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Nice work, GLWS! :)

thanks, another addon to Arforms family :) for people who like arforms. :)

Nice plugin ! Bookmarked for my next project. But don’t forget , you need Dedicate IP & SSL on your website to use the Authorize form to take payments directly .

Yes thanks for the suggestion. however wont work standalone it works as Addon of Arforms

Hello, is there a front end page where people can manage their payments, such as to view their recipients or what they paid for?


at present not possible but soon we are bringing addon to achieve this type of facility.

1. is it only add-on aor plugin which can work without arform?
2. how many website it can use? If I have license for two website I must buy it for 2 website or one?

1. no its not possible. 1. one website per license.

hey Fellas, Big Question… i got everything i need set up, forms, logic, for CCs…. except i ran into one tiny flaw… does this work with eCheck from I sure hope so, otherwise im screwed!. I sent you a reply via my open ticket with ya. you guys should just now be walking into the office for the day. hope to talk with ya soon… im west coast USA, 8:30pm here… and well… i aint sleepin til i got this figured out! :P

i appreciate your information on facility to add in addon. we will check on that and if it found to be useful then will add it in next version of addon.

Thanks for following up fellas! you Rock!

you are always welcome with your suggestions and ideas.

I got a notice of a update for the setup… is there any release notes on this? and is there a easy way to update without deleting the existing plugin and installing the update… im assuming if i did that, i would have to rebuild the data? please advise

okie dokie, im on it!

One Quick Question, i have been meaning to update the plugins, however, i want to make sure that none of the Forms i built will be removed, once i remove the plugin folder and update to the new version. Please Advise


easiest way is simply replace plugin folder with new version. for detailed help please open ticket and will send you step by step detail

I have purchased the plugin and it is not working the submit button just spins and nothing is submitted to Authorize.Net or my database. What gives? I created a ticket #000651 on your site. I need to resolve this ASAP.


This Plugin will not work with anything less than PHP Version 5.3


i appreciate your honesty that you admitted.

but about my part of detail. all i wrote was honest and transparent. we have tried to guessing issue and had couple of communications already. so, our next step was to get admin access to see and debug what actually going wrong. And here if you check most other author providing just forum support. some just provide support through comment. only few like us provide dedicated support ticket and that is too for no time limit. so, obviously for the low charges we take for our product, we can not afford to give such luxury to buyers. if our support were not good then we could never have such good sales and such nice ratings.

hope i made myself clear in more polite manner.


also, about few suggestion given by you, we will consider it and possibly put some more clear notes on pages in future version of addon

I keep on getting error ‘Please enter correct card details’ which I’m thinking may be the Expiration Date. What format does the Form need to send the Expiration Month and Expiration Year? I tried both Drop down MM and Drop down YY, and also fields to enter, and neither work.

I tried to open a ticket, but your support site doesn’t allow me to register. Please advise

if you use right purchase code then it should let you register and create ticket without problem. but no worries. please send me details with private message.



We’re trying unsuccessfully to pass values correctly to Actually, they pass over, you can see them as ‘unsettled transactions’, but none of the field variables match those of We’re getting test transactions TO them- but not an authorization AND capture.

Is there something we are overlooking?

Thanks so much for any help! (We’re launched- but not operational in terms of donations)

Thank you! i tried to register w/ our purchase information, but could not. Can you advise? from here

Sorry! i had the ARFORMS registration- i’ve successfully signed in and created a ticket. Thank you- sorry!

thanks for following our system. tech team will update there.

Hi Reputeinfosystems,

Just a question, is your arforms can do this what my client says?

The total no matter what event they select should be $3995 to be charged through

Please reply asap, as my work with this clien will start in a couple of hours please. Thank you!


are you trying to ask that you need that fixed money will be charged??

if thats the case then yes its very much possible. you need to have arforms and addon.

Awesome! Thanks!

I will go to my client now to buy your two plugins! Thanks again!! :)

Hello, Presale question So, this is a form that accepts payment, form creation or builder fields are unlimited? Also, does it saved data on the form and put it in the page just like the plugin contact form db?

And do we need a forms plugin AR Forms? or is this included when purchased it… Please let me know, asap.. Thank you

Hello, Could you please answer our support..We really need badly..Authorize saying that the issue is on the plugin that its not going through the payment.. We purchased with the account smartwebcanada.. Please help!!

well, during weekend tech support staff availability is limited so, possibly you need to wait till monday.


That is fine now..I figured it out…I guess just the 2nd question you can answer on monday..Cheers

Hi I have an open ticket in your system and i’m still waiting for an initial response on it… what is the turn around for customer support? Im sorta in a crunch for time. Thank you!

Ah! Oh course! I always forget not everyone is living on a freelancers schedule…weekends?! what are weekends!? lol Have a good one. Thanks for the heads up

btw what is your ticket number?

It is Ticket No. : 001148

I submitted a support ticket earlier today, do I need to wait until Monday before I get a response? Ticket #002923

we shall try our best to reply them soon. issues with authorize only and auto capture – one minute it works and the other it doesnt – i send in a ticket – for another account that i recommended they purchase this product – and – for some reason – its never worked properly until i spoke with about it. Please advise


if it works sometime and sometime it doesn’t then its less likely that problem could be in coding. may be some issue with server

if you have already opened ticket then our technical support staff will look into your issue and if its issue in our product then will help you fixing it.


003351 – well i just replied to your email response, we need to move quick on this – ive been at it for weeks with very slow response times on Support – you guys have a good product, however, im out of time and this needs to be resolved. Arforms is not connecting with even after the updates – i have provided and test all access for you guys to get in there and check it out, im sure its something stupid. but, after a few weeks, im at my wits end. Please advise.

Changelog for Version 1.3 says “Added facility to set infinite recurring option for subscription payment.” but no such option exists. Am I missing something?

You can achieve it, Select combined option in authorize addon configuration page and then in billing cycle you will see option of infinite.

for more assistance kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


Hi there, do we need to buy the service from for this add-on to work?


obviously, is paymenet gateway. FIrst you need to get account there and only then you need arforms and its addon.


I cannot get the recurring/subscription plans to work and can’t get a hold of support even though I just renewed my support subscription. It says “Invalid Purchase Code” when I try to add my updated support purchase code. Please Help!


You need to enter purchase code of arforms and not addons.

btw we are vacation so will return on tusday.