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Demo doesn’t work. Also a few questions;

- can I also use it outside Wordpress? - instead of a fixed location, is it possible to make it based on IP and/or GEO location? Either will be fine.

Looking for a decent replacement for my starting page. So far most weather scripts don’t work that great within bootstrap or are slow.


Aaaaw… That sucks, because I don’t use Wordpress and was looking for a decent weather script. Guess I will look into an alternative.

so, why you looking in wordpress category?

Because it showed up in Codecanyon’s search on a weather script.

...furthermore I never noticed your answer, so I thought it was polite to answer anyways.

This is incredible! Really happy to see I’m the first buyer too :D any chance this could be used as a shortcode too?

No worries, I’ve found a work around anyway :D very impressed with what you’ve done. Installation was super easy too

Thanks for the quick response too

Thanks you for rate) good luck


Is it possible to show pictures on condition. So lets say a happy face when it’s nice hot and a sad face when it’s cold?

And does this plugin have a geoloction setting?


hello, its good ideas, i think about it in new updates

hello, in new update, i added geolocation

Love the Plugin, it worked right away. :D

But i have a question, the time in the Widget is showing GMT instead of the local time zone, is that intended that way? Or is there an option where I can set it to my local time zone?


hello, please write me

Hello, This is great plugin.. But it showing wrong time according to my system ( 6 hours difference) Example: In my system 7 am, in this app showing 1 am :( Please provide solution.

Nice work, do we have to buy that third party’s subscription to get the weathers or is it included in this purchase?

Hello, weather api is free

weather api doesn’t work its not updating the weather and time zone is not working either.

hello, please write to support

thanks, he helped me figure it out. the time is fixed inside the actual plugin.php

Hi. Incredible work! I really want to buy, but I need jQuery version. Is that possible?

no, its plugin for wordpress

Can you please add different conditions to weather?? like some way to incorporate current condition to a specific .Gif??? if you can do that I will pay EXTRA

gif for what?

current condition of weather like create rainy clods flashing lighting and that should be about all just have the interface of the .gif match the current condition?

you mean icon or cover?

Is Fahrenheit supported?

hello, yes of course (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin)

Hi! I just purchased the plugin. I love the style and look forward to how you improve based on the comments being made. Seems like you’ve got something great to begin with.

I have 2 questions.

1. Part of me was thinking that the animations for day/night were based on the actual time rather than just a video loop. Is there a way to make it so that the image was synced with the day or night?

2. Right now the plugin shows the time, but not the day. I’m using this plugin to show the weather for a place on the other side of the world so I’m hoping that there might be a way to show the date along with the time for people to get more specific.

Please let me know. Thanks!

p.s. I needed to be able to add this to my pages, so I just used a plugin called [removed] and it allowed me to set it up and then display it on my page. I thought you might be able to point other people to this plugin who ask about being able to place your widget in more places.


hello, 1. I do not think it’s a good idea. 2. not understood for what date? 3. its widget, not shordcode remove, please yor link to another plugin!

I like this animated Wordpress plugin. However, I want website visitors to see local temperature wherever they are and not have to enter a default city in wp admin. Will you add this geolocation option?

Hello. I would like to know how I can do to have the widgtet in Italian. Thanks so much

Hello. I would like to know how I can do to have the widgtet in Italian. Thanks so much

Hello. I have a pre-purchasing question. I’d like to show 16days forecasts. Not only ‘current’ weather. Can I do this with your plug in?

Hello, I have to show 8 locations across Canada in different time zones, how can I change the time on each of the locations? is it possible?

hello, curent time its time of server

so all locations have to show the same server time? Is there any way to change that?

I have the same issue – we are showing multiple cities using this plugin, but the time displayed is the time per WordPress settings. Can we adjust this on a per city basis? You have a check box for enable geolocation but that doesn’t appear to do anything from what I can tell. If we cannot have the time displayed for EACH city, can we disable showing the time? Thank you.

on this moment i create option for select timezone

That’s great news! And thanks for such a quick response too!

Is it possible to change the size of the icon? I just want it a bit smaller

plugin not have this function for custormer

Thank you for the time update that you did! Very quick and works great!! Love your plugin. We have 8 cities that we display on our website and it looks awesome.