Discussion on Battleship Minesweeper - HTML5 Game

Discussion on Battleship Minesweeper - HTML5 Game

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hi.. i have online mine sweeper game. I need cheat code/hack for that game so that i can know the bomb position and i skip that to high score the game. Can you help me to acheive. I will pay

Hello, we are sorry but we can’t help you

Hello! Can you add a choice in the beginning of the game of 4 difficulty levels: easy – field 10×10, medium – field 20×20, hard – field 25×25, extreme – field: 30×30. It will improve game replayability and make it much more fun! Thank you!

Thanks for your advices!

Another feature asked by my players: Can you open the whole field in the end of the game (if player lose) and show location of all the mines. Right now you just get a “GAME OVER” page that cover the field. In that case players will want to try the game again and again. Thank you!

Hi! thank you for the advice! We’ll take it into account eventually for future updates. It’s always good to have feedback from users experience to improve the games!

Hi, I would like to purchase. But I need to know if I can edit number of fields and if I can use this app on touch screen TV. And if I can run it offline.

you can easily change the number of grids and rows in the CMain.js file, as written in the documentation the game works also offline, but we can’t ensure that it will work on touch TV. Some of our customers use Cordova, Phonegap or Iudei to port our games into apk successfully, but we can’t check porting operation and ensure the final result

Are the numbers ( 1 & 2 ) included as text or pictures because I need to replace the numbers with another icons ?

Hi, the minesweeper cells are included in the sprites folder, so you have to replace the spritesheet with your own graphic respecting the same size.

Pixels should be bigger Also its good to add more than level.

Easy Normal Hard or Advance

you’re free to hire us to customize the game according to your needs

Am I missing something or not? On touch screens, there is no way to flag the mine, right? Pity that you can’t really play this game on smart phones.

You can flag the mines also on tablets and mobile. As you know there is no right click on mobile devices so to flag a mine you have to click the toggle in the upper-left. Play the live preview on mobile device to try this feature.

thanks for the reply and I have bought it to show my appreciation of the game!

thank you very much!


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