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After a banner expires… is there a way to renew the banner add? I tried to change the exp date to more days… but it stays expired? are you able to renew the ad… or do I need to re enter the ad as a new ad?

The best way is to create new banner, but you can update number of days.

Some question. 1. How many banner can be accept on each slot? 2. Can the slot set to have maximum banner to accept? 3. Can you add fb style ads (image, url, ads description)

4. Can you add manual payment option (manually accept/reject on backend)?

1,2) As admin you can set max number of banners per slot. 3,4) Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hi, I cant find in the listing anywhere. What version is the plugin now? I have 2.36 and it is throwing some errors. Would an update help?

Latest version is 2.39.

hi, I am running a directory site and wonder if you plugin can somehow identify a pay listing and not show ad on the detail view page?

There is no such features. Plugin display banners in places where you put them.

Hi halfdata,

The banner manager seems to be blocked now by adblockers, even on your demo page it is blocked (see screenshot).


I use google chrome and ad blocker extension. Please check and let me know how to go around this.


Thanks for your reply. Can you provide an estimate for your next update? I would like to ask you and see if you can integrate Stripe payment gateway into it. I would pay extra for that.

Hi. Sorry for delay. I’, currently working under update. Unfortunately, I can’t tell exactly when it will be released.

Hi halfdata, do you have an update on this?

having same issue as goldstrikn. Also is there a reason why you cant make it so we can setup our own sub directory. having banner in it means we get blocked more.

Hi. Thanks for info. Seems AdBlock blocks all URLs that contain keyword “wp-banner”. It’s time to change it. :-) I’ll do it in next release.

hi, I would like to know if your plugin can be used to create banners with code to be inserted in other sites. I explain better, I have a portal and I would like to create banners, then I would like through a code to allow other portals to have the same banner that I have in my site to have links to products, is it possible?

Hi. You can banners as iframe.

you have a weird error on line 2800 wp-banners.php where php is showing up on the front end code. Edit. It is just because you use .load instead of .on(load

I assume this is since WordPress still uses old js. Maybe want to update this anyway.

Would you please update your payment providers to use Stripe??

Thanks for idea. I’ll include it into todo list.

Hi halfdata, Do you have an update coming up? it’s been several months, since the issue with popup blockers stop showing the banners was mentioned to you.

I hope that you will come up with the update very soon.

Please advise

Thank you.

Hi halfdata, I wonder if you’re closer to update this plugin, as adblockers are blocking elements and not showing up the banners.

It’s been over 7 months (2019) that it was notified to you, but still no update :( Please let me know if you plan to update this, or is this plugin not going to be updated at all.

Thank you.