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Although the changelog says the youtube issue has been fixed with the popup, it’s still there. :( Cleared cache, triplechecked the files and everything, I am using the newest and it’s still incorrect.

I cannot replicate this here: http://interactivepixel.net/env/jhap2wp/t43.html

Which browser / os are you using?

Windows 10×64 latest chrome. The page indeed works correctly, let me run another round. (I haven’t changed the JS at the end of the page, i’ll check if you changed anything there)

Update: My mistake, it’s indeed fixed, for some reason forced refreshes were not enough after overwriting the source (non minified version).

fixed bottom example:

Set any playlist for youtube. Then destroy the playlist with a button: hap_player.destroyPlaylist();

then use another button: onclick=”var track = { type: ‘youtube_single’, path: ‘5ASjhNBL5fU’ }; hap_player.addTrack(‘data’, track, true)”;

The track gets added and plays but if you popup, you get at the popup an error of: initpopup error cannot read property ‘replace’ of null

So if there are no active playlists, later JS added tracks are not popping out.

Moreover, if you keep the youtube playlist without destroying the playlist and you add the one track, it still does not pop out but at least there is no error message during popup. (Original playlist still pops out)

As far as I can tell, the popup reads only the hardcoded data/html playlists and does not look for the current state of the player’s playlist when popping out, resulting forgetting any changes that have been made since the initialization.

Yes, but this part is somewhat complicated. You have original list of playlists in hap-playlist-list and then you load a playlist, add some additional tracks in it, then destroy it, then load again. Do you want to load original playlist again without that added tracks or with them, see what I mean?

I get it yes but then again the option should be there. On my site, you can add several tracks from a very large selection on screen to either an empty playlist or an existing one already. Let’s assume it’s an empty one, users cherrypick 15-20 whatever amounts of songs, they sort it and then they want to navigate away, deciding to pop out so they can listen to them. For me, whatever is in the player currently is the playlist that the player should pop out / or / have the option to save as a brand new playlist for later if that functionality will be added from the getplaylistdata() ever.

I think the player’s contents should be the most important almost all the time for all the users of your plugin, since why would anyone want to pop out the player and lose modifications and load all the original playlist in losing everything? If they want to do that, then they can just refresh the page, get the original playlist that i populated for them from the page and pop out no problem. (Not to mention that popped out players can’t get addtrack methods in currently) If ANY modifications are done, from that second (even sorting only) the player !should prioritize! what has been done within the player and not the original playlist anymore, poppin gout the very current state of the player.

And if a user destroys a playlist, they most probably don’t need that list and wants to populate uniquely :)

Ok, thanks for your inputs. We will see what we can do to improve this in future updates.

I can’t get the player to read a folder. Please have a look here: http://music.invex.net/play/testplayer.html

Thank you again. Still doesn’t work http://music.invex.net/play/2testplayer33.html

First you need to use latest version because we can only answer support questions for latest version.

Sure. No problem. I bought it only two days ago.

I’m using the latest version but it still doesn’t work. Sorry. http://music.invex.net/play/mytest3.html

Your markup is wrong around the new playlist you have added. You have 2 ul closing tags.

Thank you again. I fixed it but it still doesn’t work http://music.invex.net/play/mytest6.html

I dont get this message on my side, so probably all files havent been replaced properly or something. If you need setup on your webiste you can send message here: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

Thanks for the update! The playlist saving to popup works well but for me the youtube multiple play issue came back with it when displaying the popup. (Definitely using newest plugin since the popup would not have the newly added transferred songs.)

OKay here you go. Tell me what is the difference because I can’t… :( Exactly the same setup, same error on localhost and on webserver as well. There has to be something missing, either the popup.html not adjusted or I don’t know but as you see I am not imagining things. I know and I am sure yours works fine, would be nice to know what is the difference compared to this.


Found the problem. The index_fixed_popup you have in the deploy folder is not the one that you are using in your online example. Switching to the one that you used in your online example it works. please update the file in the deploy section so it works for everyone. Cheers!

“return hap_player;//for api” is present in the end in your setup, not in deploy. Makes all the difference :)

Yes, of course I will update.

Nice Work. GLWS DigitalCenturySF


Thanks a lot. Finally I solved the playback rate issue. I appreciate your support.



Does the playerOpened and playlistOpened respond to anything? I tried false instead of true for both and it does not really make any difference within the player code. Playlist still expands on page load, why?

var playerOpened = true, 
           playlistOpened = false,



No, these are internal plugin settings.

If you want to start closed you will have to change css as well, because player is currently set opened.

No problem, upon DOM load i trigger the close button and it works like charm. Although it would be nice to have an option for it.


First time installing such a plugin into my website. Is installation as easy as uploading the folders included in the codecanyon folder to my website or is it a different process? Can’t find much information about it online.


Yes, uploading deploy folder from the package on your server and reading included documentation.

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Do any other players here have this feature?


I don’t think so.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Hi there. Why was the YouTube API removed? Thanks


Its because of the new youtube policy which doesnt allow separation of audio and video.

Is there a way to remove the “filter” field at the bottom of “artwork4” preset? thanks!


Tean Author

Answered on your email.

Hi there,

unfortunately, with your new version, the new player has stopped working.

I get this error in chrome:

new.js?ver=1.1:2136 Uncaught ReferenceError: HAPCirclePlayer is not defined at a.fn.init.$.fn.hap (new.js?ver=1.1:2136) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (?attribute_pa_license=standard:706) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)



I would appreciate any help again, thanks!

oh thanks, it’s working again! however, how can I manipulate the width of the progressbar again? there used to be a linewidth attribute that I could change in the older version but it is now gone?


Tean Author

If you run that example from the package, you will see it has link to circleplayer is in the page head and its working. I dont have old version, but try to compare examples.

oh, nevermind. I remember it now! there is a data attribute in the html that did this…thanks anyways!


I’d like to consult with you on a custom audio player for my website based on your player. Could you send me an email at chrisaxmann@almightyballer.com and i can tell you the details of what I would like? I’m willing to pay you for your time, of course.


Tean Author


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact



hyberion Purchased

Playlist Admin doesn’t work.

Can create playlist. When clicking on “Edit” goes to blank PHP page.

This error is generated in log :

[18-Apr-2017 12:03:55 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result() in /home/votgashf/public_html/buildjazziz/discover/admin/edit_playlist.php on line 36

PHP is set to 7.0 Error also occurs on PHP 5.6 mysqlnd and fileinfo are active.


Tean Author


If you get Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result() it means mysqlnd is still not active for some reason.

Look what I have: http://imgur.com/a/rFKiu

Does this help?


Tean Author

Has this sorted your issue?

Hi, I have two fairly major issues (for my client) with this player – I would appreciate any help:

1. On mobile (and apparently some browsers), after clicking the play button, the player waits until the entire audio file is downloaded before the track starts playing.

2. Is there any way to preload the next song in the playlist so there is no delay when running through the playlist? I’ve tried using ajax to download the mp3 file but the audio player just ignores and re-downloads it.



Tean Author



Where are you getting your mp3 source form?

This sounds like maybe file encoding is not done properly.

Have you tried testing with mp3 files included in the package?

2. There is a preload attribute in settings:


But you cant preload next song until its not started. Only one audio file plays at once.

Thanks for the reply, firstly I was using audio files from another server, then I changed them to the same server. It plays totally fine on my version of Chrome, but on my iPhone and apparently on my client’s computer the player waits until the entire file has downloaded before it starts to play. I have a working example if you wanted to have a look? http://macleodwebdesign.com.au/test/andrew_skeoch/index_artwork7.php

I’m aware of the preload attribute, but my client wanted the next track to load -> before <- the currently playing one is finished, so there is no delay between tracks. I’m not sure if that’s possible with javascript. I’ve tried including a separate AJAX call to download all the tracks, but it seems the audio player ignores the fact that they’ve already been downloaded and tries to download them again. Does that make sense?


Tean Author

I have tested your link on my chrome and song plays immediately. Maybe its default behavior on ios, I dont know, but I have made a test code here and it plays the same for me: https://paste.ofcode.org/3a9d2CwPMQ9Z62J5JWPeUq8


Frink Purchased


On the docs, under “How to install”, you say we have to include “hap_playlist_selector.css” (first html snippet) .

I can’t find such file in the ‘deploy’ folder. Did I miss something or is it the doc file that needs to be updated?