Discussion on B Chat - React Native UI Template

Discussion on B Chat - React Native UI Template

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is this new functional components or classes based ?

Hello Anas, Majority of the Components are Class based. If you would like to see some examples of the Components, you can send us an Email to .

alsam sever lazımmı? admin panel varmı? ayriyetten yeni birşey almam lazımmı ?

Hello, this is just a template with no admin panel and functionality.

yönetici paneli ve işlevselliği olan olsa ne kadar olur ? fiyat

If possible we would like you to give us a in-depth information about the project and what you would want to add to it, You can reach us thru this email:

best wishes,

Hi, I have a dating website / app – I would like to have a chat / video call app, when login its automatic connect to our DB

I would like when a user click on chat / messenger link in the WebView app, then its automatic open the chat / video call chat (something like FB)

I know this is only a template, but what will it cost for you to make this chat / video call app working together with our DB?

Looking forward to hear from you. Carsten Andersen

Hello Carsten, we would be happy to discuss with you about this project you have. If possible we would like you to give us a in-depth information about the project and what you would want to add to it, You can reach us thru this email:

Kind Regards.

it doesn’t work when I run react-native run-ios,

error Could not find iPhone X simulator debug Error: Could not find iPhone X simulator

hello shichengsg001, have you read the documentation?, if not here’s the GitHub where you can report problems related to the code , and please provide the whole error so we can do more investigation on it. because I just downloaded it, and everything was fine, and no one else had this problem. Thanks

I have made it working, do you have plan to upgrade to latest react-native version?

Hello, yes i will update it, as soon as i can. Thanks

Purchased this app. Looks great overall. One bug I found is that the text input doesn’t work on iOS. Please see here. Could you email me when there is a fix please?

Here is the bug demo:

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to it. Please, do let me know once the update has been posted!

hello, i have sent you an email with the fix for it :), thanks.

Got it, thanks!

I need a working app for this is it possible before i buy

Hello king_frank, unfortunately this is only a template.

First I would like to know if it supports video call. And secondly Is this just a template or the full source? I mean do I need any modifications or it can be compiled and uploaded online in minutes just like the other few codes I saw online

Hey teemone20011, this is just a template; in order to upload it you have to write the functionality codes.

Suggestion above sounds very nice. Do you work on it when approximately it will be updated?

Hey puma13, we will try to start working on it as soon as we can. :)

Hello puma13, we have updated the template and now there are sign in, sign up, and verification pages.

This app is nice and I am even thinking of buying the extended licence. However, I expected the author to think about the use case of the app. Chat application usually would requiring registration, sign in, etc. If you had provided at least a sign in page, one can easily adapt that to create register page, forgot password page, and other form pages like change/reset password that would be required in the app. Also page to upload pictures would be nice too.

Hello kay2bone, thank you for commenting, we will update the template with the suggestions you have given us. be patient :)

Hello kay2bone, we have updated the template and now there are sign in, sign up, and verification pages.

Hello, I just purchased your product and was trying to load the documentation link on the product page is not working, shows a godaddy page. Do you have an alternate page?

Hey palmtown, Sorry for the inconvenience, the website will be back online in 1-2 days

Nice And beautiful Work, Good Luck With Sales

are you able to add this to my app? is ionic template? on android and ios

can this be connected to dialog flow?

Hello surfer4You, this template is based on react native which is based on Javascript, you can check it out here: unfortunately, I have no experience with Ionic, and yes you can use dialog flow in react native as there’s a library for it.

If I buy this product do I have to buy any other products like for phone call or anything else ?

Hello iammazu, This product is just a template, there are no functionalities or working chats in this template, You would need a working app in order to use this template

Hi. Nice work

Can this template be integrated for already existing app?

Hello, thank you for commenting Yes, the template is all based on reusable components which you can use easily. If you need any help you can email me and i will help you through the process

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you, You too :)


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