Discussion on AWS Amazon S3 - Multipart Uploader

Discussion on AWS Amazon S3 - Multipart Uploader

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Hi, Why we cannot see new release? Is there any ETA on that? Thanks in advance


Refer to S3 File Transfer script, it uses the same multipart upload feature with a lot of other features. No plans for this particular script at the moment due to low demand.

Still active?

Yes it is

are you providing support still?


It has a basic concept, we have plans to update the script with laravel framework, but currently no target date.

Can I use your app, like so, I have wp site and i have videos on it and i wanna put those videos on S3 and display them in wp site by using the link that ur app provides, can that be achieved?

You will need to modify the code accordingly, you can integrated the code behind as needed to your wp platform, but that will be up to you.

Hi, can this be used to upload videos to stream to users on demand? Here, when i upload the video and click on the link, it only shows the download option. Or does AWS has some other service for this? thx


No, it is a file upload solution with integrity verification, it is not a CDN or video streaming solution. Can you provide more details on what exactly you are looking for, something like netflix type?

Yes, but not entirely like netflix. What I meant was something where users login to their accounts and upload a video to their S3 folder/bucket and get a link that they can embed anywhere to start playing/streaming. Kinda use like a video hosting solution via AWS.

Dear Author , I have discovered that it is not helpful to me, rather I need to get the S3 Single File Uploader with Email option. Thus I request to refund or if there is any option alter the goods then Please help me out. Thanks


Send us an email:, we will figure out a solution for you.

Dear Author, I replied your mail- several times – Could you please Reply me & Help me out . Thanks

Sorry for delay, I’ve send you an email with download link yesterday.


1. What is the difference between it and “AWS Amazon S3 – File Uploader?

2. If i use direct upload to S3, Does it mean that user can upload many big files (not good in security sense)?


1 – S3 File Uploader – uploads to your server first, before uploading to S3. So it basically allows you do anything you want with the file before it’s final destination in the bucket. – S3 Multipart Uploader – as you can see from demo, check integrity of each file chunk and total file after upload, plus it is a direct upload from your browser to S3 bucket. Nothing is stored on your server temporarily as with File Uploader.

2 – You can upload any file size up to the permitted size by you. You can put limit of max file size within the code.

Hi I have a site, where user upload deigital product to sell. Now in my site, user uploaded image files goes to S3, but the Zip file do not go. Actually the developer created the system that way. but I want to auto upload both image and zip file to S3, can you help me with this, thanks.


Will check your email, no need to post same message on 3 different products, you can just use one of them, we always read comments anyways so will not miss your message.

Is this built on a php framework? If so which one? I’m trying to figure out how easy this will be to customize.

No frameworks used, it is a direct upload from your browser, so PHP part is straightforward, most of the processing done on the client side.

Hi very happy to have found this, this is almost exactly what I was looking for.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Would it be possible to upload multiple files at a time?

2) Would it be possible to have a view that is more similar to a wetransfer interface so that my clients do not have to choose all of the uploading parameters? I would like to maybe even set these parameters as default so they can not change them.

3) Can you please confirm this would go directly to my AWS bucket and not pass through our my server at all? I am uploading very large video files, more than 5gb per file, and more than 30-40 per time.

4) Would it be possible to add a feature where the user can add an email to notify when uploaded, like wetransfer?

Ok sure, what email can I reach you at?

Here you go: berkinedesign @

Thanks, just sent you an email from

Hi, I’m very interested in this item I just have a question (by the way I know the item does not have this functionalities but since you are experts in AWS S3 I wanted to ask if you can help me achieve this)

I will only upload 3 file types: PDF, JPG and PNG

Most of our clients upload big files and is hard to use LAMDA to create thumbnails for big files.

1. Can the you guys make a function where it uploads 2 files? The original file uploaded and a copy of it but in a small size to use for web similar to thumbnail.

2. Can you guys make a functionality so when uploading the file we can detect the file dimensions in inches?

Thank you very much, by the way those 2 functionalities we need them to work for PDF, JPG and PNG thank you.


Thank you for your interest in our product.

You can send us an email with more details, here some answers for you to get started:

1 – How big is big? For images, unless they are in raw format, they are usually in a manageable size to be processed by a Lambda function. How big are your images in average?

2 – Yes we can, how do you want to process that info afterwards? Where do you want to store it?

For PDF files, not sure how and why do you want to create thumbnails…


Hi, I try sending emails but never got an answer by email maybe something going on with the email any way ill follow up in here.

1. We already have a code that creates thumbnails and we will keep using that, it had a glitch but we where able to fix it.

2. For file dimensions we also find a solution now can find the dimensions of jpg, png and pdf

Now my only question is:

1. I tested the one you guys have as a demo but some design type of files it wont upload properly like .CDR (corel) istead of uploading the file is creating a zip with same files in it, is that because is a demo? or is it like that?

2. Based on question 1 I want to know if this multipart upload changes the files my qustion is because the orders we get we are not allow to change anything from the files.

thank you


Apologies for the delay, I was on a PTO.

I hope you found a solution already to your questions. if not here you go:

1 – It does not change any file extensions, nor it zips files, there is simply no mechanisms inside the code to do that. And since S3 is an object storage, it basically doesn’t really care in what format you upload files.

2 – No, it is a straightforward upload from browser to your S3 bucket. Make sure that integrity is matched upon upload, which would verify that you have the same file with all chunks properly uploaded.

Does this include an upload from front end option? Or is it only from the admin side? Thank you.

It is a direct upload from your browser, PHP side needed to verify connection and upload links, rest is handled by your browser.


This is a wonderful product, and an amazing work. Something to note is, alot of people use s3 for storage, but not everyone uses amazon aws for that. there are other s3 compatible vendors out there, is there a form to add them, other than on code?

1) does your support support any other s3 compatible vendor, or have most things been hadrdcoaded for amazon aws.

2) Could you add an ftp to s3 bridge in the futire. i.e if i have a system that only makes backup to ftp, the software acts as an ftp server to receive the files, then transferes them to an s3 bucket, can you consider these?

Thank you!

Answers for your questions: 1 – If that vendor is using Amazon S3 APIs, then yes it is compatible. One example would be Wasabi, which literally requires 1 extra line added to this script. Not familiar with other vendors.

2 – We were not planning it. Why not transfer straight to S3? It has a direct upload feature straight from browser to S3 without storing/uploading any file part in the server side. Otherwise it removes the whole purpose of direct upload to S3.


the use case for that feature and function is. yes, WASABI, SCALEWAY, etc

if i have say a php application, that only makes backups to ftp, ftps or sftp etc. it is not possible to setup automatic backups to s3. so if your software becomes the bridge, then the software makes ftp connection to your software, which is then transferred to s3.

Also, manually uploading large files on browser can fail sometimes, but when connected through FileZilla say, it can be resume, but the end storage is s3

Thank you

Hello how can one use this for wasabi?


Wasabi has S3 compatible API, and similar IAM Role permissions.

But nevertheless you still need to add wasabi endpoint into the code: Something like this: $wasabiEndpoint = new AWS.Endpoint(‘’); $s3 = new AWS.S3({ endpoint => wasabiEndpoint, ....


Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you!

Very Interesting

Thank you!

Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS

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