Discussion on Aya React Native - A simple real-time route tracking

Discussion on Aya React Native - A simple real-time route tracking

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The app is out of date, will it be updated?

Hi, I’m considering buying this, but what I need is only to be able to track instantaneous location of my users (not deliveries) so i can see where each user is in real time, is that possible here (without much in terms of customization) ?


it’s very interesting app, currently I am learning react-native. may I ask two questions:

1. will I got the SOURCE CODE ?

2. which CLI used, “Expo CLI” or “React Native CLI” ?

Good luck with your sales

server requeriments?

hi, Google map is not being displayed on client server, i am getting following error This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. Please help

mobile app showing error

Does it track location when phone is offline while tracking? Does it track location when app is not in foreground or phone is locked? Does it give all the data when phone is back online i.e sync all location?

is this still supported?

is it ok for shared server or needs vps?

hello dear , i purchased but i was need ipa and apk app and web document i dont know programng to debug them

Hi, I just bought this and I couldn’t run this on android. Hopefully you can help me on this. Thanks in advanced!

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong: Circular dependency between the following tasks: :@mauron85_react-native-background-geolocation-common:compileDebugAidl \- :@mauron85_react-native-background-geolocation-common:compileDebugAidl ()

() – details omitted (listed previously)

great,is awesome

it’s very interesting app, curently I am learning react-native. Before I buy this app, may I ask three things:

1. will I got the SOURCE CODE ?

2. which version of react-native used?

3. which CLI used, “Expo CLI” or “React Native CLI”

Hello I have bought your project “Aya React Native – A simple real-time route tracking”

but I can’t get the app in React to compile successfully. Could you help me to make it work for me? Apparently the gradle version and its geolacation library are too old

I await your prompt response, thank you


does this app supports ‘opencart’ ? I mean the app can read the orders from my opencart website

hello I am interested in adding this live tracking into my food delivery app, I already have my apps but I don’t have a live map inside. Can this work, my app is built with yii. please let me know

Hi, can i use for a wordpress page?

can you setup the app for me to be ready for launching online ?

hi sir, how about the api you are using (not google map api), is it free ? is there any quota request per day or per mounth ?

Hello, i got the server and app running fine. I am seeing the map in the browser and the driver app runs on my devices. the problem I am having is with the aya api.. specifically:

[nodemon] starting `node index.js` [aya-api] Running on port 3001. http://localhost:3000/ (node:17994) DeprecationWarning: current URL string parser is deprecated, and will be removed in a future version. To use the new parser, pass option { useNewUrlParser: true } to MongoClient.connect. (node:17994) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: MongoNetworkError: failed to connect to server [localhost:27017] on first connect [Error: connect ECONNREFUSED at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1056:14) { name: ‘MongoNetworkError’, message: ‘connect ECONNREFUSED’, stack: ‘Error: connect ECONNREFUSED\n’ + ’ at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1056:14)’, errorLabels: [Array], {} }]

Seems like the api is not connecting to the database??

please let me know what you think

When i start a ride on the mobile app, the web client is not being updated with the new driver.

Any support here?

Is that possible to send/receive data using my REST API (JSON) on external url ?

I already have my PHP backend with MySQL and i have my REST API for insert and display from db.

I would need to display data received from my API as JSON in the app.

And, send react native app input data to my POST API URL and send data as array ? Or something like that.



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