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Can we add new field in advertise form?? like I want to add one more image/audio upload in the form; please suggest.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


I would like to publish 468×60 banners RANDOMLY. Banner will change per refreshing pages. Is it possible with your plugin? I must say that I use WP Super Cache.


For a long time (Maybe 2 years or more), I have used “WP Banners Lite”. It was really beneficial for me. After I changed my theme, it broke down.

My New Theme: http://themeforest.net/item/sahifa-responsive-wordpress-news-magazine-newspaper-theme/2819356

What is Problem: It is in wrong place for 1×1 px.

I may live this problem with “Banner Manager”. Can you help me to pass this problem if I meet again?

Best Regards

I didn’t catch exactly what problem you mean.


I added the screenshots below. Probably it is clearer. Banner doesn’t seem correctly. Please look at the borders of banner.

http://s32.postimg.org/ts26800l1/banner.png http://s32.postimg.org/53saa6sxh/banner_c8c4a4a21d346b079b461aa50714dd3b.gif

Can we sell adverts based on the number of clicks ?

Can we use Paypal ?



Hi. Nope. You can sell number of days.


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Can you add Cobone Discount Codes

Hi. Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have such plans.


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Can you add for me I will pay

Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance/customization work.

Is there a way to do either a free ad ($0) or a free trial for an ad type?


Author, what happens when 2 person try to pay for the same ad space at the same time? whats the implication Is the plugin intelligent enough to avert and process returns of funds. Its important we understand this

There is no such feature. You must handle this scenario manually. It’s really rare situation, so I don’t think that’s it’s too hard to handle it manually.

I have integrated a 3rd party payment gateway, works bery well, Now i want to make the “Link optional” to required” in the add banner page. I want to ensure the buyers include the link to their website banner. Very urgent

Hi I am not asking for customisation and forget what I have done. This is your plugin. Simply how do I make the add link option as required and not optional. Justly like the banner title is required.

Please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll do it for you. I can’t explain how to do it because it will take too much time (and your request is out of support scope).

I have fixed it. Took me less than 15mins. Replaced optional to required in the banner.php and made some modifications. Thanks

So is it just one shortcode for the form and the shorcode makes the space? Or did a space in each place need to be created and assigned a shortcode?

There’s no screenshot for “add banner” and the type page doesn’t show location specification.

It has different shortcodes for form and for banners.

Can I create banner spaces for each page without having to make each page’s banner individually? Where the ad won’t be the same. Do you have an admin demo fro the ad creation please?

Nope. I don’t think plugin fits your requirements.

hey, can you add pagseguro and bcash, for payments, its more comum to use in brazil , thank you

Hi. Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have such plan. But thank you for idea. I’ll learn more about them when I have time.

Can you please add offline payment in the next update?

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have plans to implement this feature.

Is there any guide I can follow to do it myself if I purchase the plugin?

Nope. But plugin is open source. You can explore it. I cant guide you through this process, unfortunately.