you said “Bad support” comment therefore to show you how actually awesome the support is with a professional developer here I am answering you on the week-end, 7 hours after your comment…

You purchased FLATBOOTS theme but installed BBOOTS Mini CMS on it.



BBOOTS has its own BBOOTS mini CMS.

They are two different themes with their own respective Mini CMS’s.

In any case, let’s continue via email so I can help you better.

Cheers! Dave

Actually, I purchased BBoots and then I tried to install MINI CMS and BBCORE. Both are installed without any problem but they do not show up in extensions.

Hi Des,

Ok now I know both products are correct. However it is still not enough for me to understand where the issue is.

Could be several. IE botched phpBB migration, corrupted files etc. As I mentioned let’s continue via email.

Send me your board admin login information and FTP and I’ll be happy to look into this for you asap.

Cheers! Dave

Hi – Does this work with 3.2 phpBB?

Hi Steve! Yup it does.


Hi Dave, Please update this to 1.06 please.

Done. Thank-you!

Just download it, still 1.0.5

yup because Envato hasn’t approved it yet. You will get an email when the new version is approved.


hello.. I purchased this by mistake… I should have bought the Flatboot mini CMS… can I exchange it

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Hi, yesterday I loaded up phpbb3.1, bboots responsive theme, and this mini cms in that order. Phpbb installed and was running, and I didn’t touch anything. Same for bboots theme, I set it as default, and it showed up running … and I didn’t touch anything. The mini cms followed successfully, and was enabled in my extensions. However when I loaded a new logo and background through my ACP using the mini cms extension (the only way I see to use this mini cms), the files were accepted and show there, but no change on my site despite clearing cache and logging out. Problem: changes, like logo and background, are not taking effect. Any ideas?

OK thanks, doing that now.

Thanks again for the great service recently!

Thank-you for supporting multiple projects. Cheers! Dave

The preview isn’t working properly, can you fix it? Thanks!

Hi, should be fixed now. Thanks!

Does this work with Flatboots?

Hi Tym, This is only for BBOOTS. I made sure to specify it on the title and description to avoid confusion. In any case I see you registered to the support forum. Let’s continue from there. Cheers!


Can’t get this installed without the automod function on 3.1.6, what should I do?

Hi Imo,

The Mini Mini CMS for phpBB 3.1 update is coming up in just a few days. Possibly by This Wednesday.

Thanks for your patience and support, I will let you know as soon as the update is published. Cheers!

Will it be launched soon?

Hi I submitted the update yesterday. They usually approve items anywhere between 1 and 5 days. You should receive an email once the update is approved.

Cheers! Dave

It does not seem to work with phpbb 3.1.6 :( Is there a way to make it work?

Hi Nitin,

I replied to your email and I just noticed your comment here. The Mini Mini CMS for phpBB 3.1 update is coming up in just a few days. Possibly by This Wednesday. Thanks for your patience and support, I will let you know as soon as the update is published. Cheers! Dave

hi Dave, I’ve bought Flatboots and mini cms today. I want to ask, how to install AutoMod in phpbb 3.1? according to this link “AutoMOD is incompatible with phpBB 3.1.x” What should I do? and how to do that? ty

Hi Ory,

You don’t need automod. Register to the official community support forum: and send me a PM from there. ;)


Does this work with Flatboots?


Lets continue via email.


hello since you told,i have also purchased the mini css,i use version 3.0.14 and during installation,mini css warn me for version but i force to install,now i wonder if it will give eror ? and i can not see anywhere mini css mode tab? since i installed

Hi :) I received your email. I can install it for you. PS> Yes the version number warning should be ignored. Dave


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