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what a great script. 2 questions : is it possible to have the autogrid script in full version ( not minified ) ?

how can i put the filter in another part of the page …

like the filter in a column ans the gallery in a second one.

thanks Alexandre

Hello Alexandre,
1) yes, its on the JS folder, and its called “autoGrid.js” you can use it in your page instead of the “autoGrid.min.js”

2) currently this feature is not included, but if you know some jQuery I can tell you the JS part where the category nav bar is added to the page so you can add it to the element of your choice, if so let me know so I can give you the exact line ;)

Best, David

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Love this application so much – it was working with no prob few days when I checked it. However today it just doesn’t show – blank. Tested it on various browser but nothing shown. Can u let me know what went wrong? under showroom link,

Thanks You, RS

Hi David,

This is very strange indeed as it was working before until this problem.

I have spoken to my ISP n they have set Gallery and sub directories to 777 permissions but still does not appear and I can not see any error msg.

As mentioned I have uploaded the graphics to all directories. See one of the example

Thanks, RS

Hi David,

Good news ! problem solved.

I have asked the guys from ISP to set 777 permission but still not working.

Anyway, I test the same file FTP it on my other server and it works :) So I got back to prove to my other ISP guys that this application is working.

Few minutes later they fixed the problem – dunno what was wrong with their setup but am happy it’s working again.

Thanks for all the support * star.

Hi Rush,
I’m glad to hear that, I was running out of ideas hehe!
Not sure what the problem was but I’m glad its fixed

Best :)

Hi! After many years of happy use of your awesome practical gallery, I returned to see whats updated, because the gallery script does NOT any longer work for websites that need the new jquery 3.x for example current release

<script src=””></script>

> Update: April 4, 2016 Updated version of imagesLoaded plugin so the images load correctly

Will your version of April 4th from a year ago work with jquery 3.x OR are you planning on updating your code so it works on jquery 3.x? Thanks very much and I will gladly donate you with paypal some $$ just let me know what how and when ;-) Cheers from an all-time-fan!

Thank you for your support, you can contact me via email (through my profile at the bottom right there’s a contact form) for a PayPal donation :D

I’m actually planning a huge update for this plugin, I will base it on the media boxes which is already compatible with jquery v3

That may take a little of time, or are you on a hurry?

Best, David


Can you create an update in which the users can share the photos “Like” and “Share”, via the classic social media links?

I use this gallery for a public project where users can upload their pictures. These pictures are then displayed in the Gallery.



Hi Nino,
I will think about this for a future update ;)
Best, David

Hi, great plugin! Everything seems to be working fine apart fromt eh categories. When you click through them and then go back to previous categories, they just all buch up with a slight offset from the top. Can you help please?

1) Currently there’s no ETA on the update, as it will be a redesign on the script.
2) Ohh, currently there’s no option for this, but if you know some JS I can tell you where to place your JS script for this
3) Add this CSS to your page:

.navbar-brand img{
    display: inline-block !important;
    width: auto !important;

    overflow: initial !important;

2 – if you cna tell me where would be great 3 – Thats great, worked a treat 4 – Is there a way to show only 1 category on a page?

2) open the autoGrid.js file and find this:
that’s the line for the text in the overlay

4) currently there’s no option for this

Best, David

Hi I need to create a mosaic, with a horizontal scroll in a html site, My question is: Can I? And do you have an option so the images become equal and fit equally in a full screen. Thanks

Horizontal scrolling is not supported, only vertical, and yes you can add static width and height to your images, but they will be vertically

Best, David


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You can do that with CSS, like this:

  background: gray !important;
Best, David

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Hello castlecode,

your script is great. I would like to change the text of the buttons “ALL” and “LOAD MORE” in German language. can you help me?

Thank You, Frank

Hi Frank,
With the current version of the plugin you would need to edit the JS and PHP file in order to do this, but I just made a huge update for this plugin (is like a new plugin since I redesigned everything), it will now be based on the Media Boxes!

You can see a living example here:

in this new update you can pass the text for the “all” and “load more” very easy like the other options

I pushed the update to codecanyon few hours ago, now its just waiting to be approved by them

So you can wait a few for the new version or I can tell you where to change that in the old version ;)
Let me know :D

Best, David


Antlin Purchased

Hi David, i`m waiting for the new version. Regards Frank

Hi Frank,
Not sure why CodeCanyon hasn’t approve the update, its probably due to the weekend, but if its urgent for you, you can contact me via email here: and I’ll send you the files :D


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Beautfiul update….

thank you :D

Hello, I am very interested but I have a question, would it be possible to add an upload function so that visitors can add photos?

The plugin doesn’t come with an “Uploader”, but if you have/find some upload that adds image into a folder then the plugin can scan that folder automatically and create the gallery/grid

I hope it makes sense :)

Hi again. I know we can do a caption via the filename, is there a way we could do a caption per image via “title” or “alt” attribute ? Anyway to show me where to look for the code to change if you don’t have time ? Thanks a million!!


eberswine Purchased

ok, found a way to add EXIF data to our images. Is there a way to use that now! Thanks!

which program you used to add EXIF data? I would need to test this out and add it in the newest version as an update ;)


eberswine Purchased

lightroom, photoshop!


tony_new1 Purchased

Hi, Am I able to name my gallery folders in Chinese? and how


Yes that’s possible, your hosting must supported though (linking to images and directories with special characters).

I tried my self all kind of special characters (like chinese words, accents, etc) for both images and folders and it works like a charm, just rename your folders/images with the desire words ;)

Best, David


tony_new1 Purchased

Hi, David,thanks for reply, I think my hosting do support that display Chinese, since its host in China..however, when I change those folders name under gallery, it display ???...not sure why is happened..

Hi, In order to make sure, try doing the following:

1) totally outside the plugin, somewhere in your hosting create a folder with the name in Chinese
2) then add an image inside that folder also with a Chinese name
3) Then try to open that image directly in the browser (via URL), and if everything is ok, it should display the image!

For example if you open this link:漢字/汉字.jpg
you’ll see the image, and notice how the folder and the image got Chinese characters

If you are not able to open your image in your browser then you may need to contact your hosting provider and provide that example, they may be able to configure something for you in order to allow those characters

I hope it makes sense :)


i try to run your example and i bug.

you can see it your self in this link

Waring for your support thanks Avi

Hi Avi,
its throwing an error saying:

file(galleries/gallery/): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <b>F:\Dropbox\ControlCenter\modules\auto_grid\plugin\auto_grid.php
are those locations correctly?

Also I see the plugin working in the index.php page (the USAGE EXAMPLES section is using the plugin and it prints everything correctly) but not in the other pages, did you customizes the other pages?

Thank you for this great uptate! I like the flexibility and the many adjustment possibilities and the code quality. I have one question: Is it possible to display the number of images for each filter? For exmple: | All 67 | Category 1 25 | Category 2 42 | Thank you! :grin: