Discussion on Green Box for WordPress - Manage and Sell Banners

Discussion on Green Box for WordPress - Manage and Sell Banners

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Hi, Banner upload is not working, please help

Hello are you there ?

what the hell is this, where are you? it has been 22 hrs with no reply


It has been more than 20 hrs and no one reply.

I bought the plugin and installed on my wordpress website, when i upload banner then it did not work, it says image “Image was not uploaded properly” error.

Also my server giving these errors.

23-May-2023 06:53:15 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “SERVER_NAME” in /home/cweb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/halfdata-green-box/green-box.php on line 91 [23-May-2023 06:53:15 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “SERVER_NAME” in /home/cweb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/halfdata-green-box/green-box.php on line 93

I need to fix this quick.

Thank you

can the banners be placed on different / other websites? or only on the domain with the plugin?

Yes, it’s possible.

Bonjour, je viend d’acheter. Je ne trouve aucune documentations, aucuns tutoriel. Je voudrais l’installer, en font-end et en back-end. Je ne trouve pas ou est-ce possible ? de plus vous dites que c’est possible en intégrant un fichier dans d’autres sites de faire affiché les annonces sur des sites tiers, comment puis-je faire cella ? Merci Beaucoup.

Hello, I just bought. I can’t find any documentation, no tutorial. I would like to install it, in font-end and in back-end. I do not find or is it possible? moreover you say that it is possible by integrating a file in other sites to make posted the advertisements on third sites, how can I make this? Thank you very much.

Read item page. It explains how to use the plugin.

Sorry but I couldn’t figure out how to use it for multisite. Do all my site installations have to be multisite? Or how can I make it work on several sites at the same time?

Hello, is there a way to deactivate a domain so it can be used on another domain? I changed domains is the reason I’m asking and no longer have the first domain I activated it on.

Never mind, I did use the backup database for the new domain and just needed to update the domain in the codes.

how to translate the plugin to other languages? Im trying to use the plugin Loco Translate but unfortunally it is not possible without translating dirrectly from PHP files.

Plugin is translation radey. It is translated normal way. You need create po and mo files.

the plugin Loco Translate only detects 5 strings to be translated. Coud you please include the .po and .mo files in english to be translated?

can you restrict the banner submissions to be JS code or Gif code only? This is only so the banners can be dynamically placed on the website

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hi, I just started fresh with the new version… I do not see a setting to rotate my ads? Is this not possible in the new version… I used to have them changing every few seconds… lmk thanks

Hi. There is no such feature and plugin never had it.

Hello, i have contacted you via email with no luck, there is a problem with the plugin when you place the shortcode on a php file doesnt render correctly, please can you check it. <?php do_shortcode(“[lebox id=’2’]”); ?>

Hello i would like to add a custom field to the submission form. Is that posible easily or are you doing custom work?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature and I’m not available for freelance/customization work.

Another question when the user click to pay with stripe the checkout page should display on the user browser language can you tell me how can i enable that or change it to spanish, thanks

Hello, i bought the plugin and for the moment everything is ok, please can you tell me how can i translate the plugin, on the language folder there is not any .po file or .pot

Hi. You can use tool like Poedit to translate plugin. My plugin is translation ready. In further updates I’ll include POT file. Thanks for letting me know.

Please the components are not working properly. Please solve the problem quickly

What exactly doesn’t work. Provide provide acccess to WP dashboard and explain how to see the problem.

I have a problem, the banner show only when i’m connect to wordpress, any idea about this ?

Check that you don’t have JS errors on your site when you are logged out.

Hi I have an AMP supported website and was wandering if your plugin does support AMP pages

Hi. This is WordPress plugin. It works with WordPress. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with AMP, so I can’t answer your question.

It seems this plugin is not compatible with Bimber theme.

Please extend support period, provide access to WP dashboard and explain how to see the problem. I’ll check.

Im not asking for support, just letting you know this plugin is not compatible with that theme, anyone who actives this pluging on that theme will see the website in mobile version all the time. ;)

Im getting this error when i try to upload an image “Image was not uploaded properly.” go to my site an check it out

I’ve checked your URL – everything works perfectly. Seems you use some kind of adblocker in your browser. Never use keywords like “ads”, “advertise”, “advertisement”, your URLs. AdBlockers don’t like such URLs and block them. ;-)

I understand but the problem was I was using 7.2 php and when I changed it to 7.3 php everything worked fine. Thanks!

In this case your php 7.2 was not configured properly and didn’t allow to upload files. ;-)


This new update is great, and good looking form. I encountered 2 things that hopeufully you can assist.

1) Stripe test mode is not working. The transactions do go through because in Stripe I can see it and it status is always 200 OK, it shows the details. But, it fails the result on my website. It always comes with the email as payment not completed and it shows error as “Invalid Signature”. I checked my keys and signature and they are correct. Please test it on your end.

2) I want to change through theme css editor the blank banner color, but it doesn’t seem to take it. I edited .lebox-default-placeholder with my color scheme, but it didn’t take it. can you let me know how to do it?

Thank you.


Thanks for your reply, but It still doesn’t work, I checked and I indeed have the correct signing secret. I don’t know what to do. Can you help?


Hi. Please extend support period, provide access to wp dashbord and screenshots from Stripe containing api keys, and webhook parameters including signing secret.

Hi halfdata,

Thanks for helping me out. I just purchased the extended support for it. I’ll provide my website credentials through your profile page.

Thanks again.

Great job @halfdata! The updated version rocks.

If I make a suggestion: When ad placeholder is placed on remote site (any site for that matter), have option to open in new window.

You rock!

When going to page with payment form, the default 7 days is highlighted but with no price. You have to click on another option then back to 7 days to get price to appear. Noticed this error in dev console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: lebox_calc is not defined at (index):9

Hi. 1. Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll include your idea into todo list. 2. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll include the fix today-tomorrow. For now you can embed the payment form using HTML-code. It won’t have such problem.

Thanks for the tip about HTML code. Glad I could help in small way :)

Great update… Thank. But ads don’t “display on mobile devices !

Ok, works fine. It was a cache issue.

Please how to change language ? i’ve create a halfdata-green-box.pot file and halfdata-green-box-fr_FR.po and files but dont works.

Files must be and lebox-fr_FR.po and located in languages folder.

Could you please direct me to directions for creating text style banner like you show at

I have never seen that option and did not know it even existed.

Opps, my bad. See that it is standalone PHP script.


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