Discussion on Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress

Discussion on Authorize.Net Payment Terminal WordPress

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dave534 Purchased

Recently purchased this plugin, however, the “Add New Service” button does not do anything, therefore, I cannot add any services. Is there a pre-requisite? Any suggestions?

Hi Dave,

We’ve replied to your support ticket – please review.


dave534 Purchased

Tested on a brand new installation of WP 6.2.2 and your plugin v1.7.4, still does not work.

Hi Dave,

We replied to your support ticket.

The payment form is redirecting me to a blank page after hitting submit. I have opened a support ticket for upto 48hours now, not response.

I have responded and haven’t gotten any feedback yet?


We’ve provided the solution. Please refer to the ticket.


Thank you. It has been resolved. Glad you help

Hi question: Is there a way in your plugin to authenticate the credit card (do not charge) and save the transaction ID .. for later use. so admin can add shipping cost to an order and bill the credit card? That is perform an “Authorize Only” transaction, which authenticates the credit card but does not charge the customer. The transaction ID generated by this operation can then be saved and used later when the order is ready to be processed (i.e., when the shipping cost has been added).

Hi dkrumholz,

At the moment, there is no such functionality. We can add it for you, for a small custom development fee. If interested – please get in touch through codecanyon profile page, and we’ll be happy to help.

When will a newer update be released? It’s been over a year since an update.

Hi balletauditions,

An update will be released within this year.

Hello, Is this plugin WP 6.x version supported?

Hi muratgonen,

yes it is compatible.

Hello Critical Gears,

Can we have multiple drop-down forms, like one on an SMS application page with those particular options, one on a hosting page with a different dropdown and so on etc. on different pages with different contents for each product line we have to order from?


Hi Doljr,

You can generate different shortcodes that each can show different form. You can show services dropdown with all services, or pre select specific service or hide services and allow customer to enter amount themselves.

huge issue:

We are seeing an increase in usage on our online payment portal, but are also seeing an increase in people saying they have been charged multiple times for the same transaction. It seems most of these are happening when people are accessing the site from their cell phones. Is there anything we can do on the website or the backside to try to prevent these duplicate running of credit cards? Often they are not even on the same day.

Hi Sarah,

We replied to your support request. Please take a look.

Hi, Does the extension supports: 1. Custom fields? 2. Can I add a dropdown to select “number of seats”, that will change the price 3. After selecting the dropdown depending on the number of seats, the form will ask for Name 1, Phone 1 Name 2, Phone 2 etc. Is that possible?

Hi dkrumholz,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, what you’ve described can only be done through custom development at this time.

Alternatively, you can build your own form with these parameters and calculate the amount and then just redirect customer to the payment terminal page with pre-filled amount through the URL parameter from your form.

Is there a way to have the new version use the old AIM way so i can be used on eprocessing network?

Hi BeTheHost,

Unfortunately – no. Only through custom development/adjustments.

My “Services” drop-down on the form has disappeared. No place for users to enter their dollar amount. It worked for several months, but recently just disappeared. I have submitted a trouble ticket but have a hunch it might be weeks before anyone gets back to me. This is for a client and they are dead in the water until I hear back from you. Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

Hi Mark,

We’ve replied to your support ticket. Please take a look there. We usually reply to any request within 24-48 hours during business week.

hi, how can we stop the phplog on the root of te website with all the transactions?

Hi mxwealth,

Please open support ticket at and support staff will assist you further.

Do you need to purchase a license for each site or will it be accepted to use the same license on other sites as well? I only ask because I have two sites.

When I make the payment button, it keeps coming up blank.

You will need 2 licenses. Your support ticket in regards to blank has been answered through support ticketing system.

Getting a “Failed to initialize plugin: quote_with_author” error. How do I fix this?

Hi Robert, thank you for purchasing our product. Please open support ticket at and we will be happy to help.

Hey there! Quick question: Is there a way to allow a custom url redirect after a payment has been processed?

Hi 84studios,

At the moment – you’d have to edit the code for this. We’re working on the complete update for this product which we anticipate to release end of June. That one will include option to redirect to custom thank you page.


Hi Sarah,

We replied to your ticket. Apologies for the delay – it was a long weekend due to the Easter and we don’t provide support over weekend/holidays.

No worries Totally understand . Thanks so much for the reply!

Hello I purchased this plugin. But had a couple of issues w/ it. Submitted a ticket – please reply soon.

Hi Sarah,

We replied to your ticket. Apologies for the delay – it was a long weekend due to the Easter and we don’t provide support over weekend/holidays.

Hi, do you have a free trial or something to make some test before I buy the plugin?

Hi Gtanalorena, Thank you for your interest in our product. You can see and try payment forms here . To see WordPress admin area you can through the screenshots provided Please let us know if you will have any questions or requests.

Thanks a lot. Do I need a test card? Or how can i make some test here?

Please use Visa 4242424242424242 with any date/CVV and name

Hi Folks

I had a couple of questions before purchasing for a client.

Does your plugin support e-Checks as well as Credit Cards?

Also, are we allowed to customise the code to integrate with a specific online hotel booking system?

Thanks in advance

Hello Cognisant2000! Thank you for your interest. The plugin support Credit Cards, but does not support e-Checks. You can modify the code, but the license restricts you from reselling the product. Also, in case you get stacked with development, and require our help, we will need to charge you based on our hourly rate.

Hi Team,

I want to buy your plugin but when I checked the last update on CodeCanyon it shows year 2015.

So I’m not sure if you plugin will work for WP 5+ & PHP 7+.

Can you guys tell me if this will work with these or not?

Hi Aki4891, Sorry for the delay in reply. The plugin is fully supported and works with WP 5+ and PHP 7+

Hi – similar to larryturner72’s comment above, my client will be collecting payments online. Is there a way for customers to insert an invoice number or name, have it pull their pending invoices listed in, and then auto-fill the amount due field? Thanks.

Hi Erostad, For that you will need custom development. Please open a ticket with more technical detail if you would like to receive a quote from us.


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