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This is a great script, but missing one thing for my purposes. Is there a way to add a “download file” link along with the fancybox “slideshow / fullscreen / thumbs / close” buttons after clicking on an image to see it larger?

1) this is one of the JS options, you can control how many images you wish to load when it first load and also how many images you wish per set, in your case just pass this JS setting:
grid : {
        boxesToLoadStart                : 99999999999999999999,

2) these are also JS options, just pass these as well:
filter: false,
search: false,

You can see all the options available in the docs (in the options section):

Great. Thanks again for the response.


Just purchased Auto Grid and trying to test it out. I uploaded everything in the examples folder into a folder on my website server called autogrid. I also uploaded the plugin folder to the root directory. When I try to run one of the php pages in the autogrid folder I get this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/content/m/a/r/markoc398/html/plugin/auto_grid.php on line 68

Not sure how to correct it as I am a bit of a novice on where to put things. Hope you can help! Thanks, Mark O’Connell the web address if you want to check is:

Very strange, on line 68 there’s only a comment, not a ‘[’

can you contact me via email? so I can send you again via email the auto_grid.php file, maybe the one you got is corrupted somehow

you can contact me here:

Best, David

just sent

got it, I replied as well, lets continue our support via email :D

Hi i just bought the auto grid plugin which is truely excellent. I’m running into 1 slidght problem though. I’m converting the plugin to a quick&dirty joomla module meaning i have all files except the main php files (in this example the gallery.php) into the module. All paths to js/css etc etc is been taking care of and also the required auto_grid.php is included. I see the search form and the “no more entries” text but there are no images shown. I also have a standalone version on the same server which is doing fine. I tried to tweek the image folder ( ) but i don’t get images or i get a 500 respond which causes an error_log of 500MB with warning for only 1 page request!!!!! Any idea what is going on?

If you are sure the paths of the CSS/JS and auto_grid.php file are correct then maybe there’s an issue locating the gallery folder, can you show me a living example online? so I can take a quick look.

If you prefer you can contact me privately via email here:

Best, David


eddy-r3 Purchased

Hi guys, trying to use a config.txt file, ive followed the instructions, but on my local server im getting the following error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_auto_grid_data() in C:\wamp64\www\brickworks\gallery.php on line 78 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0003244592{main}( )...\gallery.php:0

I have this as my HTML

div id=”grid” auto-grid-data=”<?php echo get_auto_grid_data(”/gallery”, “config.txt”);

I did post the whole code, but it got filtered you get the idea lol

Any tips? :)

Many thanks,

Can you try “gallery” instead of ”/gallery”?

or can you show me a living example online so I can take a look? you can contact me privately via email here:

also don’t forget to renew your support period ;)
Best, David

Does your gallery script support sub categories?

What do you mean subcategories? something like this?

Best :)

is there anyway to hide the caption in the lightbox at the bottom:

Try adding this peace of CSS:

  display: none !important;
also don’t forget to renew your support period (in the plugin page), as it has expired ;)

Best, David

Ok. thank you I will try this, but just to confirm, caption: false, is not a relevant option?

caption is not longer an option in the new version

hi, the examples dont work, is everything updated?

Yes the plugin should be working, any chance you could show me a living example online? So I can take a look and see what’s going on?
Also do you have the latest version running on a php environment? (A web server)
Best, David

Example 1 and 2 doesnt work an local xampp v3.2.2. Need any changes in php.ini?

xampp v3.2.2 => PHP versions: 7.0.23

Apache/2.4.27 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2l PHP/7.1.9

everything seems to be ok, since your PHP version is not old, any chance you could put a living example online so I can take a look and see what’s going on?

I would like to get it running locally on xampp. MASONRY GALLERY and FULL WIDTH GALLERY do not run, the rest works fine. Do I have something under xampp 3.2.2 change?

can you send me a screen shot of your browser where the example is not working?
You can contact me via email (through my profile at the bottom there’s a contact form)
Best, David

I answered you via email, let’s continue the support via email ;)
Best, David

Hello, I bought an “Auto Grid Responsive Gallery” and use some Chinese categories, but can not show Chinese navigation bar filter.

Cloud you tell me how to modify it to support the Chinese directory and the Chinese file name? Thank you!

php version: PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.22

nginx version: nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)

I haven’t experience any issue with chinese characters, I just add them and they work great, I tested locally and in 2 different hostings without any problem, for example I added some here (next to the “Directions Effects” text):

Are you able to open one image in the browser with chinese characters in the folder’s name? for example like this:汉字/I_direction-top.jpg

if you are not able to open your images with chinese characters directly in the browser you may need to contact your hosting provider for some assistant on this

I hope it makes sense :)

pre-purchase query

very nice design and code – very much interested, only want to know if on clicking image, can i get a detail page with image and description instead of pop-up image

you can link to any page or site by clicking on an image, so if you create a separate page with an image and some text then yes you can link to it by clicking on a thumbnail in the grid

Best ;)

Hi, I am trying to get this to work with an amazon S3 bucket? What am I doing wrong ??

<?php echo get_auto_grid_data(“”); ?>