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azexo does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi, I just get the Drupal version and azexo_elements directory is empty. How could I get a real element template example ? And could you help on bootstrap CSS overrides ? Which class or selector “should” be overridden ? Tx

Hello, I am sorry – support not provided for non-registered buyers.

How to translate the texts from English to other languages,ex. Chinese? I find the code 'blockquote-reverse': t("Yes, please"), but can’t find “Yes, please” in admin/config/regional/translate/translate page.Thanks.

I found issue here – I plan to fix this in near future.



I buy Azexo Composer Drupal page / block builder on envato market/code Canyon.

It’s impossible for me to install the soft ware :

- No documentation

- No installable extension

And for an extension, the price is very expensive !!!

Can you help me for the install or I ask to envato to refund me …

Thank you !


I am sorry. Installation not included in price. Just ask to envato to refund – but I am not sure that it is correct. Documentation available in distributive. Module ready to install into drupal.

Hi there -

I am blind and can not find the documentation for this product – Can you tell me where it is located in the file -

Many thanks Wonderful work

Hello, it should be available in distributive ? What files you have inside ?

Hi there,

Every time I try to add an image in the Drupal version, it reloads the page. Do you know how I can fix that?

Hello, yes I fixed it on my local version – I will make update soon. Thanks


I have used azexo now for several months and it seemed alltogether to work fine. Currently I have installed the version of November/December 2014 (don’t know exactly). With this version azexo has become now to the main performance bottleneck of my page, since it takes up to 10 seconds for calculating a page which has about 2000 characters inside the wysiwyg editor. So I decided to update to the version of march 2015. At first I was impressed how fast everything now works until I discovered, that when you login with an user which doesn’t have the editor role, you cannot see what the editor has created! I have inspected the changes in code and it seems, that the permission handling has been changed and the azexo js files are now not loaded anymore for non-editors. :( The only way that azexo works properly with the version of march 2015 would be for me to give all users the editor role and hide the azexo elements for users which shouldn’t be editors via css. Or are there any new settings I have to undertake, to make the “front-end” of azexo to work properly with the new version?

i am sorry but support of this plugin was stopped.

It would be useful to have the possibility to modify the layout easly like in http://vcpreview.com/ Enter custom layout for your row: 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4

i am sorry but support of this plugin was stopped.

Your plugin is very good, I think that with a litle effort it can be excellent. It is a pity that let stopped. With your answer I understant that you are not working more in it?


Hello, some question about your module.

Can the final user add the same view diplay multiple times?

Can the final user pass params to the view? For example with the Insert view module we set Contextual filters like [view:my_view=my_display=arg1/arg2]. Can the user set the arg manually?

Can we limit the content that the user can add to the page by role?

It’s possible to provide custom pre built template?


A real shame that this product is abandoned. I came here as I noticed that superthemes is using this plugin and has some extensions for it. Do not want to buy a product with no future. Can you please explain what / if anything are plans for this – it could be the most incredible contrib to Drupal!

i am not have any plans for this item. too low sales. i love how it implemented. maybe issue in too many features for such sales flow. it is complex to support and extend.

i send you a mail but no response. i want to know if the IDEAL plugin for mayment can be implemented in the Group Buying Theme Daily Deals Marketplace – KUPON. thank you

theme use WC for payments – see possibility for this plugin

Hello Mr Author,

I brought this product few months ago after testing it out on demo provided by Code Canyon. I have recently installed this on one of my projects with bootstrap theme. But unfortunately nothing is rendering as it should be. To be honest I am fairly disappointed. I followed the documentation that comes with it but still nothing. Can you please explain why? Am I still missing something?


Can I also ask which media module version does your module work?

Hello. I know this is no longer supported, but can you give me an example of how to setup a html element in the azexo_elements directory? I’ve followed the instructions here and on your website, but nothing is shown. I’ve traced the code, and it’s not even getting to the part where it tries to load it. Does it need something defined in the elements.js file to tell it to look for it? Thanks

Ok, found it. Had to uncomment the code in azexo_composer.module

Hi, before i buy this module i’ve one question

will this module updated on the Drupal 8 or for Drupal 8 will be another theme?

for drupal 8?