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Are there any plans to integrate’s “Digital Payment Solutions” options with this add-on?

At present no plans but will surely pass your request to core team. If they find it useful then we surely will add it in future release.


i want to purchase this plugin, but i really want to know how it works. i want a payment gateway for my services not for woo-commerce. Where i canopen a page and customers can pay directly for the services. I purchased similar product from nobuna, but it was for woo-commerce. Thanks


This is addon for ARForms. can you please tell me which plugin you would like to buy?


i wan to purchase pluggin for invoice payment

This is addon to main plugin ARForms which is form builder. so, this addon alone wont work without ARForms. please refer ARForms here

This Authorized plugin for ARForm is required if we want to offer this payment option?

Yes, You need to get the addon and then you will be able to offer payment option through


After the recent update Our payment form here - no longer allows customers to select the year of the expiration.

Well, Its 3 AM here. kindly allow us couple of hours. I understand your situation but its not possible to answer right away. plus other customers who opened ticket before you we also must handle them.

we will try our level best.


We still have not heard anything back. We would appreciate some sort of help as you were able to respond to a comment within minutes telling us what the problem was. You asked us to renew our support but it seems like we get less help now.

Yes, i understand your frustration but what i had was just done basic overview. Its not thorough debugging. where as support staff has to give you precise information. Plus they have to spend lot of time in each ticket as just typing message here is very easy but actually checking the code and fixing the problem is very different thing.

so, please be assured support staff is not ignoring you in any manner.


Is this error from the plugin or the gateway? “Too high: Maximum of ‘0’” We cant process the payment cause of this error

Ok.. Thanks.. Is there a reason that when we duplicate the form and connect to authorize again that the payment will not go through even with successfull fields been enter? We are having this issues

we have released one big update. please update it and in general it should fix some of past issues and it has many new features.

Form suddenly stopped working a few days ago on December 18th. We’re still able to take payments via our account, but not through the website’s AR form anymore. no indication of what could be the issue except for “Please enter correct card details.” when we’re all clearly trying our correct card details. Something is wrong.

kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


Interested in purchasing this plugin, but want to make sure there are no other requirements other than the API credentials? (transaction key, app id, and secret key). I’m having trouble trying to use a different plugin that requires the Customer Information Manager feature to be enabled in our account (CIM).


sorry for delay in reply.

yes it should work fine with api credentials only.



Pre-Sales Question: If you are using as a donation type purpose, can you add a processing fee to each transaction?

Sorry but no direct option to add processing fees dynamically. But u may use running total field to achieve it.

Pre-purchase question, I am looking for a donation solution for a non-profit. Is this plugin add on a dynamic solution to support our a donations solution? We are look to:

- added fields that designate the donations - Send email receipts - export the donations as a CSV document - continue to receive updates

I would appreciate your help answering.

Hey, I just wanted confirm if Authorize do offer 3D Secure Authentication. And those this really work when a customer paid via Credit Card, will the payment directed to my Bank Account?


I opened a ticket in your support portal, the form creation is not working.

It does not give me the list of fields available to map to the fields.

yes, support staff will assist you asap.


You Authorize plugin is still not working – I had left few comments here a couple of weeks ago.

Since your last update form ARForms and add-on update, my payment form is working. I’ve deleted the plugin and empty database tables to start from scratch. 

After I add and setup a new form, and then go to AuthorizeNet Configuration panel, I select the form in the ‘Form’ drop-down. But none of the other drop-down fields are working for the form fields mapping – you can see the screenshot here:

Please let me know asap how I can fix this?

I tried to submit a support ticket, but your ticketing system doesn’t seem to support the purchase code for ‘ for Arforms’ plugin.



I think we have found the issue. please message me through our codecanyon profile page and we will send you patch. Or if you can wait for 2 days then we are releasing update for ARForms as well as addon too.


sure, I’ll msg you in few minutes.

Hello -

We are using Version 1.4 of for Arforms on our website running WordPress v4.8.5.

Everything was working fine until recently it started giving error “Please enter correct card details.” no matter what card number we try to test. We’ve created a new ‘Transaction Key’ on and tested in both Live and Sandbox mode, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Any thoughts or suggestions about what the issue could be?


you should turn debug mode On and i think you will more information. As we have double checked and addon works just fine.

I have this enabled in the form: “Display actual error returned from payment gateway” – is this the debug mode?

I’m testing it in the Live mode and upon form submission, I get this error: “Error connecting to AuthorizeNet”

Please note that I’m using version 3.2 for ARForms and 1.5 for AuthorizeNet For ARForms.

Any thoughts?

well in that case i think you will have to get support and open support ticket as i dont think its anymore general issue.

We have a recurring subscription set up for $10 which renews every month. The way it seems to be working is that an authorize only transaction is done at the time of purchase, then that night the first arb subscription is billed and captured. Thoigh the correct amount if money is paid, the customer has 2 transactions in their credit card transactions on the morning following purchase and for a month, because that’s how long an uncaptured transaction stays in Auth. Net… How do we capture the initial amount at purchase and not run the first arb/recurring transaction for 30 days. This way they are fully paid before purchase but don’t have double transactions.

I cannot get the recurring/subscription plans to work and can’t get a hold of support even though I just renewed my support subscription. It says “Invalid Purchase Code” when I try to add my updated support purchase code. Please Help!


You need to enter purchase code of arforms and not addons.

btw we are vacation so will return on tusday.


Hi there, do we need to buy the service from for this add-on to work?


obviously, is paymenet gateway. FIrst you need to get account there and only then you need arforms and its addon.


Changelog for Version 1.3 says “Added facility to set infinite recurring option for subscription payment.” but no such option exists. Am I missing something?

You can achieve it, Select combined option in authorize addon configuration page and then in billing cycle you will see option of infinite.

for more assistance kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk.


003351 – well i just replied to your email response, we need to move quick on this – ive been at it for weeks with very slow response times on Support – you guys have a good product, however, im out of time and this needs to be resolved. Arforms is not connecting with even after the updates – i have provided and test all access for you guys to get in there and check it out, im sure its something stupid. but, after a few weeks, im at my wits end. Please advise. issues with authorize only and auto capture – one minute it works and the other it doesnt – i send in a ticket – for another account that i recommended they purchase this product – and – for some reason – its never worked properly until i spoke with about it. Please advise


if it works sometime and sometime it doesn’t then its less likely that problem could be in coding. may be some issue with server

if you have already opened ticket then our technical support staff will look into your issue and if its issue in our product then will help you fixing it.


I submitted a support ticket earlier today, do I need to wait until Monday before I get a response? Ticket #002923

we shall try our best to reply them soon.


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