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Amazing work, Goodluck with sales!

fantastic work very good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2017 ;)

HI, awesome work! Question, Would it work in Shared hosting? thx

Yes it will

Looks good. Best wishes for the sales. DCSF

Dream on and achieve on. DigitalCenturySF

yes we can do that

interested to buy this. But what will happen after someone book to Rent a car. Can’t check this in demo.

can you show one sample in demo version please

ok lets connect us at skype : hsoftxml , we will give you a complete overview of the system via skype session

if someone book/wishlist a car then admin will get an email which include all the details regarding the user and booked/wishlist car and those details also show in backend.

It seems to me very well this platform, would it be possible when sharing appears image?

Yes its possible

what codeigniter version is used?

version 3.1.0

  • you state that this is a car listing script, which means that anyone can advertise and post their cars for sale or for rent. But I do not see anything in the demo that allows anyone to post, which means that only the website owner can post his own cars for sale or for rent. So ????

Yes right now it’s only admin can post we are adding vendors version

Hi Am interested in buying this.

But before that have a quick question. The application is quite slow. What might be the reason? Is it due to the tech spec of the current server which it is running on or does the code requires a performance tuning?

Please advise.

That must be due to the server it is hosted ,as right now almost 20+ products are running which are getting regular traffic , i suggest you can buy it and use the script on your server

Thankyou for this imminent response.

İ don`t know why, but i get after installation HTTP ERROR 500 :/

i changed my php version to 5.6, but now i get white screen error (blank page)

please connect us at support@himanshusofttech.com , we will get the script setup for you

Hi, Can i add for ex. 20 photos of cars ? Because i see max. 4 photos of car. In demo i cant upload photos. Thanks :)

Yes its possible

hi, i have setup the script as instructed and placed it in a folder on my site and it works except for none of the links including the login page. i think it might be my htaccess file i might need a little help with

admin login not work !

its seems the demo site have been hacked

Hello @KwabenaOduro, thanks so much for informing us about the demo which indeed is being hacked and we are working our best to sort this issue out asap. (y)

well…has the easy infiltration of your code been rectified or is the script and version of codeigniter still Hackable?

Hello pharill :)

The Codeigniter is secure framework, we have followed the folder and file structure of Codeigniter in this script, but still if you feel that it is hackable, please let us know we will work on that.Can you please drop an email with your findings at support@himanshusofttech.com

i just asked because couple months ago, you and someone else said it had been hacked.

Yes we agree on that as the old server was vulnerable, but now we have changed it and its now totally fine.

Presale question is tawk.to included with this script

Did mail you author

The support team has not received any mail from you…Please resend it.

Hi, it work with php 7?

Yes it will work with php 7